Gemini: Symbol, Ruler, Traits, Love And Sex, Family And Friends


Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Color: Light-Green, Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23

Date range: May 21 - June 20

Everything about the Gemini Symbol and Ruler


Gemini Symbol

The image for Gemini addresses a partner. It additionally shows the Babylonian Great Twins, Greek Castor, and Pollux, or a Roman figure II that represents the number 2. This is a star grouping that looks a ton like two twins clasping hands, and the image is to introduce the solid obligation of two siblings.


The indication of Gemini is decided via planet Mercury that got its name from the Roman lord of correspondence, expert articulation, voyagers, limits, slyness, karma, and criminals. He was likewise the guide of spirits to the hidden world. Its Greek partner is Hermes, a courier, fast and intelligent, moving quickly through the universes of mortal and heavenly.

The image for Mercury consists of a circle and a cross beneath it, same as Venus, just with a sickle at its top. Bow means the brain, process the soul, and cross the actual matter. This image shows the heavenly idea of the brain (Gemini) and its actual one (Virgo). The “horns” made by the bow are additionally connected to the winged cap that Roman god Mercury used to wear. This god was additionally represented by a caduceus – a staff with two snakes twisted about it.


Qualities: Gentle, tender, curious, versatile, capacity to adapt rapidly and trade thoughts

Shortcomings: Nervous, conflicting, uncertain

Gemini likes: Music, books, magazines, talks with almost anybody, short outings around the town.

Gemini loathes: Being distant from everyone else, being kept, reiteration and schedule.

Expressive and clever, Gemini addresses two distinct characters in one, and you won’t ever be sure which one you will confront. They are friendly, informative, and prepared for entertainment only, with an inclination to abruptly quit fooling around, innovative, and anxious. They are entranced with the actual world, very curious, with a consistent tendency that there isn’t sufficient opportunity to encounter all they need to see.

The indication of Gemini has a place with the component of Air, going with Libra and Aquarius, and this interfaces it to all parts of the brain. It is governed by Mercury, the planet that addresses correspondence, composing, and development. Individuals brought into the world under this Sun sign regularly have an inclination that their other half is missing, so they are always looking for new companions, guides, associates, and individuals to converse with.

Gemini’s inconsistent and receptive outlook makes them fantastic craftsmen, particularly essayists and writers, and their abilities and adaptability make them sparkle in exchange, driving, and group activities. This is a flexible, curious, carefree sign, brought into the world with a wish to encounter all that there is out there on the planet. This makes their character moving and never exhausting.


Fun and consistently prepared for a scholarly test, Gemini sees love first through correspondence and verbal contact and discovers it as significant as actual contact with their accomplice. At the point when these two join, impediments all appear to blur. Curious and consistently prepared to be a tease, a Gemini could invest a ton of time with various darlings until they track down the correct one who can coordinate with their keenness and energy. They need energy, assortment, and enthusiasm. When they track down the suitable individual, a darling, a companion, and somebody to converse with, they will be devoted and resolved to love their heart consistently.

The most important test for any Gemini’s affection life is discovering a feeling that keeps going, particularly as they get more established and understand that they are now in a dreary method of shallow or disillusioning bonds. Their character doesn’t permit many profundities, for they are set for spreading data, not to dive into them and discover slip-ups, openings, or goals. They take a gander at life from a general viewpoint of development, being the one to circle the Sun, moving advances and in reverse from Earth’s perspective, never sure of their bearing.

Gemini may make sharp turns, leaving the individuals who love them behind. However, some accomplices could continue in their speed, prepared to fabricate a caring establishment through time. Discover them by picking signs to coordinate with a Gemini:


Companions - Those brought into the world with their Sun in Gemini are social and love to invest energy with loved ones, exceptionally youthful individuals. A Gemini has an abundance of social contacts and loves to talk, look for seeing, continually searching for solid-willed individuals to speak with. Without a reasonable progression of words verbally expressed, they will rapidly lose interest in the whole subject of any discussion and need to remain moving, feeling aroused and driven advances by the data shared.

Family - Family is vital to a Gemini, particularly their kids, once they assemble a forceful enthusiastic bond with them. The absence of soundness they show to their accomplices with their assumptions incredibly high, don’t consider family so much, and they appear to have a more unassuming and quiet way to deal with those he imparted a home to. Even though obligations conveyed by their day-to-day life can tolerate being a test for their temperament, they will discover a supernatural method to be in two places on the double, completing everything similarly as they should.


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