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November 8 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Since you are a Scorpio born on November 8, your personality is defined by your shyness and your artistic nature. You set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. However, you prefer to keep your efforts private because you hate being the center of attention. This trend only adds to your mystery and intrigue. You love and appreciate artistic expression, but you remain shy even in this area. Your friends and family appreciate your loving personality, even if they are sometimes frustrated by the emotional distance you choose to maintain.

Your sign’s pairing element is water, and as Scorpio you are the only sign of the zodiac that has a fixed relationship with this element. Your connection to water makes you feel at home in unpredictable oceans of emotion. From your experience, you will gain a deep emotional understanding that has helped you develop compassion. At times, the influence of water can make you stubborn, but it is also the source of your determination, which is one of your greatest strengths. Embracing the influence of water will play a key role in your personal growth, but be careful to avoid the moodiness and instability that comes with too much emotion.

Picking one career path and sticking with it is no easy task, but fortunately there are many career paths that your abilities naturally align with. Compassionate and purposeful, you will serve well in government, administration, or business. Your intellectual curiosity and shyness may lead to a career in science, research, or psychology. Your creativity and sensitivity can lead you to express yourself through writing, like Margaret Mitchell, who was also born on November 8th.


(Pluto) – MARS – SUN – SUN

November 8th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

This row is all about originality, and while such virility like to drive their power forward and adore to build and being new things in life, the Sun in Scorpio wants them to be dealt with at any cost. The inner struggle of those born on November 8th can be severe, as they push themselves to their limitations while ignoring essential aspects of their experience that have yet to be metabolized and cleansed. They perform well when alone, stable, and focused because their isolation helps them set more precise goals in life than when other people’s behaviors and expectations hinder with their plans. They are, however, intended to let the energy flow with important people in their lives rather than cutting off, accepting nothing lesser in return than what they are willing to offer.

They become liberated when their true identity begins to emerge, unburdened by the views of their forefathers. Scorpio’s liberating essence is profoundly felt by those born on this day until their ego disappears, breaks apart, and encourages their inner kid to glow in all its mighty clever.


Scorpio members born on November 8th in a year preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“Kids Playing Around Five Sand Mounds”

Scorpio members born on November 8th in a leap year and the two years following it:

“A Girl’s Smile Breaking Through”

Symbols for this date emphasize the inner child and the beauty of play, as well as the positive energies that accompany those who continue to nurture it. On the other hand, it emphasizes the significance of childhood memories in their lives. All that causes them to collapse into nostalgic waves that drive them forward and away so they can remain rational and functional in their daily lives. They need a lot of isolation and peace to reconnect with the right, artistic crowd, support their delicate inner tendencies and genuine needs, and find joy and pleasure in the clean, caring, feminine energies that they often overlook.


The lives of those born on November 8th are filled with light and talent, and gravity in their heart will continuously pull them in until they figure out how to articulate their true selves. They must redefine and rediscover themselves in their search for unity with others and become the pack’s chief. They need a heavy touch of childish energies and can aspire to have a large family with many children, as they require their youth to be cleansed, preserved, and protected from the influences of the outside world they experienced while growing up.


November 8th Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

People born on November 8th may have a problematic love life because their bond to feminine forces that are supposed to neutralize them out and give them actual power may have vanish. This could result in hostile actions toward those closest to them or towards choosing a too assertive, inelastic, envious, or frustrated partner. Their energy is controlled when they are entirely concentrated on themselves, their body and physiology, through physical training and a good approach to consumption habits. This cleanses their mind and body of unnecessary material, allowing them to deal with emotional problems tying them down.

They are happy to see someone who is as stable as they are once they have become steady and focused. They require a companion who is at par to them in every way, someone who can reflect their stability and power, and who is courageous enough to communicate on the deepest level possible. Sexuality is essential in their relationships, but it may be perceived as detached from the spiritual environment they wish to create. Delicate interaction can lead them the right way, and there is a lot of kindness and affection to be exchanged through communication and physical touch.


A Scorpio taking birth on November 8th excels in all leadership roles and significant singular efforts. They can mobilize help from others and remain active during tough times. They are ones who lay the groundwork and decide the next steps to take, and though their strategies may be a little off, they will still find new solutions to any problem that arises. They are outstanding administrators, presidents, directors, and organizers, capable of managing their center even though large posts and grand plans are involved. They excel in roles that require someone worth trusting to lead the way because they are honest and transparent about their intentions.


Pyrolusite is an excellent stone for those born on November 8th, as it gives them the courage to stand on their own two feet and defend their beliefs when appropriate. It is highly defensive, cleansing the world of harmful energies and fortifying one’s aura to repel all forms of negativity. It strengthens their values and aids their grounding to improve the proactive, genuine personality they hold inside.


Although anyone born on November 8th may appear powerful and a hustler, they are extremely extensive and delicate. It would help if you were cautious when selecting a funny and ironic birthday present for them. Keep your intentions gentle but straightforward. They would appreciate a plate collection just as much as a characteristic message, as long as it reflects the truth of your connection. Take something cozy and warm that reminds them of childhood and the feeling of your touch, or take them out with the festive spirit of a nearby club they frequent.

Constructive traits of November 8th women

They are strong characters willing to fight for their convictions because they are warm, protective of those they love, and deeply motivated. They are fun to be around. They are a little childlike and genuinely imaginative and someone who can encourage others to make progress in life.

Gloomy traits of November 8th women

Pushy, persistent, and willing to sacrifice essential things to achieve a goal, they can injure too many people in their quest for status and acceptance, oblivious that this is not a solution to their problems.


  • Jack Kilby, an American engineer, and physicist who received the Nobel Prize for developing the first integrated circuit, was born in 1923. He also co-invented the thermal printer and the portable calculator.
  • Alain Delon was born in 1935. He was a French-Swiss actor, screenwriter, and businessman regarded as Europe’s sex symbol of the time. When his parents divorced, he was placed with foster parents, who died, leaving him to be shared between biological parents once more.
  • Alfre Woodard, an American actress best known for her roles in Star Trek: First Contact, The Practice, and Desperate Housewives, was born in 1952. She is the founder and board member of Artists for a New Africa, non-profit fighting the African AIDS pandemic.


  • 1892 – The first active general strike in American history, uniting black and white trade unionists.
  • 1895-The X-ray was discovered.
  • 1939 – Adolf Hitler (born on April 20th) survives an assassination attempt.
  • 1972- The first successful hydrogen bomb test took place.
  • 1957- HBO was founded.
  • 2016- Donald Trump (born June 14th) is elected President of the United States.

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