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August 17 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

The Leo, born on August 17th, is known for being ambitious, straightforward, and active. As long as others are happy with their current position, you are always striving for the next level of success. You are single-minded and will do your best to reach the top. Your friends admire these qualities but are sometimes frustrated by your tight nature. Although you never intend to offend others with your honesty, you have no desire to hide the truth in any aspect of life.

Leo’s element is fire, and in fact, you have the most fundamental connection to the element of all the signs of the zodiac. The effect of fire becomes apparent when you encounter a problem. Passion and enthusiasm burn deep within, pushing you to overcome any obstacle. Make sure your flame never goes out and you will continue on your path to success. However, be aware of the impulsiveness and impatience that sometimes comes when overwhelmed by fire.

Your drive to succeed means you may be well-suited for a variety of careers, although choosing one can be tricky. The world of business or sales may be compatible with your resolve. You can also find a career in education or in the non-profit sector if you find a decent job. The world of entertainment can be attractive because you envision reaching a prestigious level of success. If so, take a look at the work of Robert De Niro and Sean Pen, also born on August 17, who won an Academy Award.


SUN – URANUS – (Pluto) – MARS

August 17th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Ways of expression of these born on August 17th are the invisible theme hidden behind this first planetary row. Their nature is different from what people in their life perceive as “common,” and that they wish to attach to several strange individuals to seek out their core where it hasn’t consistently been recognized. As a result, there’s both stress and exhilaration to the present date, and their lives typically visit extremes until they find the one sole point that’s always keeping them together and build their world around it until they reach stability.

It is within the most authentic nature of those individuals to form, artistically express, and find the proper partner to be with. Outside of their intense appearance and their need for freedom that everybody can see, they yearn to share their soul with someone in perfect balance and revel in life through relationships that make them smile and get those butterflies in their belly.


The Sabian image for Leo agents brought into the world on August seventeenth in two years going before a leap year:

“Concentrated upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, a person is Sitting during a State of Complete Neglect of Bodily Appearance and Cleanliness” The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on August 17th during an intercalary year and a year following it:

“A Large Camel is Seen Crossing an enormous and Forbidden Desert” These symbols both contain a hidden link to the realms of Saturn, and this shows the importance of one’s foundation of personality and the support that’s needed for stability and endurance. Two sides of this medal give either the incredible natural potential to maneuver through the toughest of circumstances or dismissal of the body, its needs, powerless before of unavoidable obstacles within the path.


While it’s clear that the aim of the lives of those born on the 17th of August is freedom altogether its glory, we must understand that any communication with Uranus goes through our body, our grounding, and our ability to be open for the voice of the Universe. They’re going to find peace once they embrace their place in the broader society and every one of those circumstances that tie them down or make them question all their choices in life. They’re too specific, who they’re without hesitation, fear, or holding back.


August 17th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

While sexual activity seems to be second on their priority list, it’s, of course, their most fantastic striving during this lifetime. However, those born on August 17th have trouble expressing their emotions freely with enough sensitivity to not seem aggressive or too torn apart to be tied to 1 person. Instead, they’re to seek out a connection to their feelings and their truest, most sensitive self, to approach another person with enough intimacy and depth to stay the connection alive and crammed with positive surprises.

They need their freedom and want an honest friend to be their most intimate partner. With their mental structure, they’re going to never accept a relationship based solely on desire, but they may hold on to such bonds until they find someone they honestly wish to be with. As soon as they let loose to speak and show their vulnerable self, they’ll meet someone who sees them for who they are and provides the freedom to grow. Until then, their most intense relationships could simply function as signals by the road to induce them to their inner world.


A Leo brought into the world on August seventeenth is imaginative, vigorous, and conscious. They’re going to find their place working with people, networks, and modern technologies or areas of life that are socially unacceptable in a way. Nevertheless, they become astrologers with a positive view, engineers that take care of our lighting, programmers for a better cause, and connect with others on a better plane than the one we usually anticipate from a Leo.


Marialite may be a superb choice of crystal for those born on the 17th of August. It’s a rare stone that helps one find the trail of purity in their lives, relieving them of stress and bringing them in grips with their Divine purpose. It’s a stone of unconditional love for self, known to heal trauma and distance one from their ego battles until they find the purity of heart they have to maneuver on to new dimensions and connect with less toxic people for his or her soul. Promoting change will help them get in-tuned with the fluency of their circumstances and adapt to them with an open heart.


People born on August 17th have various interests, and it might be either quite easy to choose their present or seem impossible from a special point of view. Symbols of friendships and foreign writings are a decent fit, yet as fireworks, strange messages they’re to decipher, and works of recent art that are warm and comfortable enough to be enjoyed. They don’t need much to shake up their world, but they have to feel the emotion behind the surface and embrace it as their own.


Ready to get to bear with the Divine, these Leos are open, friendly, and communicate with ease. Wired and connected to different people, they become the source of data for anyone who needs it.


Stressed and a touch neurotic, they become truly irritating to people after they distance themselves from their emotional needs. Content with rationality and the image they create will accept eccentricity that isn’t their own and make shifts and changes just to try and do something, not knowing what they want to realize.


  • In 1893, Mae West was born, an American actress, screenwriter, and playwright called a sex symbol of her time with a career spanning over seven decades. Her blustery sexual freedom and normal, credible decisions experienced oversight and analysis; however, she made a parody of regular mores as a reaction.
  • In 1943, Robert, a role player, was born, an American actor, director, and multiple accolade winner. His parents divorced when he was only two years old after his father announced that he was gay.
  • In 1960, Sean Penn was conceived, an American entertainer and chief, who won two Academy Awards for his work in Mystic River and Milk. But for his humanitarian work, support for the couple, and other unconventional choices, his personal life tells the story of Uranus too, with obvious scales of marriage, divorce, relationships, and breakups, out of balance.


  • 1807 – The primary steamboat service within the world is inaugurated on the river in NYC
  • 1836 – The Parliament of Great Britain accepts the registration of births, deaths, and marriages.
  • 1908 – The primary cartoon is shown in Paris, France.
  • 1945 – George Orwell’s Animal Farm is published.
  • 1958 – The primary try to launch Pioneer 0 beyond Earth orbit.
  • 1977 – Arktika, the Soviet icebreaker, reaches the pole, becoming the primary ship to try and do so.

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