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Leo And Virgo

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Leo and Virgo Intimacy and Sexual Compatibility

As two highly logical signs ruled by pure consciousness, they could quickly agree on the course of their sex life. However, the personalities of the two signs are contrasting. While Leo wants to dive headfirst into the relationship, Virgo’s natural shyness and the extreme caution before indulging in the act itself will prevent the natural flow of the relationship. This makes it challenging for them to find a language that both can understand. A Leo wants to be with someone who makes them unique and even more confident than they already are, which is hard for a Virgo to give. Their relationship can be pretty challenging because the intensity of a Leo does not leave much space for a Virgo to feel protected and secured about the choices they make. Their rationality might turn into an intellectual war for sexual dominance, that is, if they ever manage to reach a point where both want to partake in an intimate relationship.

Leo is a fixed sign, so they possess a conservative touch that a Virgo deems suitable. Still, a Leo will rarely ever agree with Virgo’s approach to the importance of emotionality in their sex life. Leo is unable to comprehend the necessity of an excruciating wait for the Virgo to feel comfortable finally. This will prevent the two from forming a deep, emotional connection leaving them dissatisfied. In rare cases where the Virgo does not feel attacked or ashamed by their Leo partner, and the two have found a middle ground, they might share a physically fulfilling relationship. However, it could still result in a problem if both of them are too stuck in their values, leaving no room for flexibility whatsoever.

Leo and Virgo Trust

There is no reason for two conscious partners not to have faith in each other in most circumstances. However, an issue may arise when the Leo begins to roar a little too loudly than their Virgo partner can handle. Like a Leo, they have an intrinsic need to boast about being “the king of the jungle.” Too much attention and attraction that the Leo summons is not something that the Virgo is comfortable with, which will lead to the Virgo losing their initial trust in them. If their communication fails to regain the lost confidence of a Virgo in their partner, their faith in the relationship will seriously begin to waver.

Leo and Virgo Intellectual Compatibility and Interaction

As established earlier, these two signs are governed by rational, conscious planets, and they will find it especially easy to talk to each other. However, their personalities are almost diametrically opposite due to the difference in their elements. The sign of Virgo belongs to the grounded part of Earth, while Leo belongs to the emotional aspect of Fire. This is the reason behind the fiery intensity and impulsiveness of Leo’s convictions and everything else that they hold value in their life. On the contrary, the Virgo is down to Earth, efficient, and typically too proud of their intellect to give in to passionate, emotional outbursts.

These two signs represent the ruler (Leo) and his followers (Virgo). Similarly, it means the relationship between the boss and his employees in the modern era or that of a bachelor and his cleaning lady. It is in no way derogatory because they are only fulfilling their roles. The most important aspect of the relationship here is for both the parties to remain equally respectful and tolerant of each other. If Leo shows any incivility and throws their orders around, the Virgo will likely run away, for this is the complete opposite of the ideal relationship they were looking for. On the other hand, if the Virgo fails to acknowledge and understand that they chose a born leader to be their partner, the relationship will not last long because Leo needs to be recognized. There is no right or wrong here because it is only the true nature of the signs.

Leo and Virgo Emotions

An enormous boulder that a Leo-Virgo couple has to get past is to find emotional intimacy. While the Virgo spends too much time scrutinizing every little detail in their life, the Leo already has a perfectly rational answer for everything around them. Although Leo can be acutely aware of their burning desire for intimacy, it will be less than easy to create it, especially when sharing it with someone like Virgo. This is one of the most demanding challenges that they have to overcome for their relationship to work.

The two may be strongly attracted to each other and communicate well, but they lack in awakening the genuine emotions within one another. Although both can be very intimate with other signs of the zodiacal circle, they will seldom find such bliss with each other. The Leo will show their affections through warm, passionate synergies of words and actions, full of attention and vigor. But the Virgo will have a hard time comprehending Leo’s love because of their inherently shy nature. The Virgo will show their love through acts of care and thoughtfulness that might seem ridiculous to the confident Leo.

Leo and Virgo Values

Both these signs value intelligence and one’s ability to use their head, and they will likely appreciate this quality to the point of genuine respect. The Leo is one to be smitten by one’s mind, which is precisely where the Virgo comes in if they are past the point of being too closed up to show how their great mind works. If they work in synchronization, they might create an environment that allows both creation and creativity to blossom, but this will only occur if they share similar professional interests. Even if they share similar interests, their differences will often be too many to overcome by solely two rational minds. While the Leo will value all things that shine and have an aura of grandeur, the Virgo will rank one’s ability to be humble and modest the highest.

Leo and Virgo Shared Activities

When the two work together, they will hardly have any problems arising, however different their personalities might seem. Suppose their roles in the zodiacal circle are reflected in their life as well. In that case, they can cooperate reasonably as a team unless either of them has ego-related severe issues. Leo sets their agenda while Virgo fulfills it. With enough mutual respect, they could achieve just about anything together, as long as the two possess the ability to understand and compromise at times without the involvement of unnecessary third parties.

The Leo will want to be in the spotlight and garner the attention of every soul that walks past them (unless they have grown enough not to need it anymore), but the Virgo neither shares nor desires this tugging need that their partner feels. They will prefer to stay in the shadows of the showman or leader as the silent visionary behind the plan. They enjoy attending to all the details so that both of them can achieve the desired point of success.

As each zodiac sign relates to a body part, there is a specific part that rules the two characters at hand as well. For example, since Leo represents the stomach, and Virgo represents the intestines, they tend to metabolize different experiences together, guided by Leo’s passion and leadership, and followed by the practical and observant Virgo.

Leo and Virgo Overall Compatibility

Although a Leo-Virgo couple may succeed at forming a constructive relationship, it seldom ever serves their varying emotional natures. Both tend to be overly rational and inflexible, which can never be a solid foundation for the fairytale love they secretly desire. In addition to that, these two have opposing signs linked to the icy planet of Neptune. The negative sign of a Leo is Aquarius, which is the sign of Neptune’s exaltation, while Virgo’s is the sign of Pisces, which Neptune rules.

Both deeply crave someone perfectly suitable to them, an individual who seems to be made just for them. So, they are willing to walk out of the relationship if they think they do not seem to complement each other’s energies too well. What is important to them is to keep on their search for that perfect one, their soulmate.

In conclusion, it is sporadic for a Leo-Virgo couple to form a strong sexual or emotional bond; however, they might get along with communication and similar interests.

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Emotional connection
Trust & Dependability
Common values
Intimacy & Sex

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