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August 8 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

For people born on August 8, witty humor and undying optimism are among the strongest aspects of their personality. Friends and family are no strangers to their antics as they use every opportunity to grab attention and entertain themselves. Although this alone makes them attractive, their positive outlook on life is perhaps even more appreciated by their loved ones. People close to them are often inspired by how they can make the best out of a seemingly bad situation.

Those born on August 8 have a cardinal relationship with fire - their paired element. The influence of fire is evident in their personality as they take on their work with great energy and passion. Even when they face great challenges, their flame never goes out, instead it seems to flare up stronger as they move towards their goals with determination. Embracing the positive qualities of fire can be one of their greatest strengths. Be aware of the negative effects of fire, as too much unbridled enthusiasm can make you impatient and impulsive.

Although choosing a career path is always difficult, the social personality and creativity of those born on August 8 will allow them to succeed in many career areas. They may need a field with lots of change and pace, so a business position with travel might be perfect for them. If they are artistically inclined, a career in music might be a good fit for them.

Planetary Row


August 8th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

People born on this date have a unique planetary row. This set is indicative of their connection to their home planet Earth and the importance of the material world in their lives. These individuals bustle with energy, which needs to be employed as soon as possible. If their physical needs and instincts fail to be met at the youngest age, it may lead to frustration or even aggression with time accumulation. They need to learn how to balance out their brimming energy between the things they receive and the things they give. With careful planning and firm boundaries, the sky is their limit.

With the Sun and the planet of beauty Venus forming the second row of this date, they bring out the necessity of creativity and inspiration in the material world in the lives of individuals born on August 8th. They aim to build a strong personality that will make it possible to stand on their true identity without compromising their self-respect or personal values. Another goal of theirs is the manifestation of love. They possess the potential to create something magnificent, but it does not come without their fair share of responsibility.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Leo born on August 8th in the year preceding a leap year:

“With its spectacular floats, a pageant moves along a street crowd full of cheering people.”

The Sabian Symbol for Leo born on August 8th in a leap year and two years following it:

“The storm came to an end, and all nature rejoiced in brilliant sunshine.”

These symbols speak of matters that cannot be contained any longer and should be shown to the world in all its shining glory. Once the storm has passed and the individuals born on August 8th reach the light at the end of the tunnel, the outer world will marvel at the spectacle of their incredible inner light. These symbols represent positive results and one’s intense struggle to reach the inner truth that will be their guiding light for the long journey ahead of them.


In those born on August 8th, liberation is often their top priority, which results in them changing their social circle throughout their existence. These people feel the strong need to be a part of a well-known system more than other Leos. In the quest for their true purpose, they will come across others who resemble them in unusual ways, which might be hard for them to accept as they tend to think that their personality is incredibly authentic in the whole wide world. They will eventually find their purpose when they set themselves free from preconceived notions and limitations in their approach towards life to build their individualism with the utmost honesty as life goes on.

Love and Emotions

August 8th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Emotions are a vital destination point for these individuals as feelings guide them before deciding to put their head through the wall. Their romantic relationships are typically passionate and intense, which is not enough. Along with that, they need someone who can support them on a profoundly emotional basis and provide them with the strength to make progress in all other areas of life. If they focus on passion solely in their youth, they will find themselves stuck in empty and solitary bonds that do not touch their heart later in life. They must yield to deep self-reflection and discover ways to balance out their intense, fiery energy.

Taking the initiative is one of their most vital points, except when they are tied in a relationship with the wrong partner. As they begin to get closer to the core of their personality, it is bound to reshape their entire world positively. They will attract an equal that will allow them to stop taking over either the aggressor or the victim. However, for a healthy and intimate relationship to blossom, they must take some time out and spend it alone to ponder their actual needs and sort their priorities out.

Their Field of Excellence

Individuals born on August 8th shine in the field of sports and all other intense activities. As they grow old, time will teach them an important lesson to create art to make their life meaningful, as art is the only thing that is likely to surpass their lifetime. So, they might turn to artistic or creative work in the future. Once they are sure of who they are, their incredible passions and powerful endeavors will show the way to recognition and popularity.

Healing Crystal

An excellent choice of crystal for Leos, born on August 8th, is Goethite. It blesses them with the ability to connect with planet Earth healthily and helps them find resourceful grounding by handling residual emotions that continue to hold them back in the present day. This stone will make them see the benefits of change in the natural flow of things, and in the process, they will learn to seek emotional aid and open their heart for love and compassion. By bringing peace to their being, this crystal will teach them how one can accept the presence of pain and negativity and transform them into happiness to seek light as time goes by.

The Perfect Gift

The ideal gifts for these fiery-natured individuals are artifacts that sync with their intensity of passion. Although organizing powerful training sessions with them or getting them gift cards from a local gym might be good ideas, one should consider a gift that sparks creativity and positivity. So, a toolkit for graphic designing, a sewing machine, or just about anything that will fixate their attention to help them relax from their hectic everyday schedules is bound to make them appreciate the care and thought put into their present.

Positive Traits

Extremely energetic, strong, determined, and innovative, people born on this day can perform tasks that are considered difficult or even impossible. They can position themselves in ways that bring them victory in battles that others deem too intense or painful.

Negative Traits

If anything manages to frustrate them, they become over-aggressive and intense. An innocent, unsuspecting individual might get the short end of the stick if they do not find healthy ways to let their anger out and vent. They need to remember the bigger picture to get over their anger issues before they wreck any relationships.

Famous Birthdays on August 8th

August 8th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1879, Bob Smith was born, an American surgeon and the co-founder of the oldest and largest support group, Alcoholics Anonymous. The motivation behind it came from his struggles with alcoholism. When he wanted to reshape his personality and get help, he realized that the approach of institutions towards alcoholism was not proper at the time, and eventually came up with Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • In 1921, Esther Williams was born, an American actress and swimmer. She rose to popularity in the 1940s when the film industry was on the rise as well. She turned to sports after she was raped and became one of the most successful swimmers of her time, with her career on the silver screen to shine.
  • In 1937, Dustin Hoffman was born, an American director and actor, mostly known for his portrayals of vulnerable characters. His breakthrough performance came with his role of Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate (1967). In 2017, he was accused of sexual assault by seven women.

Important Historical Events on August 8th

  • 1786: Jacques Balmat (born on January 19th, 1762) and Michel-Gabriel Paccard (born in 1757) become the first ones to climb Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in the Alps).
  • 1794: The expedition to search for the Northwest Passage in Alaska begins.
  • 1876: Thomas Alva Edison (born on February 11th, 1847) received a mimeograph patent.
  • 1908: The Wright Brothers take off their first public flight.
  • 1963: 15 robbers steal 2.6 million pounds in a Great Train Robbery.
  • 1969: The Manson family commit the Tate murders.

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