What does each zodiac sign need emotionally from its partner?

What does each zodiac sign need emotionally from its partner?

Zodiac signs can give us a strong idea of what we need emotionally. Each individual may feel that they need some things or others, but together, the signs give us many clues. Not all of us open up to others and tell what happens to us or what we feel about it. It would be ideal if you could discover a little more about the emotional needs of the signs. Learn to understand what each sign needs emotionally from its partner.


The truth is that you have found people who have wanted to make you feel guilty on many occasions. Guilty for the way you are, for your intellect, for your aggression, for your impulse. Like everyone else, you too lose your roles at some point, but that is not why you think it is fair to be pointed out and made to feel bad. In the end, that drive can be beneficial to others if they know how to approach it. But instead of this, some people feel overshadowed by you. Unfortunately, they cannot support your leadership skills, natural charm, positivity, and “carefree” way of seeing things. If someone wants a life with you, get on your train but don’t try to handle it.


You are Taurus, and although everyone can see you as too serious, you need to find in your partner that laughing and a silly person who plays down things. It is what you need emotionally. A relationship with someone who can be deep, intense, and intellectual and at the same time can laugh at the most absurd situations in the world.


Although everyone can see you as that smiling, active person, who goes from one place to another and, above all, who does not stop looking for answers to everything, you also fall, you also cry. You also have an existential crisis that is more like movies horror. Therefore, emotionally, you need a partner with whom you do not feel uncomfortable when you have to show your most vulnerable side. And if you have to shed tears, you want to do it without cutting yourself. Also, you expect the same from the other party. Do it without fear.


Emotionally, you need a partner who knows how to pull the car, who will fight for the relationship when something goes wrong, and not who will leave the ship at the first chance. Luckily (they are no longer in your life) or unfortunately, you have met people of this profile very often, and you have had a hard time. Brave people by your side is what you ask, and that emotionally they do not destabilize you and assure you that they will try everything when things get ugly. Your mind is fragile and vulnerable, Cancer. You don’t need anyone to mess up her anymore.


You have a character of a thousand demons when something turns you on or when you see an injustice. Although everything good weighs much more than this on the scale, you often find people who are a bit problematic, who add fuel to the fire instead of showing calm intense moments. Emotionally this can hurt you the most. You are not a complicated person. You can get pissed off, but you know how to dialogue and speak, and above all, also know how to take the blame when you have it. But you don’t need anyone to yell at you or get into that discussion with you. You need a person who tries to solve your problems slowly and calmly. Someone mature. Get it in your head.


Communication is one of the most important pillars in your Virgo life. And emotionally, you need someone who knows how to listen and understand. If he is interested in you, he has to be interested in what you say and feel. Having a person around who avoids every two by three things and seems to be there but is not there because his mind is on Mars can hurt a lot. In the end, you need to connect intellectually and mentally with someone. You are very curious, and if you do not find that link, your emotions will fade.


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With your partner, it has to be you. You have to feel strong to express yourself, and you also expect the same from that person. You do not like extracting information with a dropper or forcing someone to tell you to express yourself. Besides, you also can’t stand anyone doing it with you, and if you don’t find that emotional connection, in the end, you have nothing left. However, you have a straightforward personality. You have to feel safe and more with your partner. It would be best if you had magic, union, fusion. If not, you don’t feel complete.


Even if you don’t always ask for it, you need to feel loved emotionally and for your partner to say those two words that make you smile every time they are pronounced. You’re not made of iron, you’re not tough, you’re not an ice person, and what’s more, you probably need those words more than anyone. In the end, that “I love you,” said from the heart, makes everything pass, even the worst. If they ask you, “how are you feeling?” a little more often than they magically know how you feel, they already win heaven. So difficult?


Emotionally it would help if you felt that you have confidence with your partner to talk about the most profound feelings and emotions that make you feel fear and insecurity inside you. Sometimes it seems that you are a person who goes through everything and who does not care about anything, but you carry much weight on your back that also, sooner or later, you need to let go of. What better than to have someone with whom you can vent? Well, that’s what you need. You are almost always well. You are cheerful, try to see the positive in everything (even if it sometimes costs), and your vibe is lovely. But that does not mean that everything is love and happiness. Not at all. And that’s when you have to feel that support from your partner. And above all, the assurance that whatever is on your mind, you will be able to understand it.


Despite being a warrior and stubborn person, you know how to admit (when someone shows you) when you are wrong. Emotionally, you need that person to also assume that they have made a mistake and that they will also be willing to take steps to improve. You can put up with fights, arguments, and dramas, but you don’t want to do it for that. That they see you strong and stoic on the outside does not mean that you do not feel bad on the inside. If he wants your good, he will have to swallow his pride when he knows he is wrong.


You have always known that you are a strange little Aquarius, unique, different, and that in some way, following the “herds” does not suit you at all. But when you find someone special, you want to share that you are different, and you want them to know it. Therefore, you need to connect with that person on all levels. You want me to encourage you to open up, to be yourself without making you feel strange, crazy, or even too dramatic. It is what you emotionally need with someone. Only then can you be pleased.


Suppose there is something you need emotionally from your partner. In that case, it is without a doubt that he gives you all that affection you need without having to ask, that he knows how to listen. Although he does not understand everything (it is challenging to reach your deepest feelings already conclusions), he knows how to give you that hug or caress at the right moment instead of questioning everything and making you feel crazy. Even you do not understand what is happening to you, so you are aware that your partner does not understand it either. But that’s not why he has to treat you as if you were a weirdo with unique existential or personal crises. Whole souls are constantly questioning everything in life.