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August 15 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Leo born on August 15, you have a very ambitious, honest and slightly stubborn spirit. You come face to face with life and constantly strive to reach new levels of success. You are goal-oriented and more than willing to put in the effort to achieve your goals. You are honest in dealing with others. Some of your loved ones and friends may be disappointed in your harsh and stubborn ways, but they still love you.

Fire is your sign’s twin element, and because you’re a Leo, you actually have the most fundamental connection to the element. When passion and enthusiasm burn within you like a strong flame, you feel the influence of the fire. This is the same influence that makes you gain more inner strength in the face of great trials. Keep in mind that the influence of fire is not entirely positive, because it also causes feelings of impatience and impulsiveness, which can hinder your success.

While choosing a career is easier said than done, you have a chance to succeed in a long list of careers. Your honesty and ambition go hand in hand with a career in sales or marketing. You may also find rewards in careers where you can help others, such as education or law. The ambitious world of entertainment can be too tempting for you to pass up. If so, take inspiration from the successes of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence, who were born on August 15th.


SUN – MERCURY – (Pluto) – MARS

The planetary row of people born on August 15th shows an intuitive and yet rational nature that can maneuver mountains when adequately handled. This is often a time of great thoughts that get materialized and implemented. These individuals have the facility to boost their awareness through the roughest of circumstances and reach significant positions in life. They must respect everyone equally, especially people who work for them and will seem to be set “lower” on their radar for humanity.

Saturn meddled within the second row of those individuals, putting ambition and specialization on their plate as a tricky unavoidable circumstance that can’t be overcome until responsibility is taken and solid boundaries created. This might show hidden, challenging events in life that one feels the necessity to avoid or run from or feel ashamed to lead them to the rest of the planet. Yet, as their personality rises in confidence and purity of ideals and faith, they build a foundation for any achievement they need to achieve.


August 15th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

The Sabian image for Leo delegates brought into the world on August 15th in two years going before a leap year:

“A homing pigeon fulfilling Its Mission” The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on August 15th during an intercalary year and a year following it:

“In a Show, the Bareback Rider Exhibits her Wild Talent” A sense of urgency and danger is present in both of those symbols, still because of the need for communication between the animal world and humans. It speaks well of the inner dialogue these individuals must find between their intuitive side and reason. Therefore they have to tame their passions and make them productive and valuable enough to assist them in reaching for dangerous or truly demanding tasks they’re to perform.


Communication and spontaneous self-expression become the biggest issue within the lives of those born on the Assumption of Mary. They’re born to the current world to deliver a message that they aren’t always responsive to while their inner struggle continues. The aim found in Mercury stands as a vocation call, something that has to be exhausted in the sphere of profession and ways to precise themselves in ways that allow them to connect with other citizens with quality and understanding. Balance of speaking and listening could be a good exercise they will use to search out a middle ground in unsolvable situations.


August 15th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Given the endowment of reason, trailed by energetic and intuitive activities that summon their sexuality and put it high on their stepping stool of needs, Leos brought into the world on August 15th, sometimes get a touch detached from their truest emotional world. It’s easy to skip a step or two and connect on a superficial level if they don’t find the core of their desire and inspiration with someone entirely different from what they perceive as “normal.” Their relationships teach them how to talk with different people and embrace the range of individualities supported by something as simple as love.

As they become tuned into the web, they will build loving relationships. They find their core of emotion with more ease and approach more satisfying relationships that will fulfill their emotional needs properly. With their feelings intense and mixed with sexuality in ways that sometimes get out of control or become their source of shame, they’re too line-free infatuated, and with an open heart that can connect in pure intimacy.


A person born on August 15th excels in all told activities that need intellectual efforts and movement and become wonderful orators once they see the aim to show their emotional core to others. They’re worker bees with an infinite energy pool that, when properly governed, leads them towards important, leading positions in any area of experience they like better to follow. Still, they may fail if they don’t use their talents and the flow of life to make their strivings on.


Larimar stone could be a wonderful choice of crystal for Leos, born on August 15th, which can balance out their life with the story of the center they honestly reside on. It’s a stone of clear communication while helping them contact the Divine Feminine so that they can heal emotions and release stress caused by the stress of activity bundled up in their planetary row. Its properties aid the dissolving of emotional barriers so negative emotions will be safely released and give up.


A Leo born on August 15th will always be for a meaningful physical activity that will help them release stress. Buy them a bicycle or enroll them in the same self-defense class, which will show them where their soft spots lie and how to safeguard them. They’re going to always appreciate an honest book, preferably not one in three thousand pages except for something that may be read while they ride the train or in several instances with their morning coffee.


Passionate, straightforward, and prepared to talk their mind, they need the initiative and strength to face any challenge in their way. Hardworking and prepared to act, they’re willing to share the energy they possess with others when within the right tribe.


Egoistic, too instinctive to mind other people’s feelings, and sometimes aggressive and too loud, their energy takes the simplest of them when it isn’t constructively focused.


  • In 1771, Sir writer was born, a Scottish novelist, poet, and playwright that wrote the woman of the Lake and Ivanhoe. He survived childhood polio that left him lame and recovered to the degree that allowed him to make a successful career in law and, collectively, of the foremost prominent writers of that point.
  • In 1865, Mikao Usui was born, a Japanese leader who founded Reiki’s spiritual practice. There had been stories that he earned a doctorate in theology at the University of Chicago, but it had been later revealed that he never attended this university.
  • In 1972, Ben Affleck was born, an American actor, screenwriter, director, and a two-fold honor winner. His dad had an extreme issue with liquor abuse and, surprisingly, went through two years destitute after he isolated from Ben’s mom.


  • 1519 – the inspiration of Panama City.
  • 1843 – The oldest Roman Catholic cathedral in continuous use within the US is devoted to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 1914 – The shipway is opened for traffic.
  • 1939 – The premiere of The Wizard of Oz.
  • 1947 – After near 190 years of British rule, India gained independence.
  • 1970 – the primary time that a girl plays as knowledgeable in a football game.

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