Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green, Pink

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Date range: April 20 - May 20


First Half:

Your married life will not be in the spotlight, but that will not prevent you from having the right to moments of happiness. Even if no planet is currently occupying your love sector, you will benefit from the benefits of Venus, the goddess of love. Result: a climate full of tenderness and sensuality. Single, this impact of Uranus could lead to a very upsetting encounter during this period. This is a great adventure to be enjoyed without reserve, as you have always dreamed of!

Second Half:

A surprising period on the marital level. The passage of Venus will result in a spectacular renewal of passion. But there will be a disharmony of Uranus, which could make some of you go through a small marital crisis and take away from them any desire to make concessions. Single, this is a dazzling period on the heart side. Your wildest desires will have a chance to be granted. Sensual as hell, you will use and abuse your power of seduction without being fully aware of it. But you will be hopelessly trapped in love.


First Half:

We can make you job offers that do not immediately tempt you. You’ll want to make sure they keep their promises. However, do not think too long because another is ready to jump on the occasion with both feet. Those who already have a job will derive great satisfaction from their work.

Second Half:

Consolidate your career plans with the friendship of people who know your qualities well and appreciate them. Judging by the astral aspects of this period, you seem to be on the right path to professional success. But if you are not careful what you say, even joking, envious people could cause you harm.

Money Luck

First Half:

Take your steps to rigorously manage the evolution of your finances. Beware of apparently easy solutions but more or less on the fringes of legality. Be very careful in your dealings with the taxman because he will never give you a gift.

Second Half:

In the material area, a little too carelessness and carelessness could cost you dearly. On the contrary, you will have every interest in being very attentive and doing everything to protect your financial interests. Otherwise, an unfortunate event may befall you.


We must have often told you about your sociability, your lightness, your humor. But we usually omit to mention the acute feeling of loneliness that grips you many times and your tendency to sink into camouflaged depressions. The present astral climate will strengthen your mind: you will see things positively. It will also protect your trips and give you plenty of opportunities to pack your bags. Finally, it may make you want to start studying a new field, which will allow you to increase the number of your friends. Do you still need so much to feel happy? Asked by his disciples about what can constitute happiness, Li Tai-po, the greatest Chinese poet of all time, replied: “You ask me what is the supreme happiness, down here? It is listening to the song of a little girl who walks away after asking you for directions”.


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