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August 20 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Since you are a Leo born on August 20, your ambition and honesty seem to dominate your personality. You strive for success and are rarely satisfied with your current level or position. While others lack the fortitude to realize their ambitions, you never shared the challenge. Your motivation meets with an equally strong desire for honesty in all areas of life. Sometimes you can point out the error directly, which can sometimes upset your loved ones. Even though you understand the benefits of revealing the truth in some situations, you prefer to remain sincere.

Fire is a paired element of Leo, which explains why you have a more fundamental connection with the element than with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The passionate and enthusiastic lifestyle that you are engaged in is not accidental, on the contrary, it is the result of the burning effect of fire on you. At times when the task is especially difficult, your ambition only burns more, allowing you to rise to the occasion. Embracing these qualities of fire can be one of your greatest strengths. Fire is also associated with your impulsiveness, so try to avoid the dangers associated with bad decisions.

You are naturally on the path to success, but choosing a specific career path can be tricky. Your personality and determination are perfect for the business world, where people will appreciate your directness. Similarly, your social abilities are well suited for a career in politics or public relations. If the world of entertainment is more attractive, look for more creative pursuits to find satisfaction. Look at the revolutionary career of singer Robert Plant or the playing of Demi Lovato, also born on August 20, for inspiration.


MOON – PLUTO – (Pluto) – MARS

August 20th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Each person born on August 20 must reexamine their emotions, honesty and deal with ancestors who influence them from beneath their feet to find the right path in life. They are profoundly emotional and often depressed, driven by irrational desires and unusual inner cravings that are alluring and hard to resist. As time passes, they discover that all those rivers that helped them develop served a much greater function than they initially thought. This is when they understand they have much more impact on the world around them than they realized at a younger age. Sensitive and profound, this is a group of rare talents that must be used with an open heart and unquestionable acknowledgment of their own shadow.

Sun and Pluto’s tale appears in their second planetary row, emphasizing inner transition and learned convictions that must be avoided for their true personalities to be revealed. Their story is one of contacts with the world. But it can also be about panic fears and holding back, swallowing feelings until they can explode. They must learn to flow with the moment, recognizing their reactivity as a regular part of their personality and treating themselves with integrity.


Every year that isn’t a leap year, the Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on August 20 is:

“Dawn’s Luminescence in the Eastern Sky”

In a leap year, the Sabian symbol for Leo members born on August 20 is:

“Many Little Birds on a Big Tree’s Limb”

The real struggle for Leos born on this date is to gather enough information into one whole to see how much help they are receiving, as they are carried by much bigger things than the tale of Themselves. Their source of influence is found in the motions of the Universe, the planet Earth, and anything else that doesn’t seem to be within our grasp. When they broaden their view enough to see a much larger picture, new beginnings and life will present themselves.


The primary goal of those born on August 20 is to discover unity, oneness, and true strength at the core of their being. While it will not be a simple job, they have the opportunity to cleanse their family tree of all outdated and painful feelings and reach for their proper place in the world with an open heart if they have enough depth and emotional self-support. They must build from a place of darkness to reach a site of light.


Passionate and profoundly emotional, people born on August 20 yearn to unite with their ideal spouse, soulmates, and someone they can connect with on a far deeper level than the rest of us. They thrive on transition, leading to depression, irrational decisions, and emotionless passionate experiences if they close their hearts along the way. They must let go of the past and decide to recover and regenerate from the scars of broken relationships so that they can find someone who can love and embrace them for who they are.

Manipulation and lewd pictures can be a part of their love lives, but they know that they can break free from any relationship causing them problems. Although some of them are merely intended to demonstrate the power of their personalities, it is critical that they find the point of love after a breakup, forgive, and see how the end is required to turn and cleanse their emotional world of toxic habits and issues passed down to them as an inheritance.


Leos born on August 20 excel in severe and dangerous activities, crises, and all those positive leadership roles that are needed when times are tough. They bring their light far and wide, seeing others’ flaws and wounds that can be healed. They make excellent politicians, cult leaders, and healers, but their emotional worlds must be cleansed so that they do not succumb to coercion and strange impulses toward others. They work best when they are connected on invisible planes to the human eye, as they can help others cleanse their inner worlds.


August 20th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Pyrrhotite is a stone that can help those born on August 20 to regulate their intense energies. It aligns the meridians and controls the flow of electrical changes through all of their bodies’ systems. This is a crystal that aids in letting go of fear so that these individuals can dive deep into their unconscious environment, searching for gifts that will set them free. It contributes to grand resolutions and life changes that will repair what is wrong and heal one’s life, which is unusual in meditation. It facilitates the emergence of miracles.


It would be best to go for something that Leo will appreciate as a gift for a Leo born on August 20. Small stuff, personal objects that affirm their place in your life, and gleaming, bright beams of light that don’t have to be helpful will appeal to them. However, to sweep them off their feet, you must dig deeper and delve into their dark impulses, sexuality, and the good things that make them happy even though others don’t embrace them.


Sensitive yet ready to shed light on the most problematic life issues, they are a good friend to have around in danger and crisis, showing their true strength when the greatest challenges are set in front of them.


Dismissive, self-destructive, dishonest, and dark, they could use their understanding of human suffering for their gain if they aren’t emotionally cleansed and supported by their upbringing to stay open and vulnerable when needed.


  • Salvatore Quasimodo, a Sicilian poet, and novelist who received the Nobel Prize in Literature, was born in 1901. He is known for works that explore recurring motifs in Sicily, faith, and death using a “closed,” hermetic language.
  • David O. Russel, an American actor, screenwriter, and producer, was born in 1958. He is best known for his work on Spanking the Monkey, Flirting with Catastrophe, and Silver Linings Playbook. He is an outspoken advocate for mental health care and assistance and a strong supporter of autism research.


  • 1858 – Charles Darwin’s (February 12, 1809 – February 12, 1858) theory of evolution was written for the first time.
  • The American Civil War formally ended in 1866.
  • Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture made its debut in Moscow in 1882.
  • The first commercial radio station was founded in Detroit in 1920.
  • The National Football League was established in Ohio, United States, in 1920.
  • 1962 – The first nuclear-powered civilian ship sets sail for the first time.

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