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November 18 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Scorpio born on November 18, you are as caring as you are determined. You are completely committed to all your relationships, which explains why you often find yourself caring about the needs of others the most. Your friends and family appreciate your upbringing but genuinely admire your determination. When you face a challenge, nothing will stop you from overcoming it. Your willpower is one of your greatest strengths.

Your sign’s partner is water, and as Scorpio, you have your only fixed relationship with water. Your connection to water is the reason why your personality is very much like a flowing river; stubborn and determined. In the same way, the influence of water makes you feel comfortable in the depths of emotions. You gain deep insights from your emotional experiences that allow you to understand when others are also experiencing “rocky seas”. Continue to use the influence of water for emotional growth, but be careful not to get caught up in emotions as this can lead to moodiness.

While choosing a career is difficult, your natural skills provide you with several options to choose from. Your social qualities and determination can lead to success in any career with people, including business, sales, teaching, or politics. If you are more reserved, you may prefer a career that uses your strong will, such as law or research. If the entertainment world is too alluring to ignore, take inspiration from the successful careers of Owen Wilson and Elizabeth Perkins, who share your birthday on November 18th.



November 18th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

This planetary row contains a lot of energy that can be violent toward one’s sensitivity and feminine needs. When making decisions, those born on November 18th will display initiative, sportsmanship, and a great deal of clarity. Still, they will hurry too far ahead and project their desires where their emotions do not lead them. A step back is needed here for a person to delve into their inner world, see changes in their heart as they move and release, and fully use their potential for all of the things that inspire and make them unique.

If they aren’t careful about compromise and inflated issues that everyone is bound to bear on their own, other people will drain a lot of their primal energy. They may expend energy dealing with their problems and resolving troubles that are painful to their emotional world while attempting to support and seeing themselves as extremely strong. They must find a golden center for their artistic and passionate Selves to fully shine in the outside world. They must recognize that while selflessness is a virtue, healthy “selfishness” may also be a virtue.


Scorpio members born on November 18th have the following Sabian symbol:

After Moving into a New Territory, American Indians Set Up Camp.

In the lives of those born on this date, a symbol like this one represents a close link to Nature and all of Nature’s wealth. However, there is a secret side to traveling in which one is pulled by more extraordinary powers and human Nature that has not matured to the point of acceptance. They should be mindful of what they leave behind as conquerors, constantly aware of their history and what holds the highest quality inside their hearts. They must channel their fiery energies into settling in and finding tranquility, finding a place where they feel at ease, and remaining in harmony with the natural order of things as they progress.


The Moon is the guiding light for those born on November 18th, symbolizing their ability to achieve inner harmony in which feelings are accepted and relationships are pure and joyful at all times. While this ideal may be difficult to achieve, they should be confident that their ancestors and family tree have provided them with what they require to find all the correct answers. They must reconcile with their hearts and let go of familiarity with themselves and other people to do so.


November 18th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

We can see the souls of those born on November 18th changing throughout their lives as they shift from instinctive behavior to emotional clarity. Some highly dynamic contacts will have to be terminated, but others will continue to provide them as time passes. They may have several short-term bonds that don’t affect their hearts as much as they’d like, or they may choose abusive partners that will cause them to lose their footing or make them feel dependent and unstable on their journey to trust and intimacy.

Their sexuality is vital in their lives. They may follow their impulses and make too many unreasonable decisions or allow things to spiral out of control when what they need are help and tenderness. Mars in the first planetary row must defend their flaws rather than breaking them apart, and they must always be ready to answer the problem clearly, prepared to confront those who damage them in some way. Their delicate side should reap the most significant gain from their powers, resulting in safe and intimate romances that flow naturally and are well-protected from the outside world.


An individual born on November 18th excels in various sports and active workplaces but can struggle to achieve great success as part of a group. They are army men who uphold the ideal and a common cause by protecting those who are less fortunate or standing to protect their country as soldiers. They can do wonders in agriculture and other fields of knowledge when they connect with their feminine side, feeding or supporting the basic needs of many people.


For those born on November 18th, goethite is an excellent stone. While it is widely used to help with sadness, it also has powerful supportive energy for the heart chakra, which these people need even when they are happy with their lives. It cures raw emotions in their most profound inner circle, demonstrating how to defend oneself from external problems and highlighting all those reasonable distances from people who intrude on their boundaries and assign too much responsibility to them.


A birthday present for a Scorpio born on November 18th should not be pathetic or an attempt to buy their love, but it shouldn’t be an imperfect reflection of their character. They can enjoy the simple kitchen and home products, but a gathering around a large fire or something to ignite their energy as a declaration of love can make them feel much better. A pocket knife, a pair of small, delicate glasses, or something that makes a point about privacy, such as a box with a padlock and key, or some other device that can be locked, would be appreciated.


They have a way with the material world and their possessions, and they may be able to assist others in becoming efficient and innovative individuals that we are all supposed to be.


Pushy, angry, and violent, they struggle to fit into social circles that do not represent their emotional needs. When forced too far by a lack of compassion, they will resort to destructive choices and behavior.


  • Alan Shepard, an American astronaut, admiral, and pilot, was born in 1923. He was the first American to fly into space and the first space traveler to control his craft’s orientation manually. He is known for being attentive to his children, bringing them to NASA events where no other astronauts’ children were present.
  • Kim Wilde (Kim Smith), an English singer, poet, and DJ, was born in 1960 and made her debut with the single “Kids in America.” She began working as a landscape gardener in the late 1990s while still performing music.
  • Owen Wilson, an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter best known for his roles in Starsky & Hutch, Around the World in 80 Days, and Midnight in Paris, was born on this day in 1968. In 2007, he attempted suicide and was diagnosed with depression.


  • 1493- Christopher Columbus first saw Puerto Rico.
  • 1872- In the United States, fifteen women were arrested for illegal voting.
  • 1883- The railroads of the United States and Canada describe five uniform continental time zones.
  • 1928- Steamboat Willie, an animated short film and the first synchronized sound cartoon was released. Mickey Mouse’s birthday was celebrated on this day.
  • 1963- The first push-button telephone goes into us.
  • 1988 – President Ronald Reagan (born February 6th) signs a bill authorizing drug dealers to face the death penalty.

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