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November 20 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Because you are a Scorpio born on November 20, your friends and family know you for your strong will and more caring nature. You show dedication to all aspects of your life, especially when you feel the challenge is worth it. Similarly, you will show determination to help others, which explains why you often sacrifice your own needs for the needs of others. These qualities make you a valuable friend and a sought-after companion.

Water is the twin element of your sign, and as Scorpio, you have the only fixed connection to this element. The influence of water allows you to feel comfortable in the deep, restless water of emotions. You draw deep understanding from your experience. It is water that is responsible for your almost stubborn determination, reminiscent of a strong river. The positive qualities of water can be one of your greatest strengths, but avoid the moodiness and emotional instability that go into negative water influences.

Your natural understanding and willpower together create several lucrative career opportunities. A benevolent leader, you can succeed in administration, business. Your language skills and determination can lead you to a career in writing, lecturing, or education. If you find a reason to support, you can go into politics, like Robert Kennedy, who was also born on November 20th.



November 20th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

When the Moon and Pluto align in a row, we are faced with a difficult emotional task, and people born on November 20th will undoubtedly face emotional challenges that will force them to evolve and change. After facing the challenges of the real world, their outlook on life may be a little bleak, and their primary concern is death fear. Although this may appear harsh or too deep, especially at a young age, it provides them with a depth of perception, an old Soul, and incredible power to transform hate into motivation and love and change old, ancestral patterns into the constructive life force that may create. Many obstacles could stand in their way, and trauma could cast a pall over their world. However, instead of closing their hearts in an attempt to be rational, their task is to cleanse them. This is a strong time when all of life’s magic is in place on Earth, but only if one is willing to accept all of its painful messages along the way.


Scorpio representatives born on November 20th have the following Sabian symbol:

“The Fairy King is Approaching His Domain”

This date’s symbol also emphasizes the magnificence and magic of this period, when incredible things can be ruled and used to create a zone of action that allows one to change their life. An intense symbol like this one connects what we usually think of as feminine with a masculine figure and authority within and speaks of one’s initiative and creative flow with a proactive approach in matters that are typically considered passive, circumstantial, or too frail, dispersed, and irrational to hold on to.


A Scorpio born on November 20th must learn how to set personal boundaries with the outside world to remain flexible while also being rigid enough to keep out harmful intrusions from others. They must lay their groundwork and establish themselves in their own space, in their apartment, in their room, free of the influences of other people’s energies. They find their faith on mountain tops, in deserts, and in places where others don’t often go, with a purpose in life to find use in the most trying circumstances with pure faith that everything is exactly as it should be.


November 20th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

As soon as they start relating to other people, their deep emotional core pulls them into relationships like a magnet, stirring up ancestral patterns. On the one hand, they have the wisdom of relating coursing through their veins, and they experience deep arousals that link their physical world to their emotional impulses. This prepares them for the story of one true love and keeps them connected to the ideal of oneness with another person. In typical romances, on the other hand, they may feel powerless and be bruised by awakened sexuality when they first connect intimately with the one they love.

They require someone attentive and sexually aware, and they will not be satisfied in relationships in which emotional connection does not lead to pure creation as it should. To relieve the pressure on their chest, they must withdraw from the world until they find peace in the depths of their hearts, allowing them to open up to another person while maintaining their boundaries and protecting their vulnerable Self. They need someone to understand that when love is found, their obsessive impulses aren’t in charge and someone to give them enough space to recognize and act on their deepest emotional needs rather than pushing them aside in the name of compromise.


A person born on November 20th is a natural healer, born to solve the most complex problems. They are energetically charged and must use their inner wisdom to bring deep peace to their hearts to assist others in doing the same. They work with bioenergetics and one’s field of unconscious emotions, past life regression, and other techniques to make excellent alternative healers. When their attention isn’t drawn to extreme viewpoints and human interactions, they excel at restoration, renovation, and banking.


For those born on November 20th, black agate is a highly protective stone. It provides a sense of grounding and peace, which is especially helpful during times of bereavement. It heals trauma and the sense of loss that can burden a person’s world and keep them stuck in the past by putting them in touch with their emotional flow. It’s a stone that aids in making authentic decisions that are free of past influences, as well as dealing with “tough love” issues that might push them too far. It is said to protect children from harm and their inner child from toxic influences, allowing them to distinguish between true and false friends and relationships.


If you’re looking for a birthday gift for someone born on November 20th, keep in mind that any small gesture from the heart will make them happy. They want their contact to be respected and valued, and they don’t need anything extravagant as long as it connects with their emotional world. Choose a crystal, a healing techniques course, a group therapy session focusing on past lives, energy, psychology, or evolutionary astrology, or pay for a massage to relieve tension in their bodies.


They can transform negative emotions into happiness and teach others how to use their resources and painful situations for personal growth because they are deep, compassionate, and healing. They have contact with excellent knowledge in their hearts because they are in touch with Nature and the Earth’s cycles.


They grow up too soon, burdened by responsibilities that aren’t their own, and lose their joy in the process. If they are deeply bruised or abandoned, they become possessive, obsessive, and destructive, and if their wounds are not healed, they may turn to cold-hearted aggression.


  •  Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer and cosmologist, was born in 1889 and is widely regarded as one of the most influential astronomers of all time for his discovery that many objects classified as “nebulae” were galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Despite his interest in astronomy, he studied law until obtaining his Master’s degree, and it was only after his father’s death that he turned to astronomy.
  • Sean Young, an American actress best known for her roles in Blade Runner, Wall Street, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, was born in 1959. She was a ballet dancer and a model before becoming an actress.
  • Joel McHale, an American actor, writer, and comedian, was born in 1971. He is best known for his role as Jeff Winger on Community and his roles in All the Time in the World and Ted. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and played football in college before enrolling in the University of Washington’s Professional Actors Training Program.


  • 1805- Fidelio, Beethoven’s only opera, premiered in Vienna.
  • The United Nations adopted 1959-The Declaration of the Rights of the Child.
  • 1962 – The Soviet Union agrees to remove its missiles, ending the quarantine of Cuba in the Cuban missile emergency.
  • 1985- Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released.
  • 1990- Andrei Chikatilo (born on October 16th), the Soviet Union’s most prolific serial killer, was apprehended.
  • 1998- The International Space Station’s first component was launched.

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