16/06 Birthday - Zodiac Information


06/16 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: June 16th

Color: Amber

In One Word: Feminine

Shape: Cross

Strength: Inspired

Weakness: Emotional Extremes

Most Compatible With: Leo

June 16th is the date on the calendar when the month of June and Gemini’s sign began to approach its end, and the entire first half of the year started to turn. Although this may appear to be the end of the road, it is a time when creativity and love come naturally, as one’s experience allows them to relax, dance, and have fun in this lifetime, if they only recognize that obstacles on the way must be overcome and resolved.


SUN – VENUS – (Pluto) – VENUS

First and foremost, we must appreciate the beauty of this planetary row, as well as the inspiration it provides. People born on June 16th have the responsibility of bringing love into the world and making it prettier, more artistic, flexible, and open to emotional interaction. However, when we consider the emotional extremes that could occur here, the need for a balance between the feminine and masculine within becomes clear. Having “too much” fun, one may lose sight of their goals and succumb to laziness, if not gluttony, at a time when they should be confidently building their status and professional world.

On this date, the second row speaks of the feminine principle’s need for solitude and self-sufficiency. This will lead to friendships with strong women who stand up for themselves, or it will make a person feel similar, weakened by society’s archetypes but strengthened by their achievements and mental greatness. High aspirations and a clear goal are what will get them where they want to go.


Gemini representatives born on June 16th in the three years preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees”

Gemini representatives born on June 16th in a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“Winter Skies with Frost-Covered Trees”

Whether it’s summer or winter in their world, tall trees serve as guardians of natural laws in these two symbols. They tell the story of the perfect patch for every situation and every person on Earth, as each of these fits its niche and demonstrates that it is the most evolved species for the conditions it lives in. The important thing for someone born on this date to understand is that they were born into an environment for a reason, incorporated, flexible, and ready for whatever comes their way, whether it’s a relationship shaping them when the skies are sunny or a shaky feeling of ice on their heart or skin when the skies are grey. Regardless, there is beauty in both of these images.


Gemini representatives born on June 16th may have to overcome several significant obstacles on their path to accepting responsibility and the true seriousness of life. Their mission is to discover an inner state of deep faith and spirituality while maintaining safety and clear boundaries with others and the outside world. They’re on a mission to pay off their karmic debts and be done with them for good this time. They seek Saturn’s wisdom and knowledge, and only by resting, meditating, and remaining silent will they be able to discover their Soul desires in this lifetime.


We must understand the value of mature love in the lives of those born on June 16th, not only because of two different Venuses in their planetary row but also because of the childish yet bold, artistic, warm, and caring Sun. To fulfill the need for learning through shared experience, they tend to choose significantly older or younger partners, forming a bridge between generations, cultures, professional and other strivings, or anything that isolates them from the prototype of love.

They go through life with an image they want to achieve, carried by a strong need for pleasure, fully aware of their need for balance and emotional stability. If they don’t get profound and responsible enough, they may end up on a seduction path and romantic quests that add to the number without bringing them closer together.


Every person born on June 16th excels in some form of art, and many of them will sing beautifully, expressing their emotions through soothing, loving words. They are designers and creators who might find their home in classical music, playing the piano or acoustic guitar, a little away from the modern world but just open enough to accept it. Despite their enthusiasm for new things and technology, it appears that tradition and archaic beauty are in their blood in this lifetime.


Amber is the crystal they should wear to match their best-fitting color. It is a protective crystal and a powerful Venus-related stone that brings balance, flexibility, and beauty into their lives. It helps create their world of invisible fences where they are genuinely required, seeing their relationships in all of their truth and honesty. Because amber is a fossilized resin rather than a stone, it may contain insects that were once thought to have magical properties, connecting us to Mother Nature’s cycles.


Aside from the obvious choices of jewelry, perfumes, and pretty clothes, a person born on June 16th can wear anything colorful and comfortable. Their Gemini practicality will help them understand gifts for their home and hygiene, but they value an act of love and something enjoyable to do the most. Kiss them, take them dancing, prepare something romantic and light to lift their spirits, and create the ideal environment for them to be inspired and carried by love into the next year of their lives.


They are fun to be around, loving, warm, and considerate, ready to go out and change the world for the better and have complete faith in the forces of nature and all-natural things that make us human.


Unfaithful, sometimes dishonest, and unable to connect intimately with others, they are burdened by emotions they cannot resolve or access.


  • In 1829, Geronimo (the one who yawns) was born. He was an American tribal leader and a medicine man. Although he rose to fame and became a celebrity, he wasn’t allowed to return to the land of his birth.
  • In 1953 Valerie Mahaffey was born, an American actress that won an Emmy Award for Northern Exposure. She keeps her life private, no matter the number of her roles and her professional life.
  • In 1982 May Andersen was born, a Danish model and actress who rose to fame as a Victoria’s Secret model. Apart from the beauty that led to her career choices, she was an assistant director of The Hole, an art gallery in NYC.


  • 1779- Spain declared war on the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • 1944 – The youngest person ever executed in the United States in the twentieth century was put to death.
  • 1963- The first time a woman went into space.
  • 1977- The Oracle Corporation was founded.
  • 2010- Bhutan implemented a tobacco prohibition.

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