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August 14 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Leo, born on August 14, is very ambitious, straightforward and active. You are not attracted to leisure, because your ambitions push you to new achievements and goals. In every way, you choose honesty. While your honesty may seem critical to others, you would appreciate it if others did the same for you. Your family and friends admire you as you strive for success.

Your partner is fire, and as a Leo, you actually have the most fundamental connection to fire of all the zodiac signs. The influence of fire materializes in the form of passion and energy that constantly burns within you. It is this heat that allows you to tirelessly work on solving any problems. Although the qualities of fire can be one of your greatest strengths in life. They can also become detrimental if you do not curb the impatience and impulsiveness that arise.

The Sun is the ruling planet of your sign, but since you were born in the third decan or part of this sign, you are also endowed with the planetary influence of Mars. Your creativity and individualism is a product of the power of the Sun, but it is your assertiveness and energy that are associated with Mars. This unique combination of planetary influence makes you far more successful than any other Leo Decan. You may feel stubborn, but this is only the result of a strong belief in your abilities. Use these qualities to embrace success with enthusiasm. While it may be against your nature, take the time to be carefree as too much ambition can quickly turn into aggression.

There are a wide range of career paths available to you, and the hardest part is picking one and sticking with it. You have the qualities to become a leader in any field you choose, including business, finance, commerce, or law. Don’t be afraid to get into your entrepreneurial spirit, as your business could be as successful as Ervin Magic Johnson, who was also born on August 14th.

Planetary Row


August 14th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

In order to balance out such powerful entities and their energies, it is essential for Leos, born on August 14th, to learn to let go, only to make their own lives simpler and more manageable. No matter how ambitious and driven towards their aims, they are bound to get exhausted if they do not rest. They need enough time to take a backseat to analyze their motives and intentions every step of the way with clarity and focus on deciding what to do next.

They have to make sure that they know what guides them towards their desired destination and discard anything that is preventing them from getting there. These individuals are strict but also warm, always ready for action and adventure. However, they tend to be a bit pessimistic in their expression of the Self and in the way they perceive the environment around them. They need to appreciate and respect the child within them every time it speaks to be aware of their most overlooked and fragile needs, which is how they will truly become an adult.

Sometimes, their actions lack a solid foundation, and while they have the capacity to endure the most challenging tasks, they need to come to the realization that they do not have to hold on to things simply because they feel obligated to do it. They should allow change to visit them so that it leaves them with a clearer perspective to see where they are headed and get a grip before it is too late. When they are ruled by realistic, healthy, and positive expectations, they will flourish and create enough space for growth and movement to assist them in their quest.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Leos born on August 14th in the two years preceding a leap year:

“Intoxicated chickens flap their wings in a dizzy haze trying to fly.”

The Sabian Symbol for Leos born on August 14th in a leap year and a year following it:

“A carrier pigeon accomplishing its mission.”

It is clear that the main difference between the two symbols is in the ability of the birds and the strength of their purpose to reach the goal. When these individuals are aware of their physical reality and natural limitations and set on the right path, they will make the right choices to bring them closer to their aim. They have strong willpower and achieve anything that they set their mind to, but they have to be sure whether their goal is actually achievable or if they are only wasting their time and effort on something that is not obtainable.

They need to free themselves from all toxicity and wrongly set beliefs that restrain them from doing what they truly desire to do. When all that holds them back slowly start fading away, they will find the path they were meant to be on and glide through life with ease of flight.


To reform their world and embrace the circumstances they are in realistically, and for what they really are, individuals born on August 14th need to cleanse and put a balm over emotional wounds from the past that they had left untreated, only for the bruises to burden them later on. Their mission in life is to seek the higher truth, rest and reflect, and tune in to be aware and listen to their body’s needs and natural limitations to lean on a structure of support that will provide them with wings to reach the right path.

Love and Emotions

As disciplined individuals, any strict rules that they imply in their daily life may be hard to follow in their emotional world. They are strong and dignified, often taking on the role of the pillar of the relationship to compensate for their partner’s faults. It ultimately makes them more organized, focused, and willing to take responsibility. They resume this role even in their professional spheres when troubles arise within the system they are a part of. These experiences make them stronger by breaking their defense mechanisms and making them see their inner truth with more clarity and patience.

