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August 18 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Leo, born on August 18, is characterized by ambition and honesty. You abandon stagnation, instead choosing to pursue a new goal or challenge. You are direct in all your affairs, which explains why some people may find you abrupt. Similarly, you are confident in yourself, which explains why some people may describe you as stubborn. Fortunately, your family and friends love you for these qualities.

Your element pair is fire, and as Leo, you have the most cardinal relationship with the element of all the signs of the zodiac. The influence of fire is directly related to the passion and energy that blazes whenever you are faced with a new challenge or challenge. In the same way, during great tribulations, your flame only grows stronger. Embracing these qualities of fire can be one of your greatest strengths, but be aware of the negative qualities of fire, including impatience and impulsiveness.

Success is in your future, but the problem may be choosing one career path and sticking with it. Since you will always strive for the best, a career in marketing, business, or sales will suit your resolve. Similarly, your creativity and individualism can lead you down the entrepreneurial path. Entertainment is an attractive world for ambitious people, so you can choose a more creative activity. If so, look to the varied careers of Patrick Swayze or the dramatic performances of Edward Norton, who were both born on August 18, for inspiration.


SUN – MARS – (Pluto) – MARS

This is dominantly a masculine planetary row, and August 18th speaks of such a possibility for action, any form of a proactive approach, and decisiveness to achieve certain things in life. It’s typical for people born on this date to point out incredible energy, the strength of will, and move fiercely through life as if cutting through a chunk of cake. However, challenges here could also be found in the loss of contact with people and hasty decisions that cost one their position within society. While they tend to be open for people and also the Universe, for communication in any respect levels and a mind that’s hard to satisfy, they’re also under lots of pressure to be faster than they need to be. It’s important here to not forget the pace that one’s emotions dictate and hold on to that when times get rough.


August 18th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on August 18th in a very bissextile year and a year following it: “After the Heavy Storm, a Rainbow” Endurance and impacts of energetic destructive forces is also recognized in these lines, still as a positive turn that comes when the work of these born on this date is completed. They’re going to often live stressful lives crammed with challenges right until they discover what they were born to try to do and where the convenience in talents is often found. A rainbow symbolizes a powerful touch of Neptune in their story, and also the faith that’s to be discovered through issues that throw them from one side of life onto the opposite. Once they’re open for the Divine, they become a beam of sunshine for others to follow through the driest of deserts to the oasis.


It’s the impulses and instinctive strivings that require to be manifested, brought down to Earth within the here and also the now, and this could only be done if their physiology is entirely satisfied and their heart free from ties of the past.


When it involves love, people born on the 18th of August are passionate and simply express their needs and sexuality. They’ll often be those to create the primary move and win their partner’s heart with a conqueror’s attitude. Still, for his or her relationships to last, loving and excitement shared, they have to attach on a deeper level than their position makes them believe is enough initially. They typically spend an oversized part of their life learning to cut down, listen, and sense what’s happening between them and therefore the other person, until they’re truly able to commit. Leos born now mustn’t see their partner as a trophy to carry on to. They have someone they will be with irrespective of their background, their finances, or looks, and someone who will support them in their battles standing by their side. With such an intense energetic formation, they might be annoyed by slow people, people who push them to prevent until they see the larger picture, similarly as everyone who is simply too weak to handle life the way they think is the only right way. If they don’t embrace their vulnerability and weaknesses to show them strength, they might find themselves during a series of relationships with such partners, spinning within the loop of hurtful conversations and pushes that they don’t wish to create or suffer from another person.


Leos born on August 18th excel in sports, active jobs that don’t leave them with lots of time to think, and leading positions that help them spend the energy they carry in their heart. They have to stay focused to become truly productive, financially and professionally, and work best alone. To be honest as a part of any team, they have to be told to bog down enough for all relationships to be respected and delivered to middle grounds that may satisfy everyone involved.


August 18th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

The right crystal for someone born on the 18th of August is alunite, for it helps their grounding and keeps them stable within the course they chose to follow. It’s a stone accustomed to balance yin and yang energies inside one’s system, and it’ll aid their acceptance of the female within so that they can act in sync with their heart and be able to recognize an instant once they must wait rather than making a move.


Sports equipment, tickets to a game they need an interest in, and pocket knives are an awfully good selection of gifts for an individual born on August 18th. Still, they want someone to see their soft side and it’s good to travel by emotion when choosing your present, finding something that matches each side of their personality – the visible active one, moreover because the invisible passive and caring one.


Energetic, strong, fierce, able to act and lead an oversized group of individuals, when well directed and to fight for, they become fearless and truthful in every single step they opt to make.


Unaware of their own emotional needs and with them, the requirements of people, they’ll get pushy and even aggressive when coping with relationships they don’t understand fully.


  • In 1933, Roman Polanski was born, a French-Polish director, screenwriter, and actor, currently a fugitive from us while awaiting sentencing for assault. His life took a pointy turn when his wife and 4 friends were brutally murdered by the Manson family.
  •  In 1952, Patrick Swayze was born, an American actor and dancer, an adolescent idol for his romantic roles like that of Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing.


  • 1587 – the primary English child is born within the Americas.
  •  1783 – an outsized fireball meteor is noticed across Great Britain
  •  1923 – the primary time that girls compete within the British Track & Field championships.
  •  1938 – The Thousand Islands Bridge over the Saint Lawrence River is devoted.
  • 1958 – Novel Lolita is published within the U. S.

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