Scorpio Horoscope


Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Pluto, Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22

Date range: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac between Libra, which precedes Sagittarius, who follows it. It is in a cold, humid time and the middle of autumn when everything is already calm; the leaves have shed on the ground, and the plants stand bare and skeletal-like against the grey background of the sky.

This water sign is not like the others, relatively fresh and alive; the water represented by this sign is still but hides swirls and tremblings beneath the surface. Swampy water that the ancients considered sacred, full of life and magical powers. The darkness at this time of year is more present than the hours of light. The days are shortened, and nature falls asleep and lets the rain and fallen leaves give it a new meal. Therefore, while approaching darkness and death, the sign of Scorpio also gains meaning of nourishment and life for future rebirth.

A person born under this sign is always the center of attention, with a charm that attracts people as the moon pulls the tide. He can use imagination and intelligence to keep them interested in living, despite knowing how to do it from time to time injured with his sharp tongue. Very possessive and not very generous, Scorpio will not advise unless specifically asked to. Thanks to his almost pioneering memory, he always manages to pursue his goals, but unfortunately, sometimes he can’t forget it. Complaints and resentments can lead to wrong actions. In addition, his reflections can lead him to psychosomatic problems. You can’t put a scorpion in the corner. It has to be the protagonist. Discover your influence and why it is essential to find a Scorpio couple’s affinity for other signs.

The Scorpio Sign in Affective Relationships 

Those born under the Scorpio sign suffer from almost sick jealousy for their partner, so much so that their fears lead to actual anxiety. The emotionality of this sign leads to a loving love that manages to get the best out of the partner. It’s pretty easy to find failed relationships in Scorpio’s life that have left a deep mark on them. Thanks to these qualities, you can feel strong emotions between one scene of jealousy and the other. Scorpio’s affinity with the other zodiac signs as with all other signs of the zodiac, Scorpio has signs in relationships with whom he has achieved perfect harmony and others with whom you cannot establish a lasting relationship.

In some cases where balance and serenity are the cornerstones of a relationship, in other cases, that combination becomes a natural illusion. Just think of the problematic relationship that can be established between Scorpio and Taurus, or the idyllic relationship between Scorpio and its twins, or the balanced relationship with Capricorn. Well, Libra gets are better in love? So let’s find out the affinity of this sign to all other signs of the zodiac.

The affinities, in brief, are as follows; Aries: two fighters who often collide Taurus: good physical attraction but little more Gemini: the classic love at first sight, passion for the stars, but if they are not accepted, they do not get far will be the one who is Leo more Benefit: Passion for the stars and powerful feelings, but not always permanent.

Virgo: Fascinating relationships, excellent friends, but talking about a partner is too much Libra: A lightning bolt in the pan, immediate passion for it starts Scorpio immediately: Either they hate each other, or they love each other madly, with no middle ground.

Sagittarius: an optimal feeling and a passion for the stars, although the relationship will always be a fluctuation in separations and approaching.

Capricorn: a double-edged sword, sure, there is respect, but they encounter life in a completely different way.

Aquarius: A problematic relationship between jealousy and ease Pisces: an overwhelming passion that cools down over time. When Pisces support the partner who lasts them, there is no happy ending. In addition to the zodiac sign, it is also good to know a person’s Ascendant. Indeed, this is the first impression given to others and how the individual relates to the world.

Scorpio: Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Horoscope

Weekly - Horoscope: 

When metal car paints were invented, they were made of fish scales. To find a new way of working, you can come up with unrealistic ideas. But they can do their job well. Keep your goals in mind, but let yourself wander, wander or focus on essential details not related to the current priority. Take a moment, and you will see the battery. If you are never in a hurry, you will do more and quickly stay happy and energized day after day. Start your morning with something fresh, bright, and colorful. This week’s statement: “I deserve to rest assured every month.”

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio

North Korea’s space program is only 20% successful. Without communication with the outside world and others, it would not be easy to achieve the desired performance. The important thing is to keep your questions organized. Do all the small things that you have started and open the door for new experiences. If you arrange yourself and see how much time you have, your energy levels may drop significantly in the last few days of April. When Mars enters Cancer, ideals that seem to be lost or too far away will leave you feeling powerless. Instead of creating a template to delete. You still have a lot to do and complete.

Yearly Horoscope: Scorpio 

This year is not a good start for the Scorpio world because Uranus falls in your seventh house, and the harmful Mars is about to join, this relationship is strengthened. Personal freedom, possessiveness, and jealousy will no longer exist, and you will hope to abandon them all by 2021. The secret was revealed, and the factor hidden in the past exploded. When you do not expect and are not ready to process the information, the information displayed.

Fortunately, you are energetic and have everything you need to complete the task. This is necessary. The old energy will no longer serve you; you can take risks at the last minute, move on, change routes and choose a new career, partner, or home. You will feel satisfied and joyful like everyone else. Scorpio is very active. If you try to drink water and find that you can safely do anything that makes you happy, nothing will hinder you. The repeated and complete squares of Saturn and Uranus are deeply touched in your seventh and fourth positions.

Emotional storms occur at home and are difficult to deal with. They show the struggle between the safety of your home and your desire to break stereotypes and change so radically. I am not sure if you have the skills or guts to perform this operation. Faith challenges your thinking.

Stay active and move around to make your physiology strong enough for you to fall into the support platform in the future. The body becomes healthy and may not lose control as usual. Reward When work must be postponed long enough for personal affairs to flourish, the autumn months bring more peace. This is stronger than ever, and despite the problems at the beginning of this year, confidence will continue to increase. Moments of loneliness need to be protected. Escape and let your open potential come into full play.

Physiology and body The primitive years will challenge your physiology and put a heavy burden on your plate. Listen to your body as much as possible, meditate and relax. Seizures affect your immune system and may trigger a combat response. That leads to kidney or liver problems. Unless you use aggressiveness constructively, the release process you go through will be closely related to the central nervous system, requiring time and patience, and you may give up from time to time. It is best to rest in June to avoid routine stress on your mental and physical reality. Love and family. Although you have enough energy to pursue many career goals, your emotional world is not stable in the new year.

Take time to establish a reasonable distance between yourself and others not to violate your goals, decisions, and beliefs. Ways and dishonest behavior may scare you or push you to the limit.


Scorpio Horoscope: Daily

Your astral climate It was time to let go ... You are right to trust those around you to help you! It is by continuing the efforts


Scorpio Horoscope: Weekly

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Scorpio Horoscope: Monthly

Love First Half: Be careful in the marital area: Jupiter can push you to claim unlimited freedom, and to refuse any effort requiring you to behave responsibly.


Scorpio Horoscope: yearly

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