01/01 Birthday - Zodiac Information


01/01 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: January 1

Color: Burnt Orange

In One Word: Togetherness

Shape: Circle

Strength: Power of Will

Weakness: Manipulation

Most Compatible With: Taurus 

The energy of a fresh start on January 1 is an amazing directing light to an individual born on this unique day. Envision the world praising the beginning of something new, liberating from everything old, and feel the inward push towards new things.


(Pluto) – SUN – (Pluto) – SUN 

This date represents a blend of two influential people, with every one of their shadows following them undercover. It is a period that shows dull things surfacing when an individual is confronted with somebody equivalent to their solidarity of will and character. It represents a picture of two rams on a restricted extension, pushing each other into death, similarly however much it shows two rulers riding to fight next to each other. It is a planetary-numeral mix that requests utmost and unqualified regard for unity to turn into a common reason, showing an individual how to track down the brilliant center in each circumstance throughout everyday life.


The Sabian image for Capricorns born on January 1 of any year that isn’t a leap year:

“A Large Group of Pheasant on a Private Estate”

The Sabian image for Capricorns born on January 1 of a leap year:

“An Albatross Feeding From The Hand of a Sailor”

These images represent an association of nature with a human, sharing their adoration for flight and the capacity for point of view shifts expected to excel. Unmistakably characteristic powers are here to be subdued and utilized, just as they are born with those secret wings.


Even though we would expect January 1 to be the solid pointer to somebody’s singularity, it is indeed the date of harmony and solidarity between two entire people. It bears the fascination of alternate extremes, profoundly assembled characters, and guarantees significant experiences this individual will have in their life. Each January’s first birth holds the solid force of something that begins as the solidarity of two, and partnerships of various types are conceivable. Genuine innovativeness and motivation will come when one acknowledges the faults in others.


Individuals born on January 1 are very enthusiastic people, guided by their mindfulness and their inward light. Even though they will not seem amazingly friendly or open for adoring bonds, associations with genuine effect will leave an inconceivably profound imprint in their enthusiastic world and make them helpless against the mark of anguish. The attractive draw of specific individuals and their aversion to other people will characterize their way of the heart. Pulled in to those they provoke and those some may call karmic adversaries, they will have an assignment to draw out the most obscure oblivious longings into their conscious world and focus a light on dimness inside.

While they probably won’t feel fortunate regarding their heart issue, they are indeed honored by certainty and the capacity to discover somebody similarly amazing and profound. This person essentially doesn’t cause pointless trade-offs and will never make do with knowing what they understand they are worthy of those things. Connections will fulfill them just when they discover those, however solid and proficient as they may be.


A January first individual is in every case profound and in look for answers that should uncover. They will discover their place in brain research and prehistoric studies or have loads of fun working night shifts with a few commendable colleagues. Regardless of their particular social job, those born on this day will consistently have an errand to discover what necessities to mend and recover after a storm, in their own life or the existence of others.


A January first birthday celebration doesn’t mean one must lift to their internal fire; it is in every case useful for this individual to have a Libyan Desert Glass in their home. It resounds to their third chakra, raises their energy level, and protects them from conceivable reckless propensities set off by the sensation of detachment and being misjudged.


Your blessing to an individual born on January 1 ought to be something demystifying, strangely fulfilling to their faculties while focusing light on profound, dull, internal issues. It is a book on Carl Gustav Jung, as much as straightforward present daylight that should remain in the most obscure corner of their loft. Pick something fascinating, regardless of whether it probably won’t be founded on mentalities they concur with.


Amazing and clever people with an inconceivable potential for an effective life, persuasive and knowing precisely where they should be. They are self-assured, solid-willed, with a profound comprehension for normal advancement of any issue nearby.


Designers and incredible personalities divert to isolation and separate from the ideal of enthusiastic satisfaction. Manipulative, they might be utilizing problematic strategies to arrive at their objectives.

  • In 1548 Giordano Bruno was born, a mathematician, thinker, writer, and cosmological scholar; the man recommended that stars were simply inaccessible suns encircled by their exoplanets to encourage life.
  • In 1895 J. Edgar Hoover was born, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) principal of the United States. There was proof that he furtively mishandled power, and albeit this is a rumor of sorts, it is said that all representatives, legislators, and even presidents feared him.
  • In 1919 J. D. Salinger was born; an American author known for the novel The Catcher in the Rye, a disputable piece that prompted public consideration and examination. This made him hermitic and less beneficial than he was toward the start of his composing profession.


  • 45 BC: January 1 is set up as the new date of the new year in the Roman Empire, as Julian’s schedule produces results as the common schedule.
  • 1502 – The Portuguese investigate the present-day area of Rio de Janeiro interestingly.
  • 1801 – The biggest known item in the Asteroid belt, Ceres, is found by Giuseppe Piazzi (born on July 16).
  • 1908 – The beginning of another year is meant by the drop of a ball at midnight, in Times Square in New York, interestingly.
  • 1934 – The Island of Alcatraz turns into a U.S. government jail.
  • 1983 – The Internet is made as ARPANET authoritatively begins utilizing the Internet Protocol.

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