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Gemini Woman When a Gemini woman falls in love, she develops an uncontrollable desire for cuddling and sweet talk. She will fall out of love as quickly as she fell in love, and there is no guarantee that her loyalty or feelings will last. While Gemini is a non-emotional symbol, she is a woman first and foremost, and she will experience deep emotions, even if she approaches them superficially. It's almost as if she doesn't realize how she feels. A Gemini woman will always fall in love with an intelligent, well-read man, and she will never claim that "love is blind."She knows what she wants, and if she can't find it in one partner for long enough, she quickly swaps him out for someone else.


A Gemini woman's sexuality is one of a kind. In general, Gemini representatives enjoy being naked, but it's not the same when a naked Gemini man walks around the house versus a naked Gemini woman. When it comes to sex, she isn't your average woman. She will make the first step if she thinks it is necessary. In contrast to a Gemini guy, she will enjoy exploring emotions in her sex life and will be surprised by their strength and intimacy level. She loves to try new things, change things up, and spice up her sex life in various ways, and she's always looking for new thrills.


A Gemini woman is impulsive, and she will not remain in a relationship that does not make her happy for long. It's hard to bind her and keep her safe from the outside world because that's the last thing she wants from a relationship. She is an Air Goddess who needs her wings to fly. She wants to constantly fly, move from city to city, and meet new people. It will be difficult to tame her if her partner is insecure in some way. Gemini is a mutable symbol, which means she can change when she wants to, but she also needs space to be herself. She becomes intensely depressed when she is tied down, and it will seem as though she is about to wither if she is with a possessive partner.


She will generally have no excuse not to tell the truth if she is free to speak her mind. Mercury is Gemini's ruler. It tends to lie about things now and then, but this is usually in the context of daily activities and is amusing to discuss. If she feels restrained in some way, she will most certainly start lying. This is her first line of protection against severity to remain true to herself and protect her little title. However, she is unpredictable, and while this is her best quality, she cannot be trusted to be in the same relationship tomorrow, no matter how close they get.


It's accessible to date her. She'll be just as interested in a sporting event as she is in seeing a new play or attending a concert. Her partner can take her somewhere new, and she would be ecstatic to have a unique experience. It's crucial not to stick to a schedule because that's not what she needs. It will make her feel safe for a while, but if the same dating scenario keeps happening, she will eventually feel insane. Whatever the case might be, things must remain exciting and enjoyable.


Gemini is the symbol that governs voice, but that doesn't mean a Gemini woman can speak nonstop for days. She needs her words to have meaning, and if she talks too much, it's usually because she wants to be heard. She yearns for tenderness that is offered in an unusually distant way, and she wants to be able to feel things that are far beyond her mind. She isn't afraid of change, but she won't make it without an excuse, even though it seems that she did. She wants someone who will move with her rather than against her, gentle and rational, tall and intelligent. She needs the love of an actual human.


Her company is pleasurable, and she can laugh and converse with you. She has a large circle of friends, and she will most likely fit in at every social gathering you can think of. When she is in love, she becomes unusually outspoken, caring, and open-hearted. Gemini likes to play sports, whether they be games of chance, competitive games like chess, or mind games with others, thanks to their connection with Mercury. They can still match wits with anyone who will engage them, whether they are obsessed with finding a device that can "beat the house" or need to persuade someone to change their mind about something important. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how long this will last. She is volatile and ever-changing, never too feminine, and rarely needs to be cared for and covered in the traditional sense.


It's simple to find a gift for a Gemini lady. Even though it is not her birthday or Christmas, she enjoys receiving gifts in general and would be delighted if you surprise her. She could still use a new phone or an excellent case for it and making her something childish and thoughtful wouldn't be a mistake. Make a letter to her. Consider her while you're at the supermarket, just like you would in a gift store. She enjoys reading while sitting by her newspaper or while eating a muffin with a cup of coffee. Even if she doesn't care for muffins, she'll appreciate the extra focus. If that doesn't work, you can always buy her a plane ticket or take her away for a weekend to go for a walk in the woods and feed the birds.
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