Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown, Black 

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 4,8,13,22 

Date range: December 22 - January 19


First Half:

Your married life is certainly not at risk of sinking into routine and boredom at this time! Certainly, with this aspect of Saturn, your loves will no longer, as recently, be your priority. But Uranus and Venus will influence your love sector. So there will be animation in the air! Single, Mars will bring some excitement to your life, making you very conqueror. Some will accumulate short-lived adventures; but most of you will fall head over heels in love and want to commit without restriction.

Second Half:

Your marital relations will probably not be at the center of your concerns this time. Certainly, Venus, the planet of love, will be well placed for you, but it will not be the only one, and you will have so much to do elsewhere that your sentimental emotions will not be a priority. That said, the climate for couples will still be very pleasant. Single, don’t grumble anymore, because your loneliness will probably end this time. Indeed, you will have a good chance of meeting the person with whom to build a solid and lasting couple.


First Half:

In your job, if you occupy a subordinate position, you will no longer support it and you will get stuck in order to obtain a promotion, a position of responsibility. Your efforts these days should be crowned with success, given the very welcoming influxes of Mercury.

Second Half:

For once in your profession, you will be determined to overcome all obstacles, to overcome all difficulties to reach your goal very quickly. However, at this time more than ever, it would be inappropriate to go it alone. Rather, combine your efforts with those of your colleagues or relatives to better advance your plans. Do you know that “in union the strength of even very mediocre men is affirmed” (Homer)?

Money Luck

First Half:

The influence of several benevolent stars will be acquired. Think, this time, to make investments. Get advice. You could find a new source of income. Fortunately, this is even likely to radically upset your present material situation.

Second Half:

Above all, don’t listen to your friends’ advice on investing. Unless they are knowledgeable specialists, they could make you make huge mistakes. And it would be up to you to pay the price!


The planetary environment of the month promises to be small and should not cause clear effects. This somewhat subtle aspect advises to put life in order and destroy certain elements of the past which have become unnecessary, so as to simplify life in many areas. In the financial field, for example, it will be a question of not letting values ​​sleep, but of getting rid of certain assets that could collapse. Try to cultivate optimism and courage. Too often, you take refuge in small, unimportant illnesses as soon as a serious problem or annoyance appears. Since this psychosomatic mechanism is so well established, it will take time and willpower to break it.


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