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November 19 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Scorpio born on November 19, you may be best known for your caring yet determined nature. Your friends and family have always witnessed your commitment to their well-being, and sometimes they are shocked to see that you put their best interests ahead of your own. However, your commitment and willpower extend far beyond your personal relationships; you will always make an effort to achieve goals that you think are worthwhile.

Water is your sign’s paired element, and in fact, Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that has a constant connection to water. The influence of water makes you share the stubborn and determined qualities of a flowing river that is always moving forward and almost impossible to stop. In the same way, water’s connection to the deep sea of ​​emotions promotes your strong compassion and emotional understanding. You will continue your personal growth if you take advantage of the positive qualities of water. Avoid the negative effects of water, which include bouts of moodiness and emotional instability.

With a gift for communication, compassion and willpower, you have natural abilities that are well suited for a variety of professions. Your ability to understand others can lead you to a people-based career, such as in education, business, or public relations. Similarly, you can combine your skills well with self-expression in careers such as writing or journalism, which was the path of Larry King, who was also born on November 19th.



Neptune can become quite toxic within the planetary row of those born on November 19th, and their seeking of reality from others might lead them far from their inner truth. They must dive into their inner world to protect themselves from the influences of the outer and emotional baggage that doesn’t belong to them. They’re idealistic and carry along incredible talents that wait to be used. They may be strange and unsupported by many, but as they sink into their field of desires and their own heart, they find it obsolete to question their own decisions for anyone else.

Relationships can never be apparent, and every interaction with another person has to grow, allowing these individuals to understand another soul and themselves through contact. A scarcity of trust shouldn’t block this, and it’s essential to keep in mind that much higher causes are at work here as we allow our Soul to attach with someone else’s entirely different personality. Boundaries are to be set to be in place. Time for contemplation on personal emotions will help them understand the role that every individual has in their life through purity of the contact.


The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 19th:

“A band Marches Noisily On Through the town Streets.”

A statement is formed during this symbol, marking the lives of those born on this date as necessary, flashy, and ostentatious. Although the function of the military is entirely different, this tries and connects it to something joyous, fun, and loving speaks about these individuals having to find a fineness to show to within, incorporating it in their well-grounded protective routines. It could get challenging to attach the natural world and the functional, productive mechanisms of dealing with it, with the bright side of life that might bring them positions they want and find them in tune with their talents.


While those born on November 19th have a task to search out their mission, inspiration, and abilities in life, they need to grant them actual direction to carry on to. It won’t be enough to remember their qualities easily. They have to use them, educate themselves to grow through them, and incorporate them in practical daily solutions with faith they’ll succeed. Beliefs and convictions are to be questioned to find the foremost positive turnout where their confidence in themselves allows them to create progress through joyous paths and provoking every step of the way.


November 19th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Deeply sensitive and emotional, people born on November 19th feel the necessity to cover their frailty with attitudes that may be untrue. Although they’re generally honest in their direct approach to like and partnerships, they may stumble upon disappointment if they exclude their own sensitive needs from the equation. They have to be absolving to express their most fragile selves, or satisfaction will fade in time, and their bonds might disperse for no apparent reason or by the betrayal that was never expected.

They need a partner to share their ideas and desires in life, someone to go on a trip with them, and to share their excitement and adventures. Respect is constructed from the point of zero in each new bond, and genuine belief in any romantic involvement comes from their steadfast belief in ways of their heart.


Scorpios born on November 19th do exceptionally well in acting, artistic expression, music, and teaching, similar to all those distant methods that one barely has the patience to check about. They need their fixed quality to stay stubbornly focused on their zones of interest and wish to be told to respect them rather than trying to be more flexible for other people’s expectations. Healers, doctors, and people, who help others with solid boundaries towards influences and intrusions from the side, will separate their talents and inner drive from those who have to follow their path.


November 19th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Acanthite is a superb crystal for those born on November 19th, protecting them from toxic influences, gossip, and negative energies sent their way. It’s been carried by warriors because it removes mental and emotional obstacles to bravery and fearlessness. Rather than supporting harming anyone or taking bruises, it gives one strength within the Self to seek out a middle ground and pull their ideals in life through with no casualties along the way. It’s a natural stone to support tasks that one usually shoes apart.


A person born on November 19th needs reminders on magic in life, music, time spent up-to-date with nature, the sea, the ocean, and extensive forests. They’ll enjoy ordinary gifts, travel to distant or magnificent locations they’ve never seen, and find out that the planet has much to supply even after they are feeling stuck in their current surroundings. Buy some incense, a perfume, a session with an astrologer or an alternate healer, something religious from a far-off land or a trace of other religions, boosting their desire to understand all they have to grasp about their inner alignment with the Universe.


Idealistic, dreamy, and sensitive, they’re empathic with the next cause to pursue, talented, and willing to offer their knowledge as they gather it along the way. Selfless and vulnerable, they carry enough tenderness for them and everybody around them to shine bright with their most profound qualities.


Lost, hopeless, intruded, and intoxicated by energies and emotions that aren’t their own, they become dishonest to shield themselves from the globe and begin turning their beliefs upside-down, acquitting themselves from the true responsibility they need towards Self.


  • In 1917, Indira Gandhi was born, an Indian politician, stateswoman, and the first and only female to become the Prime Minister of India. Her bodyguards assassinated her, and her funeral was followed by anti-Sikh riots that displaced and killed numerous Sikhs. Her son later stated these events on live television: “When a giant tree falls, the planet shakes.”
  • In 1962, Jodie Foster was born, an American actress and director, who has received two Academy Awards and plenty of other accolades. She was a gifted child who learned to read at the age of three and already a successful actor; she attended and graduated in literature from a university in Connecticut.


  • 1816 – Establishment of the Warsaw University.
  • 1916 – Goldwyn Pictures is set up by Samuel Goldwin (date of birth obscure) and Edgar Selwyn (brought into the world on October 20th).
  • 1969 – The third and fourth humans walk on the surface of the Moon.
  • 2006 – the primary Nintendo game console with motion control is released.

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