The main trouble that their emotional state faces is their obsession with boundaries. Either they are too defensive and solid to be penetrated by love, or they are not strong enough, permitting fluctuations that are unhealthy and drain their energy out. The right way to choose a partner is with ease and flexibility. These individuals are typically known to be rigid and dismissive of change, but they must realize that a fickle heart is the only constant in the world and that nothing is ever set in stone. Letting their heart open for changes as time goes by will attract the right partners into their life, and makes them recognize true joy when their loved ones surround them.

Their Field of Excellence

People born on August 14th shine in mathematics, statistics, history, and all other fields that allow them to collect more information on the integrity and structure of the real world. They opt for careers that are clear and firm in their commitment to the workings of the world and make brilliant leaders when they are in contact with their inner child. Even though they might be perceived as strict and distant from their co-workers, they will do the best they can to succeed as a part of a big team, often ending up as the ones to take on the most number of responsibilities on their shoulders. Once they realize their ability to bring people with varying opinions to a middle ground to succeed, they will go on to take positions where they can lead and accept their real place among others.

 Healing Crystal

August 14th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

It is beneficial for an individual born on August 14th to have their crystal as it is bound to have a truly big influence on their life. One of the best crystals for these Leos is Ilvaite. It serves to raise the patience levels of the ones bearing the crystal and bring them in close contact with the flow of time. It will provide them with strength when things get rough and positive energies to remain hopeful for the future while also enhancing their artistic expression and ability to resolve any issues with an open mind. This stone aids in grounding and stabilizing their feelings and helps them not only accept but truly embrace the circumstances they are bound to at the moment to make them come to constructive solutions.

The Perfect Gift

However serious they might become in their strivings, these Leos are only children at heart in need of some playful activities at the end of the day. These people have a tendency to act as if their birthday is not significant to match their serious attitude, but respect this date and tell them that it is a matter of importance even if they deny it. Similarly, their gifts must reflect their personality or the total opposite of it.

It could be light and inspiring, something that they can listen to, observe, and take around with them, such as an album of their favorite songs or perhaps a fancy piece of clothing. One could also get them presents that they least expect so that they can loosen up a little and have fun sometimes, such as bringing them to a party, tickets to a concert, or any other show. It is bound to bring a smile to their face and give them something to laugh about or look forward to in the future.

Positive Traits

Headstrong and prepared to achieve their goals for the future, individuals born on December 6th are reliable, stable, and patient with the people they care for. Among the zodiacal circle, it is written in the fate of these people to succeed because of how structured they are and their respect towards their work. They are also great at giving advice as they are not shy to criticize and give accurate judgments to those who ask for it.

Negative Traits

They often turn dark and pessimistic when they unnecessarily exhaust their bodies and minds to achieve more than their hearts yearn for. If they are unable to attain what they set out for, it weighs them down and sometimes leads to depression. When separated from the needs of their soul, they become distant and vain. They get too focused on constructing the image they wish to project to the world instead of valuing and appreciating their true and rich inner personality.

Famous Birthdays on August 14th

August 14th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1945, Steve Martin was born, an American actor, screenwriter, comedian, and banjo player, famous for his extremely sarcastic and absurd approach to comedy. He has been the recipient of several prestigious accolades over his distinguished acting career. He had once confessed in an interview that while recalling the memories of his father, his feelings were mostly ones of hatred due to his father’s constant criticism of his acting talent, although they reconciled later.
  • In 1966, Halle Berry was born, an American model and actress. She started her acting career after she won the coveted title of Miss World United States in 1986 and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her character portrayal of a troubled woman in the movie Monster’s Ball. Since her childhood, she has been estranged from her father and remembers him being very abusive to her mother.
  • In 1983, Mila Kunis was born, a Ukrainian-American actress known for her roles in Friends with Benefits, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the acclaimed Black Swan. At an extremely young age, she moved from Russia to the United States, stating that antisemitism (hostility and prejudice against Jewish people) was one of the reasons her parents made this huge change.

Important Historical Events on August 14th

  • 1457: A book is printed for the first time with its date of publication.
  • 1592: The first-ever sighting of Falkland Islands (a remote archipelago in the continent of South America).
  • 1791: The beginning of the Haitian revolution (a series of conflicts between the French and British colonizers and the African slaves in Haiti, a county in the Caribbean).
  • 1893: Introduction of motor vehicle registration for the first time in France.
  • 1959: The American Football League holds its first official meeting that also marks its foundation.
  • 1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the longest-running theatrical release in film history, was opened in London, United Kingdom.

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