Capricorn Daily Horoscope


Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown, Black 

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 4,8,13,22 

Date range: December 22 - January 19

Your astral climate

The discussions will be fruitful and allow you to shed light on a problem that was hampering certain relationships. Do not hesitate to get to the bottom of it, you will get to the bottom of it today.


Your confidence is the foundation of your success today. New meetings are highly favorable, you can also consolidate existing links. You have all the scope you need to express your ideas and seize the opportunities that arise.


A variegated atmosphere of respect augurs very deep and authentic emotions on this day. You love with all your soul but you are reluctant to tell the person, modest that you are! Get started today!

In a Relationship : Nice emotional program today. No relationship tension, no conflict. The day promises to be fluid, calm, peaceful. You are deeply attached to your other half, living duties and affectivity in the same symbiosis. You embody love. A good example for those around you!

Single: A strong sense of method favors your most daring and harmonious affective initiatives today. Your heart quivers in silence but your body expresses your keenest desire in a thousand expressions. This day increases your stubbornness, certain success!


You are in an Olympic form which allows you all the daring and adventures, which is why you could set your sights on long hiking trails to exert yourself physically. Currently, you access your own desires which materialize very quickly.

Money Luck

Your charisma is omnipresent in your financial life. Now is the time to apply tactfully. Your negotiating skills are wreaking havoc: you should win over your contacts with flying colors and thus improve your financial life.


Big decisions could be taken without too much difficulty. The influxes allow a deep reflection which will lead to the right decisions. You might find it a bit complicated but it will work.

First decan

Born between December 22 to January 02Beautiful day, in your colors where you have the possibility to shine by your very personal qualities. Your discreet but powerful charm acts as much on your hierarchy as on your partner as it does on strangers who still have to be seduced to get love, money, a job…

Second decan

Born between 03 January to 11 JanuaryYou are in full possession of your means and willing to advance your goals. Today you will benefit from very positive influences that will make you attractive, eloquent, reliable and convincing. You are therefore in a position to be successful in the field you have chosen.

Third decan

Born between January 12 to January 20

This is the best time of the month, made up of personal satisfaction, concrete progress in your projects or in your activities, a stable mood and rewarding relationships with others. You should take the opportunity to submit your application, obtain a favor, an appointment or a promise ...


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Your astral climate The discussions will be fruitful and allow you to shed light on a problem that was hampering certain relationships. Do not hesitate to get


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