Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green, Pink

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Date range: April 20 - May 20


Uranus and Venus in Taurus can signal new things in life together; a quick passion to liven up life goes well! All is well in the sentimental life!
Don’t be depressed by emotional uncertainties, on the contrary, consider a moment for transformation, including in your personal and love life.
Forget the past, focus on the present, try to relax, start over with a more positive and optimistic mind. Let go of jealousy and possessiveness.
On the one hand, you have a strong desire for the other’s company, but on the other hand, you may be a little impatient, intolerant and hard of hearing. Take it easy and understand that for healthy living, we need to have freedom.
Jupiter and Venus promise moments of more pleasure and complicity in love life. Don’t turn down invitations to go out and have fun. Accept compliments, you deserve it, put modesty aside.


Sun and Saturn in trine make long-term investments favorable, as well as entering into serious and promising business or partnerships.
Success will be on your side. Try to give the attention that the things around you really deserve.
Don’t underestimate yourself! Your capacity for determination makes you have the vitality to get where you want.
Success bothers the envious, but you don’t owe anyone anything. Remember that your ways are open.
Mercury and Jupiter in a positive angle can bring the good news you’ve been waiting for. You can celebrate, because the fruits are justly deserved.
Thanks to your patience, you will be able to complete your projects successfully. Nothing can stop the evolution of things, due to total delivery and competence.


The Moon is in a crescent phase, Mercury returns to direct motion. This moment is still favorable for studies, research and the exchange of relevant information to be able to grow in their studies and work. Avoid overspending.
On these days, you will have more confidence and courage to make decisions, even if the challenges are great. If necessary, ask for legal advice to make sure you are taking a safe step.
It will be important to fight negative thoughts and attitudes. Possible blockages that you have been carrying throughout life may resurface, causing a series of mental problems, be careful not to trigger depression.
Focus on the things we think are right in life and give them the attention they really deserve.
You must be careful. Due to the tendency for thyroid problems, at the beginning of the month, it will be possible that symptoms may arise, which need more attention.
Moon and Mercury favor planning aimed at commerce, communication and the dissemination of their work. In an intense way, it will also be positive to provide important documents. Don’t procrastinate.
We have a tendency to behave rationally and always try to remain calm. Emotions may not worry as much when affected by the planet Mercury. Mercury in Taurus offers slowness, prudence and understanding. You will be able to complete the steps you have proposed successfully.
Try not to want to impose your ideas or points of view in conversations with friends. Your effort will be in vain, as everyone has their own worldview. Be more open to other ways of thinking. Each head, a sentence.


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