29/03 Birthday - Zodiac Information

March 29th ZODIAC

03/29 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: March 29th

Color: Carmine

In One Word: Delicate

Shape: Translucent Sphere

Strength: Divine Emotion

Weakness: Over-empathize

Most Compatible With: Libra

29th, like every other date, carries a vault of secrets, idealism, dishonesty and fantasies. Anything that happens is unpredictable. This creates a realm of suspense for the ones born on 29th. Their life is a mystery they have got to excavate. However, it helps them understand what they need in their lifetime for themselves whilst following their goals they have set to achieve.



When the Moon and Neptune come together, they typically tell of one’s ties to their past life, as well as spirit guides that reside in their home. The conjunction with Jupiter is a strong signal that faith needs to be reexamined, especially if you were born on March 29th. When these two powerful energies combine, it becomes more evident how emotional issues can profoundly affect your life course - something other people often dismiss but needn’t fully understand. People with strong feelings often find themselves in their little world, which only includes people who have similar interests and beliefs. They will feel the need to express these most sensitive thoughts even when they know they might not be understood or accepted by those around them.

The next step of numeral analysis uncovers the hidden truth in a foggy planetary row, and this adult approach to life teaches them about their true faith. It needs to be expressed through something more than just a sense of responsibility or ambition. They must do big things believing that if it’s up for grabs, they should grab it themselves without asking anyone else for help.


The Sabian symbol for Aries the ones born on March 29th of two years preceding a leap year:“A Large Woman’s Hat with Streamers Blown by an East Wind”

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on March 29th of a leap year, and a year following it: “A Crystal Gazer”

These Sabian symbols both speak of observing and affecting things from afar in a way that confirms the story of healthy boundaries. Interestingly, this crystal gazer has several interpretations that are entirely different. Still, all are speaking to the view on things usually noticeable as this large woman with a hat or healing as an added point of interest. The perspective change will bring about great differences between those born today.


The number 29 is a fascinating one. It’s often the only time of the month that people are born, and it isn’t just any day in March - it has to be this exact date, March 29th. With such an unusual birthday comes certain expectations from society while also being seen as ‘different. But what really makes them different? What they’re here for self-expression! They have their own story to tell, and someone else should hear it; after all, there will come the point where no one can speak up for themselves but these special ones who were born under the sign of Pisces. When you listen closely enough or take time out before your next meeting with another person (to think), then you’ll see how.


Some people are born with an extra rare connection to others, other realms, and previous lives. This makes them different from everyone else, which can be isolating and engaging in a way that is incomprehensible for the regular folk. They need to find ways of manifesting tenderness and love because these qualities will provide healing in their emotional world and those around them. These individuals may experience feelings they don’t understand or have experienced before, like sadness at seemingly random times without any apparent reason behind it; however, this does seem connected somehow even if we cannot see how right now due to our limited perspective (some unknown circumstance could cause this). Yet, there must still always be something magical about themselves called forth through strange circumstances. It’s life, after all.

Aries is a very active sign, but they often have to balance this with their passive nature. They love the idea of being in control and making things happen for themselves. However, it’s not always easy for them to follow Divine guidance when everything seems perfect on its own without any help from outside forces - as an Aries is used to doing all that needs to be done by themselves. This can lead them towards true happiness if they want something more than anything else, which usually happens only after much trial-and-error over many years together with someone who truly understands what makes them tick (or sometimes even matter).


You got your lucky day when you were born on March 29th because this is a date that has special meaning for the astrology charts. When you’re an Aries personality (usually doing well in all forms of work), it’s not surprising if many people are drawn to following your faith and teachings as time goes by - whether they do so out of curiosity or respect doesn’t matter. Your life story will always be unusual, but being grounded throughout can lead to otherworldly magic coming down to Earth with great power!


Eckermannite is a rare crystal that can be found in some parts of the world. Aries born on March 29th may find it beneficial to incorporate this stone into their daily lives for its ability to help them trust intuition and connect with others on spiritual levels. Eckermannite also helps teach people about learning, connecting the heart chakra with the third eye, incorporating knowledge from higher realms into one’s everyday routine life as well as personal heaven.


The best birthday gift for someone born on the 29th of March is an authentic piece of art that will touch their soul. They’ll appreciate anything sparkly or magical, but they might also enjoy an amulet with something mystical like a rainbow unicorn which can be used as decoration and protection when needed. Aries energy guides them into active choices, so give them something interesting to read if you want to please your book-loving friend - choose between fiction books that tell strange stories or fairy tales full of wonder, long poems about romance; any book would make this person happy!


The people of this show are not just talented. They’re true believers with a cause. They will proudly fight for the faith and people they believe in, giving others something to wish for while also provoking everyone’s talent to come out on-screen to be seen by all who watch.


People who are unable to be honest with themselves often make strange decisions that detach them from the world. Those without boundaries may not function well at all, but they’re too dishonest and untrusting of others for their excellence, so it’s a vicious cycle.


  • In 1943 Vangelis was born, a Greek keyboard player and songwriter, known best for his Academy Award winning score for Chariots of Fire. For the most part he is a self-taught musician who reportedly began composing at the age of three.
  • In 1959 Perry Farrell was born, an American singer, songwriter, and the frontman of the band Jane’s Addiction. Apart from the name of the band that obviously points to the influence of Neptune on his life, he is a philanthropist and a part of Christian Solidarity International.
  • In 1957 Christopher Lambert was born, a French actor born in the U. S. who rose to fame with his role in the movie Highlander and its subsequent movies. His story with Jupiter and Neptune manifested through a profound myopia that leaves him almost blind without glasses. He acted in many of his roles being unable to see.


  • 1806 – The construction of the first U. S. federal highway is authorized.
  • 1871 – Queen Victoria (born on May 24th) opens the Royal Albert Hall.
  • 1886 – The first batch of Coca-Cola was brewed in a backyard in Atlanta.
  • 1973 – The last U. S. combat soldiers leave South Vietnam.
  • 1974 – The first time Mercury is flown by a space probe.
  • 2014 – The first time same-sex couples are married in England and Wales.

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