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September 30 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Libra born on September 30, you are perhaps best known for your diplomacy and imagination. Among friends, you often play the role of the guardian of the world. You hate conflict and often know exactly what to do to put things in order. In all areas of life, you apply imagination and creativity, which your friends and family really like.

Air is your element, and, in fact, you are the only sign of the zodiac that has a fundamental connection with the element. Air is responsible for encouraging the winds of curiosity to come in. If there is something that sparks your interest, it is the influence of the air that pushes you to find out about it. By accepting the influence of the air, you will continue to pursue your intellectual and social interests, but beware of the qualities of stagnant air that promote detachment and dispassion.

Since there are many careers that suit you, your biggest challenge may be choosing one career path and sticking to it. Your creative and social inclinations blend well for a career in public relations or customer service. Likewise, if you find a cause you can devote yourself to, you may find your career in politics or fundraising. You may be able to apply your creativity to your music career, such as in the case of T-Pain, who was also born on September 30th. If the allure of acting or the entertainment world is too great to ignore, take a look at the successful television career of Fran Drescher, who also has a birthday on this day.

Planetary Row


This row is brimming with significant changes; it will cast misfortune when one least expects and incredible strokes of faith when one has lost all hope. Libras born on September 30th have to deal with the profound challenge of aligning their beliefs with material existence and creative expression, which is difficult if they are solely dependent on their mental strengths. Usually highly educated and intelligent, it is common for these people to change their professional careers entirely and have sudden urges to gain education in diametrically opposite sciences and approaches. They often take random tests to evaluate their knowledge, and they will never settle for anything less than the truth.

With two lights coloring their second planetary row, it reflects in their beliefs. Their foundation for everything they put their faith in heavily relies on the relationship between their parents. Although this might be the case for most of us, it is accentuated and needs immediate attention. The lessons that they have learned in their childhood will differ drastically from what they truly feel in their heart. It is up to them to be tender and slow down enough to differentiate between what is truly theirs and what has been masquerading as their beliefs imposed by authorities in their childhood. Once they do so, they can awaken and support the child within.

Sabian Symbol

September 30th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God. Individuals

The Sabian Symbol for Libras born on September 30th in every year other than the leap year:

“A woman feeds chickens and protects them from the hawks.”

The Sabian Symbol for Libras born on September 30th in a leap year:

“A blazing fireplace in an abandoned home.”

One can observe the point of balance that these individuals strive for in their daily routines and grounding, their ability to defend themselves from the outer world and separate themselves from humankind to find higher knowledge lodged in the depths of their hearts. It can often lead them to pursue solitary activities, while their Sun pushes them into socialization that they are not always ready for. Their mission is one of seeing the good in both solitude and partnership, in their ventures and teamwork, so that they have done just the right amount of dabbling in everything to reach the point of understanding of their inner world and the way it reflects on others.


Pursuit of the truth is the basis of growth for every Libra born on September 30th. They can view things differently than others. They need to adapt themselves to be in tune with the bigger picture they sense inside the depths of their soul so that they can go after it instead of doubting themselves when surrounded by other people. They should tone down on socialization and relationships just enough to make space for their knowledge so that they can absorb everything they know until now. These individuals are keen on imparting what they know, so they are bound to project confirmations of their inner consciousness in the outer world in hopes that others might find the courage to do the same.

Love and Emotions

Although there is an intense desire inside the souls of these individuals to be romantically involved, they will find themselves bewildered by the potential they see in others and their ability to manifest it. Their romantic ventures can get passionate and possessive, restricting their partner’s freedom as well as their own. It could lead to them feeling tied down, and such negative emotions could manipulate their mind into thinking that the only answer is to break their bond and cut the significant other from their heart.

They must realize they need to make choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle that does not prove destructive to their partner and themselves. It will prevent unnecessary fights and heated arguments and make the pair a happy, productive couple. With the tendency of these Libras to find the absolute truth that they can hold on to, they will seldom find much happiness in relationships that do not make them feel complete and might change several lovers until they find someone they wish to die with. If they are open and honest, their trust can guide the light towards finding their ultimate soulmate.

Their Field of Excellence

Individuals born on the last day of September excel in all fields of education as mentors and professors, as they desire to share their extensive knowledge with others. They also make excellent therapists who can heal people on levels that are not as abstract as one might think. Their innate nature is truthful and a bit rough or strict. It might be perceived as rigid by others, but it is their discipline that is necessary for them to continue on their path every day to help others with empathy.

Healing Crystal

September 30th Zodiac Sign (Libra)

Black Merlinite is a fine crystal to help these people attain clarity and awaken awareness in their third eye chakra. It is a stone of shamanic journeying (shamanism is a religious practice that involves directing spiritual energies into the physical world primarily for healing). This practice permits them to reunify with lost energies and assists them in developing their intuition to the extent where they understand and realize what needs to be done in the real world. Increasing their awareness of their strengths and potentials is an excellent crystal to carry around for grounding when they find themselves in large groups of people with varying attitudes.

The Perfect Gift

The ideal gift for someone born on September 30th could range from a healing crystal to a magic wand, as long as it aligns with their current state of openness. These individuals need to learn not to fear their knowledge and not being in touch with their “dark side,” so it would be a wise choice to help them find their footing with presents, such as sporting equipment, a massage voucher, or a monthly membership in a local gym.

Positive Traits

Honest, deep, powerful, and prepared to commit to too painful issues for others, they hold the ability to change the seemingly unchangeable. They build their lives around the borders of magic that allow them to control their destiny and cure other people of prejudice.

Negative Traits

A feeling of disorientation prevails on realizing the falsehood of specific lessons that they had learned as the gospel truth. It makes them incapable of getting out of their head, leading to ego problems, dissatisfaction, and sulkiness. They could be too afraid to escape their current life choices, which could lead to severe depression.

Famous Birthdays on September 30th

September 30th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1957 Fran Drescher was born, an American actress and screenwriter. She was known for her nasal voice and her role in the series The Nanny and Living with Fran. With her then-husband being forced to witness it, she and her friend were raped at gunpoint. Speaking in the context of this incident, she said that her “whole life has been about changing the negatives into positives.”
  • In 1964 Monica Bellucci was born, an Italian fashion model and actress, regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her choice of roles shows the touch of Pluto in her row along with her sexuality, best seen in the movie Irreversible.
  • In 1982 Lacey Chabert was born, an American actress and singer famous for Lost in Space, Mean Girls, Not Another Teen Movie, and Black Christmas. She was also featured twice as the cover girl of Maxim magazine.

Important Historical Events on September 30th

  • 1791: Mozart’s last opera, The Magic Flute, is performed for the first time in Vienna, Austria.
  • 1882: The operation of the first commercial hydroelectric power plant by Thomas Alva Edison (born on February 11th, 1847).
  • 1927: Babe Ruth (born on February 6th, 1895) became the first baseball player to hit his 60th home run in one season.
  • 1938: Unanimous in their verdict, the League of Nations outlaws “intentional bombings of civilian populations.”
  • 1968: Presentation of the aircraft Boeing 747 is made to the public.
  • 2016: Two stolen paintings of Vincent Van Gogh (born on March 30th, 1853) were recovered.

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