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November 7 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Scorpio born on November 7th, your shy, artistic and determined nature defines your personality. While others love to be the center of attention, you feel uncomfortable. Since shyness meets secrecy, you prefer to do your work in private, working with great determination to achieve your goals. You have a great appreciation for art, and while you may have developed your own artistic abilities, you rarely showcase your talents. You hide parts of yourself, even from those who would swear to know everything about you.

Water is the twin element of your sign, and as a Scorpio, you are the only zodiacal connection with a fixed relation to this element. Like a strong, flowing river, you are determined and persistent in your efforts. It is your relationship with water that allows you to feel comfortable in a turbulent sea of ​​emotions. As you continue to experience the positive effects of water, your compassion and understanding will grow. However, be tired of the negative effects of water, including moodiness and emotional instability.

Your natural abilities are artistic, determined, and compassionate, so they can be found in a wide variety of careers. Your preference for working in the background may be well suited to a career in research or science, which was the path of Madame Curie, who was also born on November 7th. Similarly, your artistic ability and determination may well show up in public relations or advertising.


Open-minded and accessible on social etiquettes and practices, November 7th is a day when connections are made with honesty and pure intentions that spark a flame in our hearts. This is when innovation and stress combine into one, which leads to leaders overthrowing and other people grabbing the positions of capability. The individuals born on this date truly understand the unpredictable nature of any method  and dive headfirst at the slightest possibility of an opportunity presenting itself. While doing so, they might overlook that their goals can be attained more calmly and practically.

Planetary Row


November 7th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Freethinkers and open to all creations, people born on November 7th may be perceived as strange and unpredictable. Although their Sun (Scorpio) is a fixed sign, they are anything but stagnant. Even when their outer selves might seem nothing out of the ordinary, their inner selves are bustling with intellectual wars and the prospect of new conclusions. Highly energetic, willing to take on challenges, prepared to step out of their comfort zone, and turn their life into an escapade, they burn out easily when they push themselves beyond their body’s natural limits inducing high-stress levels. While they may be in a deep conflict with their mind or other people, they rarely let their troubles be known. So their task is to find the sentimental connection to the outer world that will permit empathy to prevail over conflict and love to triumph over war.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian is true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpios born on November 7th in the year preceding a leap year:

“Telephone lineman installs new connections at work.”

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpios born on November 7th in a leap year and two years following it:

“Children play around five mounds of sand.”

Both of the Sabian Symbols indicate the relationship between those born on this day and Mercury’s planet, emphasizing its symbolism. It shifts Uranus from their planetary row to a more practical plane, where all connections, changes, and intellectual challenges will find their grounding and can be viewed through rational, earthly manifestations. These individuals are meant to express their ideas creatively instead of allowing their minds to aimlessly wander so that they do not go astray only to get ultimately detached from the satisfaction and pleasures of the material world.


The icy planet of Neptune governs the people born on November 7th, demonstrating how distant their ideals, aspirations, thoughts, and dreams might be from the realities of the physical world. It is no wonder that the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, found its way into their planetary row to compensate and balance their idealized faith with practicality and common sense. Before they set out to search for their purpose, they need to learn to feel nature in their own hearts and move with the flow, setting themselves free from ties that belong to the past and thus creating thorough and profound changes in their being. Their purpose is to find Divine love, get in touch with their higher spirit, and abandon all toxicity as they move through life.

Intimacy and Emotions

In their search for the ideal partner, while bursting with independence simultaneously, these individuals do not precisely fit the definition of “stable,” making them unreliable lovers. Even though they can be noble, loyal, stick to their alternatives, and eager for lasting relationships, their constant inner changes might take too much out of them, making them irrational, overly distant, or too vulnerable on the flip side.

These people need time to find the right friendships filled with respect and love, social circles that are genuinely supportive beyond all the fun. Most importantly, a partner can be their best friend, providing comfort about sensitive issues that weigh their heart. To put their trust in a bond, they must be entirely truthful themselves. They must also build a foundation based on communication before getting intimate with their partner, as their sexuality inspires them in unusual ways. Their individualistic spirit and originality might make them a bit tough to take hold of, but once they are in deep connection with another soul, they seek oneness of bodies, minds, and hearts and refuse to settle for less.

Their Field of Excellence

Scorpios born on this day shine in all fields of practical pursuits, such as engineering, technology, and chemistry, science, and medicine. Alternatively, they are also good at various healing techniques. These individuals are open to trying things that people may toss away, but their constant inner conflict keeps them away from their true flairs and talents. They tax themselves to stay rational and grounded through options forced on them by other people. Made for extreme choices and extreme sports and activities, they often make spontaneous changes and turns in their professional path to find their true meaning.

Healing Crystal

November 7th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Datolite is a high vibration stone known for enhancing one’s problem-solving skills and an excellent choice of stone for the individuals born on November 7th to help cleanse their minds and bring their focus on earthly matters. It eases the stress and fear of the one bearing the crystal, assisting them to cope with any form of grief and anxiety. Aside from its role in helping them find their true faith, it also aids with all addiction issues and self-destructive tendencies, ultimately making them get their life back on track. It brings their attention to their physiology and body’s needs to be in tune with their higher ideals and goals.

The Perfect Gift

These individuals are far from being basic, and while they have respect for basic ordeals in life and sometimes crave for them, their present should be memorable. They would love a gift that shows how much thought has been put into it, but if one lacks groundbreaking ideas, great alternatives include:

  • Baking them a cake.
  • Organizing a get-together of their loved ones.
  • Handmade gifts to show effort and care.

They are attracted to anything sparkly, modern, electronic, and asymmetrical, as long as they are modest and not too fake.

Positive Traits

Individualistic, innovative, different, and groundbreaking, these Scorpios understand that their best talents stand out even if they try to hide them. They are dependable friends with a desire to fight for the sake of the greater good and the ones to spot the signs of a crumbling organization only to bring about appropriate changes to fight the troubled system.

Negative Traits

In their many battles, they might go astray, leading them to become pushy and aggressive and even risk losing close contacts to obtain information. Their thoughts and goals might get too disconnected from their heart and emotions, making them lose sight of the bigger picture. Instead of flowing with the times, they might turn abusive towards their emotional state and others.

Famous Birthdays on November 7th

November 7th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1728, James Cook was born, an English captain, navigator, and cartographer. He sailed thousands of miles across undiscovered areas of the globe and mapped lands ranging from New Zealand to Hawaii in great detail. He had written that he intended to go “farther than any man” has been before him and go as far as possible it is for a man to explore.
  • In 1867, Marie Curie was born, a Polish physicist and chemist. She was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize and win it twice. She coined the term “radioactivity.” At the time of her research, people did not know the damaging consequences of ionizing radiation. She died from aplastic anemia, believed to have been contracted owing to her long-term exposure.
  • In 1967, David Guetta was born, a French DJ, record producer, and songwriter nicknamed the “grandfather of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).” He is considered one of the first DJs to venture into this scene.

Important Historical Events on November 7th

  • 1655: The London Gazette, the oldest journal to have survived, is published for the first time.
  • 1786: The oldest musical organization in the US was founded.
  • 1900: The People’s Party in Cuba was founded.
  • 1907: A whole city was saved by a Mexican railroad engineer, Jesus Garcia (born on November 13th, 1881), who drove a train full of dynamites six kilometers away before they finally exploded.
  • 1929: Opening of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
  • 1990: The first time a woman is elected to be the President of the Republic of Ireland.

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