Taurus Compatibility With Cancer in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust.

Taurus And Cancer

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Taurus men and Cancer women are cent percent benign personalities in Zodiac. When they are madly in love, they are nearly inseparable because of their shared goals of love, friendship, and family. Their relationship seems perfect with never-ending love unless the two strains and loads themselves emotionally. Even if that happens, the two will come out glowing happily because they will step up on the ladder, taking them to their goals.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Intimacy and Sexual Compatibility

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Some might wonder that Taurus and Cancer are the two of the most asexual zodiac signs. This natural presumption is held chiefly because the two astrological signs are mainly unattached with Mars. In other words, they don’t accord much value to sex. They would perhaps not indulge in sex just because they want to do it. They would do things only if they are interested in doing so. However, it should not interpret that the two signs being highly asexual in all cases.

The Taurus sign represents physical enjoyment and satisfaction. It is dominated by Venus, which is the planet of passion, sensuality, and femininity. They firmly believe in giving pleasure to their partner by using their senses of smell, touch, sight, etc., to get and give pleasure and satisfaction. Cancer has the urge for proximity and intimacy in relationships. They also find it challenging to establish an easy, fun, light sexual relationship. Here, Taurus can and mostly helps them. They can make them at ease, de-stress them and help them build confidence in their Cancer partner when it is concerned with their sexual relationship.

With the absence of Mars, there comes a lack of passion, excitement in their sex life. Thus, their non-sexual drive is more potent than their sexual one. Hence they are found involved not chiefly in sexual activity together but in different general household activities like cooking, eating, cleaning, and other household chores together.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Trust in Each Other

When Cancer and Taurus fall for each other, the foundation of their relationship depends on how they feel for each other. When they get along well, they highly regard the power of their sixth sense, and absolutely nothing could be under the rugs or secret then.

Trust for the two signs is very important. Both the signs have high regard for this, and in any case, if by chance, if it is broken, then it will be the absolute end of their relationship. Mainly the two may never encounter such extreme situations because they have the same objectives in the life of love, friends, and family.

Communication and Intellectual Between Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

The two astrological signs Taurus and Cancer, have a lot many interests. They like doing numerous different things. The two signs do not talk a lot, but whatever little they speak, they speak it from their hearts. They speak it from their core. Each word of theirs will have great depth and meaning. Their usual day-to-day topics include discussions on topics, say, love, household, and people (if they are adults after all). The two individuals ought to have a great, deep, and mutual understanding. The two will share clear, transparent, and mature conversations to solve their problems. They will not let their problems pile up and then one day explode violently, resulting in the ruin of their relationship, but they will sit together and talk it over and clear it out as early as possible.

Nonetheless, Taurus can be hard-nosed at times. They will break the conversation if their belief is moved. Then even it will be difficult for Cancer to ease and pacify the situation much. They may then, in fact, try to remain calm and composed. If they can control and manage it, then it is well and good. Otherwise, they (Cancer) would get highly emotional and think that their partner has lost it or has gone mad and is behaving irrationally for no reason at all or minor insignificant things.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Emotional Connection

Taurus and Cancer govern coziness, amiability, earthliness, impassion, and sentimentality. The combination of their emotionality is just out of the world. It is just something else. While Cancer has a good sense of power and is good at taking care of the emotional side of their partner, too, Taurus believes in giving back love by the touch of physical proximity, material wealth, and rationality that Taurus requires. When this cycle repeats itself for long, the flowers of their love blossoms. It will make their relationship strong and deep.

Suppose the two sign born individuals witness something troublesome or unfortunate in the initial period of their relationship. In that case, they perhaps may get dispirited and may develop a pessimistic outlook towards the relationship. Then they may never really be able to discover their love for each other.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Values

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Almost value the same pieces, calm and quietness and peace in life. Moon rules Cancer, and it gives energy to Taurus too. Hence they both immensely value things represented by Moon’s – like family, kindness and consideration, understanding, pleasure, and joy.

However, the two might slightly differ in their opinions regarding the possession of materiality. Cancer is a Water sign, relies much on emotional aspects, while Taurus may be concentrated more on securing financial stability. This is usually due to the belief of Taurus to have material gains, to protect them in “rainy days’‘. It will keep them safe, secure, and unworried during times of unforeseen contingencies. For Cancer, it may seem once dimensional as this idea to them is less significant. If they have family and love, they could easily sail through any violent financial storm. This is so because the love of a Cancer partner focuses on teaching the importance of hard-earned money to their children and family.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Shared Activities

They say that they share most of the activities easily, but we really can’t classify them as activities done together. If the two have exciting jobs altogether, then the time they could spend together is in doing activities like sleeping, eating, cooking together.


1. Happiness in marriage: Good

A very favorable union. First of all, due to the fact that each spouse has character traits that appeal to the other side. Both will support their partner in everything, and living together will be a refuge from all adversity. They have an excellent mutual understanding, and they will always be able to agree with each other. The Cancer Woman will highly appreciate her husband’s ability to make life comfortable and stable, his wisdom and calmness. The Taurus man is attracted by sensuality and the ability to create comfort inherent in his chosen one.

2. Good Luck Compatibility: Good

The Cancer woman and the Taurus man do not make decisions too quickly, but prefer to think and analyze everything carefully. They almost never take out “dirty linen in public”, therefore they rarely become heroes of gossip and gossip, and their rare quarrels remain invisible to others. A Cancer woman will prefer home evenings with a chosen one, despite the fact that she loves to be in society, which is very valuable for a Taurus man.

3. Sexual Compatibility: Good

They are very good with each other in intimate relationships, which is caused by a fair amount of sensitivity of the Cancer woman and love for the rich sensations of the Taurus man. There is always romance in the relationship of this couple. If they reinforce their sexuality with a spiritual connection, they will feel complete harmony.

4. Compatibility for wealth and family growth: Medium

In this union, it will be difficult to achieve some impressive financial heights; most likely, both will be satisfied with a stable financial situation. There is no complete unity in affairs, although the goals are very close. The Cancer woman is often looking for hidden ways and nuances, and for the Taurus man, confidence in the future is important. However, they respect each other for such business qualities as accuracy and commitment, inherent in both. Together they can move mountains, but excessive passion for a common cause can make partners forget about everything else.

5. For children: Good

Children born to this couple feel very comfortable in the family. For them, both parents seek to arrange not only living conditions, but also surround them with warmth. Most likely, kids will never see how mom and dad quarrel.

Criteria Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection
Trust & Dependability
Common values
Intimacy & Sex

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