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November 12 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Scorpio born on November 12, you are outwardly shy and inwardly determined. You will work tirelessly to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, which can be said about most Scorpios. Unlike other Scorpios, you can do your job more shyly, preferring to work in the background rather than in the spotlight. Even your family and closest friends are no better than your shy inclinations, as there are people who have known you for years with no idea of ​​your secret nature. Fortunately, your shyness makes you interesting and mysterious to others.

The paired element of Scorpio is water, and, in fact, you are the only sign of the zodiac that has a fixed relationship with this element. You often dive into the depths of the ocean of emotions and thereby gain deep emotional understanding. The influence of water is the key to your compassion, but like a strong river, it is also responsible for your determination. Continued use of the positive qualities of water will contribute to your personal growth, but beware: diving too deeply into emotions can lead to moodiness.

Although choosing a career is difficult, your natural ability can lead to success in a wide variety of fields. A career that combines creativity and emotional understanding may be suitable, such as advertising, public relations, or business. Your need for artistic expression may lead to a career in music or writing, as is the case with singer Neil Young, who was also born on November 12th.



November 12th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

In this planetary row, the Moon is a little quenched, having trouble expressing its emotional intelligence about other people’s thoughts and personal challenges. To discover themselves, those born on November 12 need some alone time and be utterly truthful with themselves, rather than meeting the expectations of others. They have enough light to live a heart-filled existence and plan their lives in such a way that all of their areas are in order. On the other hand, relationships with others threaten their fragile inner states, and their ego often needs to crack and fall for them to rise higher than before.


Scorpio members born on November 12 have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Woman Pulls Two Dark Curtains Away from a Sacred Pathways Entrance”

The strong symbolism here demonstrates just what the feminine energy of those born on this date is capable of, posing a challenge in and of itself, as fear could blur their vision and hold them for a long time on the threshold of something grand. Their bonds to the outside world must be severed so that they can enter their inner paradise and connect there, in the pure light of their tender soul, where they cannot be harmed.

To get to the point of knowing their heart of all hidden secrets that bring light and emotional clarity, they need clear boundaries and take sole responsibility for themselves, giving others their integrity back by restoring theirs. They must take care of themselves first to care for others because they cannot give what they do not have.


Scorpios born on November 12 are about to learn how to express themselves without constraint and in freedom of opinion and movement, thanks to Mercury as their guiding light. They pursue spiritual freedom where they can be their authentic selves without challenging or allowing the views and shortcomings of others to stand in their way. They have been confined to one position for far too long due to external authority. They must travel, talk, and drive to send a message to the world that they can only discover inside themselves.


November 12th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Relationships between those born on November 12 are profoundly emotional and delicate, and they begin with a lot of tenderness and mutual understanding before shared patterns emerge. Their mission in this lifetime isn’t to romantically link and start a family in the traditional sense but to develop inner emotional strength so that they can do so with ease and clarity.

They need someone who will be compassionate and kind to them, someone who will be modest and grounded enough not to infringe on their freedom, and someone who will light a fire in their hearts to allow them to give in to the need to protect their sacred bond. They may settle for relationships that aren’t really in tune with their emotional needs as long as they give their energy away before getting fed themselves. Things begin to shift as they accept their vulnerability, and they become able to bond on deeper levels, willing to give whatever it takes for their love to last a lifetime, as long as both parties put forth equal effort.


An individual born on November 12 excels in caregiving roles and caring for those who need their assistance. They become great parents, close and romantic partners, and friends who appreciate the flaws of others because they are in sync with the flow of emotion. Messages they learn in their world need to be shared, and as they grow older, they develop into excellent authors, orators, and leaders of liberation movements.


Dioptase is the best healing crystal for anyone born on November 12. It is a stone of forgiveness and compassion that helps one break free from cycles and habits by allowing emotions to flow and vent in healthy ways through the heart chakra. It awakens memories from previous lives and can cause events that replicate themselves to be cleaned and dealt with from a place of inner strength. This crystal aids them in overcoming all problems that cause them to feel trapped, allowing them to go with the flow of life.


Something to keep their happy memories secure, such as a trinket for their home or a photo album or an artistic collage of shared moments, maybe a birthday gift for a Scorpio born on November 12. They will appreciate any token of affection, no matter how small, as long as it emphasizes your emotional bond with them. If you aren’t that close, you can always go for something golden or symbolic, branded, and in line with their public profile. Take them to a show, hold a picnic, or purchase a book on assertiveness and open communication that will include specific details.


They are kind, warm, and compassionate people with big hearts who are deeply sensitive and empathic. Their strength stems from open dialogue since they are knowledge carriers that need assistance to provide more to the world than they are always confident to deliver.


Lack of trust can manifest itself in rash decisions, hasty decisions, and a pushy personality. They should carry their hearts on their sleeves to achieve a degree of status and recognition that can only bring them happiness if it is in tune with their deepest feelings.


  • Grace Kelly, an American actress, was born in 1929 and later became Princess of Monaco, retiring from acting to begin her duties as Princess. Despite her parents’ initial opposition, she followed her dream of being an actress, despite their disapproval.
  • Ryan Gosling, a Canadian actor, singer, and producer, was born in 1980 and rose to international fame for his role in The Notebook.
  • Anne Hathaway, an Academy Award-winning actress, best known for her roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, Les Misérables, and other films, was born in 1982.


  • 1555- Under Queen Mary I, Roman Catholicism was re-established in England. (born on February 18).
  • 1892 – On this day in history, the first professional American football player played his first game.
  • 1941 – The Soviet Union’s ski troops faced the freezing German forces outside Moscow for the first time.
  • 1971 – On the coast of East Pakistan, the worst tropical cyclone in history striked.
  • 1980- NASA’s Voyager I captured the first images of Saturn’s rings

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