12/10 Birthday - Zodiac Information

October 12 Zodiac

10/12 Birthday - Zodiac Information




Date: October 12th

Color: Ghost White

In One Word: Burnt

Shape: Two Crescents Touching

Strength: Depth of Emotion

Weakness: Rationalization

Most Compatible With: Sagittarius


A date like October 12th provides unique insight into opposing sides seeking balance, and this opposition can be intense and challenging to engage with. People born on this date are unsure about which direction to take because they see both the positive and negative aspects. When they are in connection with their sensations, they are very innocent. Still, pressures from authority and outside figures lead them astray and drive them into rationalization, which blurs their picture.





The row of those born on October 12th represents a heroic journey on the road of right versus wrong, and they are prone to going to extremes when analyzing circumstances and people in their lives. They must find enough time for rest, reflection, and many quiet moments to find their heart and roots in all the knowledge fed to them by the group. They should set aside their mental capacity from time to time to hear what their emotional environment has to say, no matter how powerful they are. This will give them space to breathe and reinvent their lives following their actual needs. All relationships become much simpler as the equilibrium between masculine and feminine forces is restored, bringing more light and support into their lives.




Every year on October 12th, the Sabian sign for Libra members is:


“A Hiding Gang of Robbers”


As though they were supposed to hold a secret of some kind, constantly turned to the dark side of their personality, people born on this date ought to find a higher cause to work for. If they are unethical somehow, they may feel stuck in their actions even if they haven’t been caught. Their only option for a light and carefree life is righteousness, which they typically feel with every fiber of their being. On the other hand, their decisions can trigger a slight sense of shame that they can use to shield themselves from the outside world, constantly feeling inferior and less desirable than they are.




The lives of those born on October 12th will be structured and just. Their mission in life is to begin to believe in the positive aspects of suffering to learn from it rather than run away from it and take responsibility for how they live their lives. To keep the foundation strong, they’ll need a lot of order and routine, and they’ll discover that their success is solely dependent on how they handle themselves, their bodies, and their internal emotional environment.




While Libras born on October 12th enjoy talking as much as any other Libra, they don’t have a solid emotional or private need for it. They need a calm, peaceful environment in which mutual understanding is based more on the feel of the moment and shared experiences than words. Sexuality is an integral part of any romantic bond they form. It is a theme with a life of its own - sometimes a dark side in their contacts, sometimes its most important quality, and sometimes both.


Their internal stream of emotion is often disrupted by actions that aren’t their own and often motivated by goals that aren’t morally clear. They need a partner who accepts them for who they are, their flaws and all, or the relationship will not last. This may lead to some traumatic experiences before they know what they want out of their love lives and decide to take the braver path of the heart, which others may find difficult to comprehend.




A Libra born on October 12th excels in law and all types of work involving divided sides, dispute, and solution exploration which lead to the middle ground that others can’t seem to reach. Their job is that of a formal mediator, and they will need time to step into this role with grace and the right attitude, so they are not torn or rattled by too many other people’s actions. They make good therapists because of their sensitivity, particularly for couples and families with children. Still, they must first swim out of their darkness before they can support others.



Green apophyllite is a delicate crystal that can help those born on October 12th cleanse their energies, find meaning in their choices, and reflect on what matters to their hearts. It will help them let go of fears or egos that are impeding them from living a healthier lifestyle, and it will influence all of their life decisions to be softer and in tune with their inner kid. This stone helps people let go of things they no longer need, realize the cycle of life and Mother Nature, and let go of old emotions in their system.




A birthday gift for a Libra born on October 12th should remind them of the touch, intimacy, heartfelt closeness, and love they have in their lives. Despite their demeanor, they would appreciate a collage of photos, anything funny and a little childish, a trinket for their house, or anything to help them reconnect with the deep confidence in the continuously going systems around them, on a larger scale of things.




They are the point of equilibrium themselves when in contact with their shadows, as they are deeply connective for opposing issues. They will foster growth and trust in others around them as they search for their light and the light in others.




They get scared of dark topics, matters of life and death, and lose their grounding and concentration when they contend with other people’s thoughts and moral judgment. They are lost in ego fights because they are unable to deal with their inner world.




  • Dick Gregory, an American actor, comedian, author, and civil rights activist, was born in 1932, making him the first black comedian to cross over to white audiences. He began his comedy career in the Army, where he won several talent competitions.
  • Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor and singer, best known for his long-running role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series, was born in 1968. He took a drama class in college to make up credits and later said that he felt more at ease with these people than he had during his entire three years at university, and he found the confidence to go with his gut.
  • Kirk Cameron, an American actor, and screenwriter known for his Christian evangelical/anti-evolution activism, was born in 1970. He suddenly turned to religion and created The Way of the Master ministry with a partner, despite being a successful child actor with a promising future.




1492- Christopher Columbus made his first journey to the Bahamas.

1692- Salem witch trials came to an end.

1733-The first insane asylum in the United States was founded.

1799 – A woman leaps from a balloon with a parachute for the first time.

18110- The first Oktoberfest took place in Munich.

1901- President Theodore Roosevelt (born on October 27th) formally renamed the “Executive Mansion” to the White House. 


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