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September 29 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Libra born on September 29, your personality is defined by your refined diplomacy, romanticism and imagination. The group setting is where you are most comfortable and most eager to protect group harmony. Both in friendships and in personal relationships, you are ready to make great efforts to restore balance, which sometimes requires sacrifice on your part. In all matters of life, you apply a creative approach that is highly valued.

Your signs are paired with air, and like Libra, you are the only zodiac sign that has a cardinal relationship with air. The influence of Air on your personality becomes apparent when your curious and purposeful nature is revealed. As if driven by a strong wind, you feel curiosity building up inside of you. It is the influence of air that pushes you to active self-healing. The use of air qualities will be beneficial for future success. However, the air is not complete without its negative immobile qualities, including an unemotional and socially detached state.

Your natural sensitivity, intelligence and creativity will be compatible with various professions, so the most difficult thing can be choosing the one that seems completely suitable for you. Your need for harmony may be well suited to the political arena, including a career in politics or social reform. Similarly, you can enjoy a more creative profession like music, as was the case with Jerry Lee Lewis, who was also born on September 29th. No matter which career you choose, be inspired by the dedication of Kevin Durant, who also has a birthday on this day.

Planetary Row

Moon – Neptune – (Pluto) – Neptune

September 29th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

This date is marked with sensitivity and emotions. Those born on September 29th have the unique ability to form authentic connections with their environment. As much as they are pure, they are also fragile and often incapable of controlling their emotional boundaries in the material world. Their inner world is rich, although their appearance might suggest otherwise due to their tendency to hide their sensitive nature to prove their emotional strength and stability. However, they must let their true gentle, loving personality and talents shine and cleanse if they want to fully utilize the gift they have been blessed with in this lifetime.

With the Moon and Pluto combination in their planetary row, it is essential to acknowledge the deep emotional struggles they might encounter in their path. Instead of letting sadness take over, they must recognize their strengths as they dive deep into things that others view as weaknesses. Of course, it is not an easy task, but it is, without a doubt, the most rewarding of all. It is a wise choice for them to indulge in psychology and self-healing methods until they have gathered enough courage to take matters into their own hands.

It will help them relate to their inner voice on a deep and intimate level to set them free truly. The involvement of Pluto in their planetary row is a reminder of the sheer energy they derive when they are connected to their inner self. Their shadows or rough patches of their past might find a verbal outlet through an unexpected outburst that might be too aggressive or intense for other people. These individuals must balance out these intense energies from their core with their sensitivity.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Libras born on September 29th in every year that is not a leap year:

“A man sees his ideals taking a tangible form in front of his inner vision.”

The Sabian Symbol for Libras born on September 29th of a leap year:

“A lady gives food to baby chicks and also protects them from potential attackers.”

The symbols mentioned above symbolize the importance of the feminine and nurturing side of a person born on this date, whose motive is to protect their inner self from aggressive outer influences to manifest their ideas. These people might lose a lot of their energy in relationships that take too much and give too little until they realize their worth. Once they create a system of healthy boundaries, it allows them to regenerate and source out their energy to get in control of their life and materialize everything they wish for or desire before their eyes.


The Moon acts as the guiding light for Libras, born on September 29th, to teach them how to follow their heart rhythm. Their purpose is one of love, not so much a partnership (associated mainly with this sign) but an intimate and profound way to connect and create a support system that allows them to be who they are and express their feelings openly. They feel the closest to their inner child in the bliss of parenthood and bonds that emanate warmth, comfort, and tenderness.

Love and Emotions

September 29th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

When their highly emotional nature meets the world of romance and everything it entails, they could stumble one too many times attempting to think of appropriate ways to present or distance themselves enough to avoid getting hurt. Their love life sparks excitement and joy, but it can also become quite lonely if they get secluded or scared. The latter can also occur when they try too hard to swallow their emotions and pretend to enjoy the treatment they receive from their partner when it is hardly the case. These individuals are always at the periphery of everything deemed normal and keep floating away in the ocean of their inner world, going further away from people who mean well. To connect with others, they must first understand that they have been put on Earth to light the way.

