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September 27 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Libra, born on September 27, you have a social, diplomatic and creative nature. You are much more comfortable in a group than alone, as you are given the opportunity to share your creative outlook. You avoid disputes, as you prefer harmony in relationships to everything else. In times when it is impossible to avoid arguments, your friends and family are impressed with how you can always clean up.

Air is your sign’s twin element, and as a Libra, you actually have the most fundamental elemental connection of all the signs of the zodiac. It is the air that often gives you the little push that makes you the active initiator. As if spurred on by a gentle breeze, you often watch curiosity stir within you. It is this curiosity that sets you on a devoted path to knowledge and, in some situations, to justice. Embracing these active air qualities will help you on your path to success, but beware of negative air qualities that include bouts of aloofness.

Your natural social skills and imagination are well suited to several career paths. If the business world appeals to you, you may be well suited for a career in advertising, sales, or public relations. As a caring and empathetic person, you may find it more rewarding to fight for a cause in the non-profit or fundraising sector. Your imagination can lead you to more artistically expressive paths, such as music. If so, check out Lil Wayne’s creative lyrics or Avril Lavigne’s emotional songs that were born on September 27th.



September 27th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

People born on September 27th have a unique quality about them, a spark of life that binds them to vast social groups and people that others find difficult to embrace. They are good friends who are open to adventures and experiences that aren’t as moderate as a normal Libra’s life, making it much more difficult for them to find equilibrium on these higher planes of existence where they feel compelled to do so many things alone.

Masculine energies sweep through their second planetary row, reminding them that their body is the temple to which they must devote themselves. The more concerned they are with their routine and physical power, the closer they can come to higher awareness and the healing of their ego and inner child. They have the stamina to battle through every painful situation that holds them back, and they need to break free, take over, and show everyone what they’re made of.


Any year that isn’t a leap year, the Sabian sign for Libra members born on September 27th is:

“A Group of Young People Sit in Spiritual Communion Around a Campfire”

Librans born on September 27th in a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Man Revealing to His Students the Foundation of an Inner Knowledge

That Could Be Used to Build a New World”

We can see that this is a date that brings important messages about faith and the wisdom we discover in our hearts that will set us free in the end. All is tinged with emotion, and those born on this date must look inside for answers rather than looking for them in the outside world. Relationships will drive them inwards, and as long as they are oblivious to which signals they must decode, they will be bruised and thrown around too much. It is the heart’s equilibrium that must be discovered.


The object of those born on September 27th, communicating on higher planes, and all those spiritual efforts that are exchanged where no one can see them, is true peace. They’re on the hunt for the Divine, for pure, non-verbal relations, and they’re supposed to close their eyes for long enough to experience the task they were born to fulfill while also assisting others in finding theirs.


September 27th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

Libras born on September 27th are profoundly emotional and spiritual, but too much talking can destroy many of their emotional relationships. Their desire for self-expression must extend into inaudible and unseen realms of interaction, and their bond with any partner must be built on mutual values and a connection that can be felt in the air, not only fit for the standards they’ve been taught to obey. Theirs is a delicate romance and a good friend’s job, and their fallen Sun should not prevent them from knowing the individual in front of them.

Stress and tension will fade as they cleanse their hearts of influences from their families and their primal environments, as they can see all sides of any story. They need a friend and a soulmate in one person, or they’ll be content with parallel relationships that won’t free them from guilt in the long run. It is their responsibility to build emotional bridges between themselves and their partner so that they can be the one who is held up and valued at all times.


If someone born on September 27th is interested enough to devote their lives to gathering such information, they will make a good friend and an excellent scientist and astrologer. They are developers who can read between the lines, and while they can be troublemakers who need to be set free, they will be creative and set new expectations for others to meet. They are great SOS line workers and others who cure people of all kinds of traumas because they tune with their emotions.


Green apophyllite enables Libras born on September 27th to see heart problems clearly, free of ego or anxiety. It is a stone that promotes forgiveness and emotional healing and assists in letting go of everything that is no longer important or significant. It has a lovely caring energy that helps them stay in balance and find the tenderness they need to communicate with the outside world in pure love.


People born on September 27th need something that can hold their attention for more than a few minutes. It’s a good idea to offer them modern items that they can use and touch, such as a computer, a video game, or something from the weird technology world. They can appreciate astrology literature, psychological perspectives, and fiction novels that introduce them to new ideas. Stick to academic stimulation and make it playful and enjoyable. If nothing else comes to mind, you should always bundle up some lottery tickets or set off fireworks in front of their doors.


They are articulate and willing to take steps toward emotional liberation and a pure bond with the rest of humanity because they have a vast capacity to connect the dots and see all sides of every situation. They’re great pals with a huge heart.


They become neurotic, speak too much, and quickly lose themselves in a mentality that isn’t even their own but serves to shield them from the outside world because they are stressed and placing too much pressure on their hearts to find quick solutions.


  • Robert Edwards, an English scholar and physiologist who won the Nobel Prize for pioneering IVF conception, was born in 1925. This creates a unique planetary row link between the Moon and Uranus.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, businesswoman, and lifestyle expert, was born in 1972. She is best known for her roles in the films Seven, Great Expectations, and Shakespeare in Love. She observed both Jewish and Christian holidays as a child and continued to follow many intertwined paths in life while mainly known as an actress.
  • Avril Lavigne, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress, was born in 1984 and is widely regarded as a pivotal figure in the growth of female-driven pop-punk. She has appeared on television, launched a clothing line, and released perfume in addition to getting married and divorced twice before the age of 32. The majority of her tattoos complement those of her peers.


  • 1825 – The first public railway using steam locomotives was inaugurated.
  • 1962- The Yemen Arab Republic was established.
  • 1968- Hair, the stage musical, premiered in London’s Shaftesbury Theatre.
  • 1975- The last time capital punishment was used in Spain.
  • 1988- Google declared September 27th to be its birthday retroactively.
  • 2008-The first time a Chinese citizen performed a spacewalk.

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