Aries Horoscope


Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

Date range: March 21 - April 19

Aries is part of the cardinal signs and at the same time is a fire sign; it is also the first sign of the zodiac, precisely, for this reason, it symbolizes the beginning, the creation. He is characterized as a person brimming with energy and enthusiasm; advanced and adventurous, she loves freedom, challenges and new ideas.

Aries are fast-acting and trust their power, so they don’t waste time thinking about problems, in fact, their way of solving them is action. A negative aspect of this attitude, sometimes, is impulsiveness and lack of patience, in addition to taking too many risks. They also can’t stand being wrong or failing.

They are independent people and almost obsessed with getting what they want in life, which is precisely why they can seem excessively ambitious and frivolous. It is very easy for them to feel offended, and when this happens, it is extremely difficult to make peace with them.

In their personal relationships, Aries is usually noble and natural; he values ​​and cares for the friendships he has, although sometimes he messes up, hurting the sensibilities of those he has close to him. Finally, Aries usually has a high sexual libido: he loves with a great passion since sex for Aries is quite an adventure.

aries horoscope


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