The Element of Water: The Astrology Interpretation of The Water Element

The Element of Water: The Astrology Interpretation of The Water Element

This is the element of perpetual motion, it is slow and steady, constantly flowing with its secrets. This is the element of creation and destruction, of haziness and fairytales, holding on to mysteries- it represents beginning and end. 

In the element of Water, we precisely talk of life and death, our genetic legacy, and our ancestors. Also, it is an element that supports ” emotions”. We all have to understand that our emotions and feelings have been experienced by someone in our ancestry and it is passed on from one generation to another. 

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Zodiac signs belong to the water element. This makes the situation a bit complex as the Ruler of Cancer falls in Scorpio and Pisces lies there to hide its body. Perhaps it is a big task to balance out the emotions, to equally accord value to sadness and happiness, cry and anger, and love and care. 

Precisely, representatives of Air element have are often said as being highly emotional. They could go through a lot and then realize that it was nothing. Their sensitive and compassionate nature makes them amazing listeners and advisors, helpful to those with emotional issues and troubles. They are the angels that came down on earth to propagate goodness, love, and compassion. 

How Do We Balance Water?

The Element of Water

People belonging to the Water element have emotional characteristics. This element has a great likelihood of inventiveness, they can express themselves creatively. This is a field of capabilities and potential that can be achieved in a lifetime.

The “Water” element has immense possibility and to channelize the energy perfectly they should have contact with Fire. The element of Fire acts as a light, guiding light and provides passion, zeal, enthusiasm, and energy to properly find and use a talent for constructive work. Element of Water flows ceaselessly, creating an endless repetitive motion that carries within itself mysteries. It is like an eternal, endless course that is swirling in itself.