02/10 Birthday - Zodiac Information


10/02 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: October 2nd

Color: Pigment Green

In One Word: Union

Shape: Parabola

Strength: Deep Connection

Weakness: Dismissal

Most Compatible With: Leo

The 2nd of October could be a date crammed with symbolism that connects two souls on karmic levels through forces of attraction that are impossible to determine or control. The number of fear it’d carry is as big because the reward for bravery and big changes to our ways of relating are necessary for mature and healthy relationships to blossom. Those born on this date have a task to not close their heart or their eyes ahead of challenges when intimately referring to others.


(Pluto) – MOON – SUN-PLUTO

This planetary row contains a special symbolism to that, standing as that one point within the middle of the Sun where every breath of life is held, and each truth is revealed. This can be the last word point of life where we are conceived by our parents, putting sexuality and reproduction in zenith for those born on October 2nd. Limitations could also be many, but the final feel will lead them through any ordeal, as they need to be endowed with a capability to resolve what seems impossible to untangle for others. They’re to be brave, pull near those that attract them, and find some way to determine the frailty of themselves et al. as a strength rather than casting it aside.


In a way, this can be a particularly spiritual set of words, as they show how important it’s to attach the longer term with the past, the magic with the 1000 world limitations, and our deepest desires with our goals in life. It’s telling us that those born on this date are meant to be told to measure within the moment so that they can create beauty once they are responsible for their inner world and their dignity. Their past is supposed to provide stability and foundation for all their future endeavors rather than holding them back.


The purpose in the lives of Libras, born on the 2nd of October, is found in the symbolism of Jupiter, the best benefit of the zodiac, and also the one to always show us the reality. Their task is to seek out their direction in life, one supportive of their talents and their most fragile self while remembering where true knowledge is found, and the way faith within their judgment might just save the day in the end. Very often, after significant changes and losses in life, these individuals become teachers and people who share their newfound golden information with others.


Love stories in the lives of October 2nd born Libras are grand and deep, tying them down through karmic or ancestral ties and keeping them there until they swim and come into full bloom. They’re going to get jealous or meet jealous partners and won’t find it easy to relax in peace, for they need much larger issues in mind and far bigger needs than those who are satisfied with quiet family life. To achieve the purpose of readiness for a mature and peaceful relationship, they’re to travel through a big change in their acceptance of self first. Their sexual love will be dramatic, with plenty of manipulation hiding behind the scenes, and it could also appear to be everything is getting a fairytale tone until it breaks with a bang. Regardless of the scenario, deeply rooted issues are at work here and shut intimate bonds trigger their patterns in ways that lead in strange directions. Once they dig deep enough into their inadequacies and shame, they find their truth and let loose to be with someone they want to age with.


They’re born for the well-known forestation, reuse, recycling, and healing of others and Earth. Deep shamanic journeying is also their calling, yet all styles of therapy work require plenty of physical contact or systemic changes to the kinship group or someone’s energetic body. To use talents they’ve been endowed with, they have to figure on balancing their masculine and female energies within.


Nuummite, also called The Sorcerer’s Stone, may be a powerful crystal to assist those born on the 2nd of October find grounding and touch with the planet’s magical energy. It’s one among the oldest stones known to men that withholds millennia of wisdom. Yet, assisting manifestation and aiding an individual to maneuver forwards with their life from a stagnant point bring bent sight to all those synchronicities that surround us daily.


You shouldn’t be constricted to common presents and keepsakes when choosing a present for a Libra born on October 2nd. They need something out of the normal, something serious, and something to induce them involved with their deepest philosophies and abilities. If they’re into music, buy a guitar, or get hold of their piano or singing lessons. Whatever their current interest, help them explore it and stay open-minded to approve their authentic nature that desires to shine out. If you would like to shop for clothing or something for his or her home, think about fine lines, warm and straightforward colors, and don’t lose yourself in overly extravagant choices.


Deeply intimate and carrying ancient knowledge of the balance of masculine and female archetypes, they’re someone you would like to be around in an exceedingly time of crisis and someone to help with a tricky breakup or an ending to a year’s long story.


Broken and seemingly unable to repair themselves, they become distant and dark while pretending to still feel and act as if they fit into their social circle. As a result, jealousy and anger could build up inside, destructive and in a very passive tone that eats their relationships away.


  • In 1869, Gandhi was born, an Indian activist, reformer, and philosopher who led the Indian Independence movement against nation rule. For self-purification and political protest, he undertook long fasts, a number of them meant to stop spiritual violence. His birthday is a holiday in India and is well-known thanks to him because of the International Day of Nonviolence.
  • In 1951, Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) was born, an English singer, songwriter, actor, and foremost popular musician in history. Known for his wide activism, he founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund to assist save rainforests and indigenous peoples.


  • 1528 – The Obedience of a Christian Man by the translator is published.
  • 1937 – within the state, execution of the Haitian population is ordered, and about 20,000 people get killed within the next several days.
  • 1980 – the primary time, since the war, that somebody is expelled from a chamber of Congress.
  • 1996 – Signing of the Electronic Freedom of data Act Amendments.

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