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November 21 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Scorpio born on November 21st, you are as determined as you are caring. When faced with a problem or goal, you won’t stop your efforts until the job is done. In relationships, you show the same devotion, sacrificing your time and the support needs of others. Your friends and family appreciate your care and compassion, which explains why you are a welcome friend and companion.

The twin element of your sign is water, and in fact, Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that has a fundamental connection with the element. The influence of water makes your determined mind flow like a strong river. In the same way, water makes you feel comfortable in the dark depths of emotions. You learn from your own experience, and this explains why you understand the feelings of others so easily. As you continue to appreciate the positive qualities of water, your compassion will grow. Don’t tire of the negative qualities of water, including the capriciousness of over-indulging your emotions.

Your social skills and drive to succeed allow you to choose from a variety of career options, although it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one. Your compassion can lead you to a career such as education, lecturing, or counseling. Similarly, your intellectual pursuits may lead you to a career as a lawyer, researcher, or writer. Your creativity can make the entertainment world too appealing to ignore, as was the case with Goldie Hawn, who was also born on November 21st.



Somebody brought into the world on the 21st of November needs to discover room in their heart to show and make things with others in amicability. Their equilibrium is handily lost if they have an excessive number of items in life they remain against, and their capacity to consent to terms of others may go to limits even though they ought to tune in to their hunch first. They regularly need solace and a solid arrangement of enthusiastic help to get through some troublesome occasions. It is dependent upon them to track down the correct equilibrium of giving and getting. The degree of battle here is characterized by their childhood and connections inside their base family.


November 21st Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

The Sabian image for Scorpio delegates brought into the world on November 21st:

The regular request of things may be somewhat challenging to deal with for those brought into the world on this date, and they need to acknowledge their fight for the kid inside before they choose to “experience childhood” in manners that aren’t practical or strong of their weak bona fide character. The ladylike is to fortify until they are prepared to hold fast and secure their feelings and their own internal identity, so they can go to innovative and adoring exercises they wish to do and live off in their regular day-to-day existences.


With the importance of life found in self-articulation and looking for their inner truth alongside its position in the correct group of friends, those brought into the world on November 21st could experience difficulty discussing until they find where the center of their conclusions lies. They took a stab at the genuineness and utilized words that reverberate with their heart and will not agree to casual conversation or exchanges that aren’t profitable and of some substance. On schedule, they become speakers and journalists, with a message to impart to the remainder of the world. Even though their messages may come from the underground and be disliked by many, their reality will free them and each one of the individuals who need direction through dimness to come out to the light.


Feelings could throw individuals brought into the world on the 21st of November, starting with one store then onto the next, pulling them to and fro until they discover balance in the manner they express themselves. Errors may be harmful, and their absence of persistence will abruptly show when they wouldn’t dare to hope anymore, for the most part after years or gulped emotions. Their connections could be either amazingly exceptional or in manners aloof and stuck. They need to discover center grounds that will permit them to share their energetic side while remaining stable and going to the tranquillity of day-to-day life they wish for.

Without a good feeling of comprehension for their enthusiastic profound issues, a sentiment could last yet wound them each time they attempt to share. They need much more closeness than individuals around them may accept sufficiently and shouldn’t make do with anything short of what they know in their heart to be their reality in the journey for affection. Steady and empathetic, they work well in associations that regard enthusiastic sharing and common comprehension of vulnerable parts of self that we as a whole need to shield from the remainder of the world to allow our contacts to move from a place of wellbeing.


A Scorpio brought into the world on November 21st does well with others and regularly comes to places of force as a replacement to somebody who showed them how to deal with the critical factor. They are unimaginable people that regard experts in manners that permit them to sparkle themselves on schedule. They are intended to compose and express their honest thoughts unreservedly and straightforwardly, message conveyors, mail carriers, and secretaries, just like every one of the individuals who manage significant desk work and government authorities that comprehend the delicacy of sharing what ought to stay covered up until the second is correct.


November 21st Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Tunellite is a decent decision of stone for somebody brought into the world on November 21st, offering clarity to previous issues that became out of date and cutting ropes forced on one by others just as those that are not, at this point, applicable. It helps astral travel, upgrades innovativeness, and helps inventive ideas discover methods of establishing and sign. Beneficial for the skin, wrinkles, and the general tone of the skin, it refines one’s insurance from the external world, empowering sympathy that is solid and loaded up with comprehension while keeping one protected from others’ enthusiastic inconveniences.


A birthday present for somebody brought into the world on November 21st ought to be a glass doll, something to help their memory, a collection or an edge with an image from fun occasions shared, or a book with the profundity of feeling and a glad closure. They need their touchy side recognized and comprehend the estimation of closeness and keeping in mind that they will see the value in something that others may discover upsetting. It needs to come from the profundity of shared reach you have with them, or it will essentially work up their enthusiastic world.


Conscious and kind, they see feelings in others and see how to unobtrusively associate and co-make amazing things with the individuals who share gifts and profundity of sentiments that give them a sense of direction.


Insecure, changing with others’ persuasions and taking on their enthusiastic inconveniences as their own, they need firm limits to see their absolute truth and express it without negative proclamations, dim perspectives, and sharp words.


  • In 1694, Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet) was conceived, a French history specialist, scholar, and writer acclaimed for his analysis of Christianity and his promotion of religion, discourse, and partition of chapel and state. He chose to be an essayist against his dad’s wish and proceeded to uninhibitedly communicate his sentiments continually in a problematic situation with specialists and the law.
  • In 1945, Goldie Hawn was conceived, an American entertainer, vocalist, and maker, known for some jobs remembering those for Cactus Flower, Private Benjamin, and Death Become Her. Every one of the three of her kids is an entertainer.

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