Libra Monthly Horoscope


Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Pink, Green

Day: Friday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24

Date range: September 23 - October 22


First Half:

Your married life will not be easy. You will live exhilarating days, but you will also go through moments of doubt and discouragement. If you make a real effort, some misunderstandings will be dispelled, and your loving Heaven will quickly become serene again. Single, this period could well be marked with a milestone. Indeed, you will have a good chance of succumbing to love at first sight. Then this passion will quickly transform into a lasting love that you will never cease to congratulate yourself on.

Second Half:

With the present astral configuration, your married life will be at the center of your concerns. It would be pointless and even dangerous to establish a relationship of rivalry with your partner. Rather, seek dialogue and collaboration. Single, you will hardly be seduced. More dreamy than usual, you will wait for the arrival of a prince charming or an enchanting fairy. And, who knows, for a few of you the dream may come true.


First Half:

This period being placed under the auspices of Neptune, it could be question of a business association, trade or culture. Don’t be reluctant even before you study the proposal. Maybe you will win, who knows? Good working atmosphere, high efficiency.

Second Half:

A job offer could be made to you these days. Don’t set your bids too high: the offer is fair and likely to make a good financial return. Remember this good advice from La Fontaine: “Let’s not be so picky: The most accommodating are the most skillful”. For those who work, good performance and moral satisfaction.

Money Luck

First Half:

You will be the darling of Dame Chance on the material level. You will see your income increase, perhaps through a bonus or an inheritance. You will make good purchases, especially if they are luxury or collectable items. You will also be favored in games of chance; check out your lucky number.

Second Half:

Avoid continually building castles in Spain and, more importantly, engaging in risky speculative transactions. Take as a golden rule that you should only gamble or speculate within your means, but never according to your needs or ambitions.


Take advantage of this favorable climate to get out of the problems in which you are stuck. As long as you are willing to use your innovation and invention capacities, a slow but certain progression is promised to you for this period. To increase your luck, refuse ready-made ideas, and trust your taste for fantasy and the unexpected. Let’s say it right away: you will often not be easy going during this month. You will be in a foul humor, harsh and acerbic language. You will like to provoke crises which are sometimes violent and in any case very painful to bear for those around you. Looks like you’ll go out of your way to make yourself hated. If you want to maintain harmony around you and avoid hurting your loved ones, seek to isolate yourself often during this time; a solo trip is particularly recommended.


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