Taurus Horoscope


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green, Pink

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Date range: April 20 - May 20


The hour of goals has arrived. Ask yourself what you have effectively accomplished, how you’ve helped your own great before, and what is still in transit. This isn’t the time to question your capabilities and spotlight on the absence of time or mastery. However, when enormous dreams are reachable, you make the little top advance and take the correct course.

Isolation is needed, just as contemplation and a solid trade with the profound world. In any case, don’t allow things to occupy you from real, actual deeds that are important today.


You are worried about the trip to your distant future, not understanding what hangs tight for you there and if you will want to achieve what you might want to. You should know that narrowing down your picture and your reality to make bargains will deplete your energy and make you less productive than you can be.

The time has come to ask yourself where your needs lie. You can achieve some things all alone, and maybe there is a center ground that can be discovered, one that keeps everybody fulfilled as they should be. Look for arrangements that are uncommon and unique about regular selections of individuals in your day-to-day existence.

The current week’s insistence: “I’m allowed to make my predetermination.”


For his first film role, Edward Norton got an Oscar nomination. You don’t know whether you ought to, in a flash, be worshipped, yet you are glad for your achievements and all that you did well up until this point. Various issues serve your confidence right now, even though a few connections may test it and drive you into bizarre sensations of insufficiency or not being sufficient when indeed you are.

The center of April brings Venus into your first house, and with it, love and fulfillment become a need. Your cravings may increment. Be cautious around carbs and do whatever it takes not to make up for things that make you troubled. Rather than covering up your feelings with food, decide to accomplish something that will make you glad and assist you with feeling pretty and upheld by your body and the material world.

Yearly Taurus Horoscope for 2021 


Soul: I, Opposition, Inspiration, Sharing.

Shading: Salmon.

Spots to visit after the pandemic: Germany, Japan, California.

Things to learn: Solo Singing, Painting, Photography.

The General Feel 

Unpleasant and exceptional issues of personal space and freedom may become foremost for Taurus agents in 2021; the start of the year brings a guarantee of sound connections that will see you through any cycle that may come. While on occasion, everything may seem a bit overwhelming to deal with, the commonsense issue works well for you, just as grounded, firm limits on an everyday basis. The surge of energy will come, and dread has nothing to do with what this life has to bring to the table when you notice your conditions from a more extensive perspective.

The Greatest Challenges

Things will get turbulent time and again, disarray may get exceptional in February and October. Solid contradicting energies effectively lead to struggle, false impressions, and interruptions in close-to-home space. It won’t be difficult to yield to loss of control and attempt to swim around in various issues you don’t comprehend as you might want to.

The Greatest Rewards 

You have the chance to turn out to be significantly more steady in your arrangements, paying little mind to anybody’s assessment or wanting to participate in your journey. You may assume the job of a solitary individual before long. However, this will serve a higher advantage and open various entryways for self-awareness and adoring exercises. Conditions will be broken, as you will understand that the one capable and strong individual you must approach amidst hardship – is yourself.

Physiology and Body

Long stretches of June and August make you inclined to overthink and separate yourself from actual necessities that require prompt activity. It is critical to focus on the balance you are to keep up from one day to another, taking in what you can use effectively and in a wide assortment as could be expected. Pick bright and distinctive food consistently, exercises that suit your present need instead of constraining one redundant movement, and focus on how you inhale when you are worried and tired.

Love and Family 

You are entering this year with the perfect emotionally supportive network. Connections you as of now have can be extended and acquire steadiness. The center of March brings uncommon contacts that activate and open new viewpoints. Feelings will be extreme and ought to be kept hidden. Nonetheless, from February to April, the center will float away from individual contacts to many more extensive aggregate planes. If you are not steady with yourself, looking for approval from others while not on excellent standing with yourself, you could discover limits and unpleasant and troublesome conditions.

This is a chance to look for motivation and see what you can impart to the remainder of the world, spread uplifting news and love in interpersonal organizations, compose, paint, or enroll in a class to study photography. This will permit the motivation of affection to control you towards cleaner and not-so-binding contacts with others and open entryways for new connections as 2021 advances.

Work and Finances

This is a year when you will accomplish work for a higher reason than individual benefit and you should think wide if you wish to acquire enough to put something as an afterthought and deal with unique objectives and plans. It is advisable to keep away from any new credits and advances, particularly in the event that you now have something to pay off and worry about monetary concerns from an earlier time.

On the off chance that you are worn out from your daily practice and have been in an undesirable one for quite a long time, this is the ideal chance to join up with courses you are enthusiastic about and work on an establishment to liberate yourself from chains of standard ways. Independent undertakings need dependability after some in case you wish to focus on them entirely and are valuable and cautious enough to perceive what can and what is impossible.


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