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March 24 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As an Aries born on March 24, your personality is defined by your energy and passion. While others struggle to motivate themselves, you’ve never had a problem finding passion. If you think something is worthwhile, you will do your best to achieve your goals. Your colleagues, colleagues, friends and family admire this fact, which explains why they follow your example. You may be surprised to learn that you are considered a natural leader.

Fire is the twin element of your sign, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only cardinal connection with this element. It is your special connection with fire that gives your personality its starting and leadership qualities. As with all fire signs, passion and determination burn deep within you. When you are challenged, your flame burns even stronger until you succeed. Embrace the positive qualities of fire as they can be one of your greatest virtues, but be sure to avoid the impatience that can afflict fire signs.

While finding your ideal career is one of life’s greatest challenges, your natural ability and determination will give you many career opportunities. Your determination gives you the opportunity to truly become the best in your field. In the case of Harry Houdini, who was also born on March 24, he became the greatest magician in the world. Your passion may take you to another field, as different as science or art. If you are seduced by the business world, your leadership and determination are well suited to advertising, marketing, sales or commerce.

Planetary Row


March 24th

The Moon and the ringed planet of Saturn do not mesh well together because they are too different to reconcile. Their conflict is silence and coldness, which is different from what one would expect from Mars, Aries’ ruling planet. So, combining these two contrasting emotions in an individual causes a complex emotional state of sorrow that they swallow and bury deep within instead of embracing it. People born on March 24th shut out their hearts too soon and too quickly or face experiences that break them until they build a solid wall around their splintered hearts to protect themselves. Willing to partake in any battle like a true Aries, defeat will never touch them if their aspirations are governed by nature and influenced by their most intimate emotions.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Aries born on March 24th of the year preceding a leap year:

“The cameo profile of a man demonstrates the shape of his country.”

The Sabian Symbol for Aries born on March 24th of a leap year and two years following it:

“Two lovers stroll in a secluded place.”

There prevails a veil of mystery that surrounds these two Sabian Symbols, for the meanings of both of them are unclear and unsettled. This is not easy for individuals with their Sun in Aries, primarily since they are related to the Moon and Venus, both weak in this zodiac sign. The interpretation of these symbols seems to speak of the way to “the other side,” acknowledging the diverse emotions beyond their comprehension. With the acceptance of their emotional state or the “feminine,” they will be ready to grow into the hero their Sun wants them to be.


The purpose of those born on March 24th is extraordinary due to the presence of the icy planet Neptune as their final guidance. Their mission depends on their choice; either they reveal their truth or shield themselves with that veil of mystery while having enough courage and faith to accept the things they cannot change. Blindly believing in something does not sound appealing. Still, it might give these individuals a chance to persist with any plan they make, without the interference of emotions blurring their decisions, making actual progress in the material world a possibility. They reach the final destination of their purpose when their heart yields to the Divine love, enlightening their soul, with them, in turn, sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world.

Love and Emotions

March 24th

It is far from easy to have the Moon weighed down by Saturn in their planetary row. The two stand side by side as if to represent a condition in which the mother was gentle and the father too strict or another situation in which the mother’s love was snatched away. Although they might seem like archetypal situations that these individuals never experienced, in most cases, the interactions between their parents shape their emotional choices later in life. Whatever they perceive as injustice will consequently find them to teach them what they need to know to truly embrace responsibility for living their life according to their rules.

Although they have issues opening up about their feelings, a deep emotional bond could make them feel safe enough for doing so. These individuals might seem warm and cuddly on the surface to those they have just met, yet they will never share intimacy with another soul until they are assured that they will never do something to hurt them. They are far more sensitive than they let people know. Romantically, they require a partner who can halt their racing emotions and make them see the beauty of simply feeling.

Their Field of Excellence

An Aries born on March 24th has high aspirations and strivings. Their professional goals and just any other ambition they have will only pay off if they listen to their heart along the way. Relationships might not be their cup of tea, but they can become excellent leaders if they maintain a distance from their employees. An alternative career choice that these people will excel at is practicing therapy of all kinds. They have a natural talent for helping and healing others who have suffered countless emotional wounds.

Healing Crystal

Pink or Mangano Calcite is the perfect crystal to aid the emotional struggles of individuals born on March 24th. It will permit them to shift energy from their crown chakra to their heart chakra and make them familiar with the concept of God and Universal love in its purest, most personal form. It is a healing stone that helps with emotional abuse, trauma, or the death of a loved one. However, the best benefit it offers is the release of pressure and spasm when we tend to hold on to things too tightly, sometimes unknowingly. It pushes stale inner energies to move and turns stagnant into an entity that flows beautifully no matter how slowly.

The Perfect Gift

Before deciding on a gift for these secretive people, one has to understand their emotional nature. They are in constant need of something that will make them feel protected and safe, which is why choosing a powerful crystal might be one of the best birthday gifts they have ever received. Choose a present, perhaps an amulet with deep meaning and positive energies, and steer clear from superficial or common artifacts. Another good option might be a kit for careful planning to get the motivation to finish what they started. It could also prove truly useful if they are in a place where they should be taught how to plan and consider any possible developments to turn into profitable ventures.

Positive Traits

Family-driven, emotional, deep, and genuine believers, these individuals are more flexible than other people born under the sign of Aries. However, they are often too proud to admit that their emotional self serves them best.

Negative Traits

Being under constant pressure and witnessing too much injustice in the world can cause people born on March 24th to shut themselves out, depriving themselves of any human interaction. Although they choose to inflict doom upon themselves, it can lead them to feel lonely and depressed.

Famous Birthdays on March 24th

March 24th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1911 Joseph Barbera was born, an American cartoon artist, animator, director, and co-founder of the animation studio and production company Hanna-Barbera. Although his father abandoned him and his family after squandering their fortunes on bets and gambles when he was only 15, he managed to reach the point of authentic expression of his remarkable talent that raised him to popularity.
  • In 1930 Steve McQueen was born, an American actor nicknamed “The King of Cool.” His mother was an alleged alcoholic. Unable to cope with caring for her child, she left him with her parents when he was only three years old.
  • In 1974 Alyson Hannigan was born, an American actress known for her roles in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the American Pie film series. Her parents went through a divorce when she was two years old, and she was raised for the most part by her mother.

Important Historical Events on March 24th

  • 1837: African Canadian men are granted the right to vote.
  • 1896: The transmission of the first radio signal in history.
  • 1921: The first-ever international women’s sports event begins in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
  • 1958: Elvis Presley began his service in the US army (born on January 8th, 1935)
  • 1998: Bone Segment Navigation is performed for the first time with computer assistance.
  • 1999: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) attacks Yugoslavia without the approval of the UNSC, becoming the first time that NATO assaulted a sovereign country.

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