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January 10 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

The zodiac sign of those born on January 10 is Capricorn. They are practical, organized, stubborn and independent people. They look at life realistically and have no illusions. When difficulties arise, they analyze the situation comprehensively and make wise decisions. They know the price of everything, so they do not waste their strength and resources.

They are friendly and well versed in people, which allows them to easily get close to others. Periodically they need solitude and loneliness, which is why acquaintances consider them dull and boring personalities. Prone to reflection and reassessment of life values.

Those born on this day are conservatives. They stick to traditions and rules. They are not alien to innovative ideas. They carefully consider them before implementing them into a project.

Distinctive features of such people: the willingness to take risks and change decisions in order to achieve the goal.

The symmetry of this date draws attention to one’s equilibrium and ability to interact profoundly with another individual. Saturn’s exaltation in Libra, the sign of relationships, makes the area of relationships a true calling for those born on January 10th.


SUN – PLUTO – (Pluto) – SUN

People born on January 10th have the job of continually transforming and regenerating until they achieve a point of harmony with others. They’ll have to embrace the egos of their bosses, partners, and family members while archetypally fighting with their father on a deep and profound level. When their relationship with their father is peaceful and loving, it provides them with a fantastic base for success in life, as if it were a sign itself that they, like their parents, were born to be unique to the rest of the world. When it isn’t, a person must “go through hell,” confront their shadows and discover a world devoid of dualities to find peace and comprehend the other side of the story.


January 10

Capricorns born on January 10th have the following Sabian symbol:

At a religious service, a hidden choir is singing.”

The passive sound, magic that flows behind the scenes, and a song to set the mood for something bigger are intriguing aspects of the meaning hidden behind this birthdate. It’s critical for those born on this day to understand that their role may be to help the flow, function in the shadows, and provide magic to the world without being noticed, acknowledged, or remembered in any way. The fact that the service is religious is the second layer of this sign, drawing our attention to the state of personal faith that can be shaken in people born on this date.


This rigid Sun’s strength is much too great for one person to contain. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the childhood and parental issues that may have existed in youth, this would eventually lead to ego issues and the need for improvement. Forgiveness is the key to healing and their first mission, which cannot be achieved by mental efforts or outside of their heart and emotional environment. It is vital for those born on January 10th to seek harmony, find common ground, and pursue joint efforts, alliances, and synergy rather than sticking to their beliefs, convictions, and personal battles. Their destination is divine love for others and their reflection in the mirror.


Those born on January 10th are still in karmic relationships, magnetically drawn to partners with different personalities who make odd, difficult-to-understand choices. From one extreme to the other, the desire for reconciliation is best expressed by intimate relationships and their love lives. They would prefer to associate with others who have a positive personality to confront their flaws and fears. Other people’s conflict and destructive tendencies seem to be educating them about their dark sides.

Every January 10th Capricorn’s main aim is to find an inner state of love and harmony, whether with another person or with the world itself. They will achieve emotional awareness by letting go of their ego, the picture of Self they thought they had, and the image of personal expectations that makes them rigid and challenging to be around. These people must breathe with the Earth to benefit from its advantages and to use their nature for the greater good.


For love and marriage, people born on such days are best suited:

January: 4, 8, 15, 24
February: 10, 16, 18, 19, 20, 28
March: 12, 20, 21, 22, 28
April: 4, 11, 16
May: 7, 8, 18
June: 1, 9 , 18
July: 6, 10, 21, 22, 29
August: 3, 6, 23, 24, 26, 27
September: 4, 8, 12, 15, 29, 30
October: 14, 16, 22, 23, 25 , 28
November: 2, 8, 14, 17
December: 6, 14, 17


January 10

The nature of Capricorn can attract the opposite sex with its charm and purposefulness. With signs of the fire element, compatibility is as follows:

  • Aries: The union, in its essence, resembles a forced partnership of two lonely people, in which one tolerates the other - nothing more. In marriage, it is difficult to meet true love and passion, but resentment, mutual accusations, quarrels, jealousy - as much as you like. Capricorn sees in Aries a strong partner, with whom it will not be scary to go into the future.
  • Leo: From the outside, these relations look very prosperous and successful, but not everything is as smooth as we would like. They always have quarrels, misunderstandings. Leo considers himself the main one, and his partner, on the contrary, wants equality in relations. They are two opposites that should attract, but they have the opposite. Capricorn seeks freedom, while Leo wants to lead. Between them there is only harmony in the physical plane, but in other areas of life nothing good will come of it.
  • Sagittarius: From the outside, the relationship looks very good. But they have an opposite character, which affects the relationship between them. Sagittarius needs something new, and Capricorn needs calmness and stability. There is a positive side to this union: if this couple is together for a long time, then Sagittarius will appreciate the reliability and constancy of this sign.

