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December 27 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Capricorn born on December 27th, your determination is just as important as your patience. While others procrastinate, you are active and indefatigable in your studies. As long as you see value in a challenge, you will always put in the effort to succeed. Your family and friends admire your determined qualities, but perhaps they will appreciate your patience even more. You seem to always remain calm, even in the craziest or most embarrassing situations.

Earth is your sign’s twin element, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only connection with this element. The influence of the Earth explains your groundedness and practicality. You have little interest in theoretical daydreams, since you value only realistic pursuits. While all Earth signs share common sense, your unique connection to the elements makes you more active and self-reliant. Embrace the positive qualities of the Earth as they can be your greatest strength. However, try to avoid the negative qualities of the Earth, including an overly cautious and conservative nature.

Finding your ideal career is not an easy task, but your natural ability gives you the ability to succeed in a wide variety of career areas. Hardworking and patient, you may be well suited for teaching, consulting, or scientific research, like Louis Pasteur, who was also born on December 27th. Similarly, you can show your resolve in the world of business or politics. If the entertainment world is too attractive to resist, you may find satisfaction in television or the media.



December 27th Zodiac Sign (Capricorn)

In the lives of those born on December 27th, the conflict between belief in new technology and old teachings is genuine, and their planetary row emphasizes an inner opposition that isn’t as evident as some of the usual issues in others’ lives. Before turning to their natural impulses and their environment based on masculine-feminine forces, they must reconcile the past with the future. Simultaneous tasks in their brain and heart make it difficult for them to choose between the various choices available. They are fast and dedicated to technical specifics. They understand how things need a steady approach to repetitive and tiresome elements to lay the groundwork for something revolutionary. It should also refer to their physiology. Instead of concentrating their attention on outer work and professions, they can ensure that their bodies are well-founded, primed, and in good condition so that fantastic concepts can be brought to life by their physical nature.

The second row refers to these people’s second mission in life: finding a balance between action and reaction, imagination and contemplation, masculine and feminine, but this is a lot simpler when their brain relaxes. Their heart opens to the simplicity of childlike confidence in the great picture of the Universe.


Capricorn members born on December 27th in the two years preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“The Warpath of the Indians Others in the canoe perform a war dance while some men row a full canoe.”

The Sabian sign for Capricorns born on December 27th in a leap year and the year after it is:

“Under an Archway to Darker Woods, Ten Logs Lie”

This data demonstrates that personal growth and development occur in distinct stages as if one would evolve, then stagnate for a time before growing again. Impatience has no place here, and those born at this time discover that there are far larger cycles than their minds can comprehend. They take comfort in knowing that they are the same, one of the billions of humans and one moment in time on a scale of centuries and billions of years.


The aim of those born on December 27th appears to be – to find their purpose in life. They are to listen to their hearts, learn new things, broaden their horizons, travel, and do everything they can to enrich their lives and make it easier to reshape them into loving experiences and adventures. For their true Soul and genuine nature to blossom in full bloom, they may need a lot of confidence, and they will need to travel abroad or move far away to relieve the stress of rigid beliefs in their surroundings.


December 27th Zodiac Sign (Capricorn) December 27th Zodiac Sign (Capricorn)

Capricorn members born on December 27th experience extreme emotional roller coasters that are seldom seen by others. They are sensitive, thrown from one encounter to the next, and they rationalize far too many things in their lives in an attempt to make sense of them, clinging to a phony sense of security provided by their mind’s strength. Their partner must have a big heart and connect and compromise a little before the bond is entirely intimate, and relationships will teach them a lot if they only open their hearts to learn.

Marriage, engagements or conventional ideals don’t strictly restrict their options, but they impose an imminent sense of guilt that overshadow their sense of personal freedom. To break the rut that tends to accumulate, they must travel, change scenery, and change many situations in their lives. Their spouse must follow them while also providing them with a sense of security and understanding. In exchange, these people open up to the gentlest of ties, and the love they share grows to be enormous and far beyond anything normal or anticipated.


Programming, the aircraft industry, research, physics, and all modern solutions and career options are all strengths of a person born on December 27th. They are good with computers and technology, and they always have a greater understanding of how various gadgets function than they do of people’s intentions. When they open enough doors along the way and let go of doubts that might obstruct their view of their life’s mission, they become incredible philanthropists.


Selenite is an excellent stone for people born on December 27th, as it connects them to higher thinking in subtle and powerful ways, resulting in personal transformation. When we are a part of a larger whole, these crystals give us a caring clarity of mind that isn’t dismissive of emotional content or the vast environment of external influences. It is a crystal that cleanses the aura and awakens latent gifts and fragile desires in people who have been too rigid to step through changes with childlike grace.


When it comes to birthday gifts, people born on December 27th can be a little complicated because they don’t always know how to express themselves honestly, even when something profoundly moves them. Remind them of their ancestors’ beliefs and the strong feelings they’ve gathered in their house. If not, take them on a plane trip, a paragliding course, or any other experience that encourages them to take a chance they’ve been putting off for years. Inspire their imagination by giving them something to assemble or the latest technological advancement.


They are the ones who have all the answers and see beyond what other people’s cognitive worlds comprehend. They are intelligent and productive, able to integrate the new with the old and implement modern ideas in ancient foundations, technology, and cultures.


They get trapped in excessively logical solutions, overthinking, and dragging things down to a mental plane where problems cannot be resolved. Rigid, emotionally stuck, they don’t step through the pain without confidence and get stuck in overly rational solutions, overthinking, and bringing everything down to a mental plane where some issues cannot be resolved. It causes a schism in their body and mind, which could lead to health or psychological problems.


  • Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer, a pivotal figure in the 17th-century scientific reformation, was born in 1571. He lived when there was no strong distinction between astronomy and astrology, but physics (natural philosophy) was removed from astronomy. In his thesis, he incorporated religious claims.
  • Marlene Dietrich, a German American singer, and actress was born in 1901 and is constantly reinventing herself throughout her 70-year career. Screen stars and fashion designers remember her as an icon, and she was lauded for knowing more about fashion than any other actress.
  • Emilie de Ravin, an Australian-American actress who appeared in Roswell and Once Upon a Time, was born in 1981. She was homeschooled by her mother and began studying ballet at the age of nine. She was accepted into the Australian Ballet School at the age of fifteen but decided to pursue acting instead.


  • 537 - The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is completed.
  • 1657 – For the first time in American history, religious liberty is declared a constitutional right.
  • 1831 – Charles Darwin’s (February 12th) journey starts, leading to the formulation of the theory of evolution.
  • 1935 – The first female rabbi is ordained in the history of Judaism.
  • In 1945, 29 countries signed an agreement to create the International Monetary Fund.
  • 1966 – The Cave of Swallows, the world’s largest known cave shaft, is discovered.

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