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August 1 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

People born on August 1 under Leo sign are extremely extroverted in nature. They are energized by new people and use their warm nature to be quite charming. While others fear being the center of attention, they actively seek it out because they thrive in situations where they are the center of attention. They are definitely born leaders and rarely hesitate to take control of the situation.

Those born on August 1 have a cardinal relationship with fire - their twin element. Like a strong flame, their passion and enthusiasm burns convincingly when they take on a challenge. The influence of fire is one of their greatest virtues, as it helps them achieve their goals with great determination. But they also need to recognize the negative influence of fire, which can sometimes cause outbursts of impulsiveness, arrogance and impatience.

A variety of professions goes well with those born on August 1 with their natural gifts of confidence, leadership and creativity. Their determination is well suited for a career in business, sales or law. Their need for the spotlight and creativity can also lead to successful careers in the entertainment industry.


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A bit uncontrolled and infrequently too intense, the energetic rush of those born on August 1st are some things to admire. They tend to be grounded, rational, and persist with instinctive choices and their gut feeling, for the foremost part. However, this sort of energy is also less tolerated in their primal surroundings. Therefore, society, thus resulting in frustration and anger, piles up only to burst after they least expect it. Freeing themselves from the opinions of others, seeing the globe as a field to implement ideas and follow their plans through, they become leaders and managers, those that always know the correct resolution of any situation, and fighters for the upper cause.


August 1st Zodiac Sign (Leo)

The Sabian image for Leo agents brought into the world on August first:

“Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Vases with their Controlled Breathing” This is a date when control is to be found so that beauty may be created. The whole world of the Sun’s creative, childish, joyful nature is to be examined and linked to fine lines of Saturn’s realm. Each individual born at this point has a task to grasp their limitations before they go bad and find the way to focus their energy gently and with enough control to be who they need to become. These are forceful, curious, and artistic children, those that know what makes them happy and aren’t afraid to travel for it. Still, their impulses are often too intense to not break their fragile final product, and that they have to find out how to master their skills and control their breath to measure dead set their maximum potential.


With the aim of life for those born on the first of August set within the role of Neptune, we can anticipate a better ideal that one is to achieve. This idealism is their strongest suit, but if it’s shuffled and tossed aside as they become older, they will lose their direction and become aggressive and pushy in their ways. They’re to search out a dream to strive for, something much larger to fight for and build, tender, and to bear with the Divine Inspiration that produces them talented and emotionally immense.


Passionate and fiery in their approach to relationships, these individuals are typical Leo representatives that always get frenzied in their opinions and wants. Their role in a very relationship has to constantly stay objective. That is to attach with higher emotions and their deeply sensitive side to embrace differences of their partner or the other individual in their life. They have someone to determine them clearly and won’t have much trouble presenting their personality openly and without much beautification. However, they’re to simply accept that others tend to fear their approach or don’t find it natural in their ways for a reason.


A Leo born on August 1st excels altogether in physical efforts, sports, climbing, and that they usually possess the bravery for extreme sports choices like extreme skiing, parachute jumping, etc. However, when their energy is well tamed, in restraint, and still burning bright, they’ll focus it on any field of talent, including music and art, and their idealistic nature sometimes drives them towards medicine and any sort of selfless activity where they assist others.


August 1st Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Marcasite is a wonderful stone for those born on the first of August, for it helps them focus and gather their thoughts, providing them with balanced and powerful grounding while still keeping them connected with higher realms. It’s a stone of boldness, practicality, sound sleep, also referred to as the “Stone of Soul Attraction.” It takes one’s soul on a journey of awakening and gets them connected with their Soul’s needs and attractions.


Being the natural center of attention, people born on August 1st need someone to grasp their emotional needs too. Others often see them as strong and stable, but they’re, after all, as vulnerable as everyone else, if no more, and their gift is to reflect on their feelings, their talents, and their inclination for craftsmanship, music, and inconspicuous information. Give them a healing crystal, something to urge them to be involved with the Divine, sing them a song, or make a grand romantic gesture that will remind them to breathe.


Guided, powerful, centered, and powerful, they’re those we can always depend upon. Able to take the initiative, clear the trail, and show others how they’re leaders and people you recognize where they’re headed.


Too rational and disconnected from higher realms, once they aren’t in sync with their ideas, they get cranky, irritated, angry, or too pushy on others. Losing their frailty is comparable to losing their Soul, and that they can become dictators and force others over their limits if they don’t reconnect with their hearts.


  • In 1936, W. D. Hamilton was born, an Egyptian English biologist and psychologist, recognized collectively as the foremost influential evolutionary theorist of the 20th century. He gave the key piece for the event of a gene-centric view of evolution.
  • In 1936, Yves Saint Laurent was born, an Algerian French dressmaker, and therefore the founding father of the label carrying his name. His talent was recognized from an early age and guided towards the style peak by Christian Dior himself.
  • In 1963, Coolio (Artis Leon Ivey Jr.) was born, an American rapper, actor, and chef, best known for his award-winning single “Gangsta’s Paradise.” This song’s title set it apart and shone a light on his planetary row that finds its purpose in Neptune.


  • 1291 – Formation of the Old Swiss Confederacy.
  • 1469 – Chivalric order, Order of Saint Michael is founded.
  • 1774 – Oxygen gas was discovered by Joseph Priestley (born on March 24th).
  • 1834 – The British Empire abolishes slavery.
  • 1936 – The opening of the Olympics in Berlin, with a ceremony presided over by Adolf Hitler (born on April 20th).
  • 1981 – The initial broadcasting of MTV within the U. S.

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