The main issues in a relationship with these individuals are a lack of faith and feigning of feelings, leading to disappointments and even deception. They could indulge in parallel bonds to merely satisfy the core of their needs that may seem vast and unusual for other people who have rigid ideas of partnership. These individuals might also find themselves in spiritual relations that threaten to bite into their egos. Therefore, they must learn to build and shift their perception until they can see the truth in all clarity. It is essential that they trust their intuition and reasoning instead of giving in to established systems of moral values or religions. Once these Libras begin to recognize the deeply rooted faith in their soul, they will soon connect with the right person in the pure magic of Divine Love.

Their Field of Excellence

An individual born on September 29th shines in all forms of healing and other alternative solutions that bring stability in other people’s emotional states. To sum it up, they excel in all careers that require empathy. These people are good listeners with a cause to support, help, and view the bigger picture with hope when everything else seems futile. However, they will not reach their true potential until they are at peace with burdening emotional issues and find their actual state of pure faith. This could lead them to settle for positions in secluded places, such as hospitals, prisons, or at sea, which only hinder genuine connection with others the way they are truly meant to. Such careers that fail to spark a flair of inspiration in them will solely keep them away from their true mission until they get in touch with their inner voice again.


Danburite is an excellent spiritual crystal to help those born on September 29th to reach the point of clarity regarding their connection with the spiritual world. It will aid them in learning the truth and make them aware of the higher realms they sense with their heart in their material existence. It links their physical body to their spiritual self. Open dialogues with the higher realm that lies beyond the comprehension of many will help them get rid of all toxic influences. This crystal can perform its magic due to its unique ability to place faith in something intangible, a foreign concept to most people. It is best used when alone and liberated from the outside world’s influences, such as during meditation.

The Perfect Gift

As emotional and dreamy beings, they prefer presents that inspire their artistic self, wrapped in colors and sparkles. They will appreciate any form of art, music, and aesthetics. In their constant search for true beauty, they often need someone to bring them back to the miracles that the world has to offer. So, a vacation by the ocean, a lovely boat ride, or a hike through the forest might be an ideal gift. These individuals will love a poem or anything else that seems to come straight out from the magical world of fantasy. If they seem a bit too out of your reach, light perfumes, incense sticks, and balanced music will never go wrong.

Positive Traits

People born on this day are openhearted, empathetic towards their environment, and possess an ambient flow. With such traits, they can truly understand the needs of others, which equip them to introduce a pleasant conversation for others to join so that they can unwind and heal.

Negative Traits

They could be fragile, lost, and too stuck in defense mechanisms complex for others to understand. If they cannot find an adequate support system, they might resort to psychoactive substance abuse and other various forms of anesthetizing their higher mind.

Famous Birthdays on September 29th

September 29th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1935, Jerry Lee Lewis was born, an American pianist, singer, and songwriter who went by The Killer’s nickname. His upward spiral of success dramatically plummeted when he married his 13 years old cousin, Myra Gale Brown.
  • In 1968, Patrick Burns was born, an American paranormal investigator, the founder of the website Ghost Sounds, and the star of the series Haunting Evidence. He had stated he was 18 years old when he encountered unusual and paranormal phenomena. Although he found a logical cause for the seemingly haunting activity, it became enough to inspire his pursuit of the truth in the form of the unseen.
  • In 1980, Zachary Levi was born, an American singer and actor known for his roles in the film Thor: The Dark World, the series Chuck, and Flynn Ryder’s voice in the animated movie Tangled. He stated in an interview that his aim on the sets of a show or movie is to show the audience the love he carries within. So when he is asked about it, his talents, and his peace, he can say that he got all of it from Jesus Christ.

Important Historical Events on September 29th

  • 1789: The US Department of War established a regular army with several hundred men for the first time.
  • 1829: Founding of the Metropolitan Police of London, United Kingdom.
  • 1885: Opening of the first-ever practical public electric tramway.
  • 1975: The first television station owned and operated by African Americans begins transmission in Michigan.
  • 2004: The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passes by within only four lunar distances of the Earth.
  • 2007: The demolishment of the first commercial nuclear power station takes place in a controlled explosion.

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