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May 21 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As Gemini, born on May 21, you experience the world externally and are energized by people. Your excitement with others is reflected in thoughtful and expressive communication. Conversation is your most comfortable workspace, and words are your favorite tool. You are rarely speechless and usually enhance the social experience of those around you. These qualities make you a valuable friend and companion.

The twin element of your sign is air, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only volatile relationship with this element. Your special connection to the air allows your words to be as fluid and fluid as the wind. The influence of the air explains the breeze of curiosity that often stirs your being. As you perceive the positive qualities of the air, you will continue to acquire knowledge. Be careful to avoid the alienation that arises among the stagnant influences of the air.

Even if you feel emotionally detached from situations, you have a unique ability to express yourself in a way that resonates with the hearts and minds of those around you. You can take the chance to use this skill lyrically, like you did with Notorious BIG, who was also born on May 21st.


MOON – SUN – (Pluto) – MERCURY 

May 21

It becomes clear that the mother and the dad remain as two decision figures in the planetary line of each individual brought into the world on May 21st. In a consistent movement, these divine bodies give and get, synchronized to where we should quit having confidence in happenstance and begin searching for a reason. They are the light and its mirror, there to give individuals brought into the world on this date something to interface actually like the actual earth associates these two bodies. This contact has something left inferred, continually something to fix and resolve, and shows the bit of adulthood in one’s adolescence and the other way around.


The Sabian image for Taurus delegates brought into the world on May 21st of any year that isn’t a jump year:

“A Peacock Parading on the Terrace of an Old Castle”

The Sabian image for Gemini delegates brought into the world on May 21st of a jump year:

“A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders”

There is a wondrous note to these images that gives them a feeling of magic. The beautiful world we envision is by all accounts available for whoever gets there first, however just on the off chance that we change shape, adjust, and become what we discover unbelievable. No individual can turn into a bird or a fish. However, we see them here for an explanation, to control the route towards change that should come. The most brutal sign in the zodiac when confronting change, Taurus will genuinely need to be allowed to go to Gemini, understanding that genuine excellence is just discovered in the opportunity to be human. All that common is lovely here, and it is just our devices that permit us to see this or march it around. This shouldn’t fill in as an update that not all things need cosmetics and a lot of covering to be stunningly delightful.


To discover the capacity to suffer through the need of this time, individuals brought into the world on May 21st should discover their establishment and work on their first chakra. Their objective was to accept the genuine sense, contact with our creature nature and with its fights, clashes lastly, war. Just when they see what covers up on the dark side of their inward scales, they become ready to manage their work and intervene. Sinking into their oblivious world, they will see the outrage in others and themselves, understanding that the energy they look for is available for whoever gets there first.


May 21

We should perceive the force of the Moon and the Sun in the planetary column of those brought into the world on the 21st of May, for the relationship of guardians is a point in their life that all the other things spin around. The initial segment of their life is generally held for connections that will help them to remember the examples that are rehashed in their essential environmental factors. Albeit this will be in pieces and not that conspicuous now and again, the center of their character relies upon this passionate development seen through detachment from parental issues.

Their need to make a family can be a solid impact to split one up. Contingent upon the level of their confidence in the affection they may pick either, yet typically feeling somewhat broken within for any decision they make. They need an equivalent, somebody to converse with about everything that may introduce a misconception. In particular, they need somebody they have the persistence to tune in to every day and still miss them when they’re no more.


Arbiters and the individuals who make associations between individuals, people brought into the world on May 21st, dominate in specific social abilities, cooperation. They may sparkle in HR and different subject matters that require character coordinating, struggle to settle and to make contacts that everybody profits by. Their abilities will bloom in places that air their voice, public appearances, and proclaiming of any sort. Then again, the delicate equilibrium of the lights may make them investigators and the inconsistent quest for reality to focus light on. However, this must be genuinely upheld by their natal graph to have sufficient quality as a calling.


The ideal stone of correspondence that is by all accounts made for the sound blend of limits May 21st brings our direction is kinoite. It is a superbly shaded stone that improves equality, forestalls mistaken assumptions, and helps individuals express their inner truth. It is said to start the primary look at otherworldliness one faculties. It will build up the capacity to channel the facts from higher domains here, on planet Earth, through direct and reasonable words. This is a stone of couriers sent from a higher place and commends the job that those brought into the world on this date were brought into the world with.


A birthday present for an individual brought into the world on the 21st of May is all-around picked if they can discuss it with those they are near. Purchase a language course they can tune in to on their approach to work, a PC to compose a journal on, or something that will help their demeanor in any capacity. They will appreciate a pragmatic present for their home, yet like it significantly more if there is a portion of humor to it they can perceive and grin at consistently.


Chatty, associating, and willing to look for comprehension for each side of the issue, they are positive scholars and individuals who understand that no other human is their adversary.


Stuck in parental examples, incapable of proceeding onward and helpfully express their genuine thoughts. They can get withdrawn and false, attempting to make up for lost time with the past to remain in the same safety condition that they consider a safe place.


  • In 120 BC, Aurelia Cotta was born, the mother of Gaius Julius Caesar, the lead figure in the ascent of the Roman Empire. A regarded and severe lady, her ladylike nurturing job (the Moon) raised perhaps the main men throughout the entire existence of the world (the Sun).
  • In 1688, Alexander Pope was born, an English artist and writer, celebrated for his utilization of the heroic couplet, a fascinating decision to blend that inward way to deal with duality required.
  • In 1980, Gotye was born, a Belgian Australian vocalist and lyricist who rose to distinction with a hit single “Someone That I Used to Know” and a music video where he presents with a lady, plainly and masterfully introducing the essential relationship inside.

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