The signs of the earth element are not very suitable for the purposeful Capricorn. They will suppress it. Compatibility with them is as follows:

  • Taurus: These relationships are the most successful and lasting. They have common goals, interests and desires. They can always find a common language and never fight for power - both of them care about the result, not their own ambitions. The partners are very similar sexually - they are passionate lovers, and this makes their marriage even stronger. There will certainly be quarrels between them, but all problems in a relationship can be easily defeated, because the partners are very interested in each other.
  • Capricorn: Between the same signs there will be only friendship, and relationships will be boring, without romance and respect. From the very beginning, the relationship will be difficult, they need to understand that they are the same, and only after that everything will get better.
  • Virgo: A happy marriage is possible, but on the condition that one of the partners obeys the will of the other. Both are strong and persistent personalities who will not tolerate disobedience. Constant quarrels, a showdown and a struggle for leadership can lead to parting. But despite all the quarrels, they understand each other.


They will be magnificent in the renovation, repainting, recycling, and ecology practice, as well as all forms of healing, surgery, and medicine, due to their remarkable ability to accept change of any sort. Their deepest desire is to alter the world’s perception around them and increase their understanding of each problem. They will become counselors and therapists as they devote themselves to inner practice, and they will work best with demanding patience.


The crystal dravite tourmaline, which is intensely energetically cleaning, is appropriate for those born on January 10th. It assists in releasing old emotional problems by bringing the shadow side of one’s personality to consciousness. Self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-love will all benefit from this stone.


Although a person born on this date appears to be a well-informed individual with a strong personality, their primary function is emotional. They’ll appreciate sentimental and emotionally connecting presents even more than practical gifts. While you can always go for something useful to improve their personality, tiny tokens of love at any time of year can speak volumes more than any large birthday present. You can see their hearts melt and their rigid character recover if you nurture them, take them for a massage, or care for their health without any pathetic or cheesy notes to your gifts.


These Capricorns bind the light and dark sides of the universe and in those around them. They are changeable, deep, and emotional to the heart. They are both strong and sensitive, which is both their most significant asset and their greatest flaw.


Manipulation and selfish decisions can result from a sensitive ego and a lack of emotion. If they don’t learn to listen early on, their desire for power will take over. If their Capricorn hunger for new plans and status takes precedence, they will ignore feelings as unimportant, causing physiological problems.


  • Be less direct, learn to smooth out your uncompromisingness, strictness and inaccessibility. Get rid of excessive stubbornness, cultivate tact and diplomacy in yourself.
  • Reduce your overt opposition to society. Find compromises, try to listen to the opinions of others. Be more romantic and gentle in love relationships. Show more sensuality and emotionality, reduce your categoricalness, control your statements so as not to offend your chosen one.
  •  Avoid the psychological discomfort created by your inflexibility and excessive directness. Give way to repressed emotions, do not bring yourself to nervous breakdowns and psychosomatic illnesses.


  • William Levy, an American-Dutch writer, and journalist, known for writing erotic novels and winning the Erotic Oscar for writing at London’s Sex Maniac’s Ball, was born in 1939. Dr. Doo Wop, his alter ego, could be heard on the radio every week spinning groovy songs.
  • Robert Woodrow Wilson, an American physicist, and astronomer, was born in 1936. He discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), which acted as a critical piece of evidence for the Big Bang theory.
  • Rod Stewart, a British rock singer, and songwriter, noted for his distinctive voice, was born in 1945. Despite his father’s desire to become a professional footballer, he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and began working as a silk screen-printer. He claims that instead of being a footballer, he chose to become a musician because it encouraged him to drink.


  • 1645- Archbishop William Laud (October 7th) was beheaded in London.
  • 1863- The Metropolitan Railway, the world’s oldest underground railway opened, marking the start of the London Underground.
  • 1870- John D. Rockefeller(born on July 8th) established Standard Oil.
  • 1920- The Treaty of Versailles came into effect, formally ending World War I.
  • 1946- Fifty-one countries are represented at the United Nations’ first General Assembly, which takes place in London.
  • 1966- The Tashkent Declaration, a peace agreement between India and Pakistan, was signed, ending the Indo-Pakistani War.

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