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January 11 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

The zodiac sign of those born on January 11 is Capricorn. These are practical, wise, restrained and purposeful people. They always know what they want from life. By nature, they have a creative spirit and individuality. They are endowed with developed intuition and the ability to understand people. In communication, they are charming and good-natured, thanks to which they easily converge with others. They value sincerity and openness in people.

These are bright, generous and active personalities. They look at life with optimism. In case of failure, they do not give up, but look for new ways to solve problems. Strong character and optimism do not allow them to fall into depression and despondency.

Such people strive for wealth and power. Therefore, they work tirelessly, forgetting about rest and personal life. They are interested in creativity and philosophy, thanks to which they have a deep inner world.

The life of Capricorns of this day is rather chaotic, they are often in constant anxiety, worry about something, rush somewhere, do something. Such disorganization often harms the cause, especially the general one, therefore people born on January 11 often have to achieve their goals alone, as their associates and like-minded people cannot withstand the constant turmoil and quietly withdraw themselves. But independent activity usually brings good success to the representatives of this date and the zodiac sign. They are endowed with good business qualities, they know how to achieve their goal, therefore, on the whole, they provide themselves with a completely prosperous life.


Many people of this birthday are vulnerable, indecisive and secretive, and their emotionality is more like nervousness. At the same time, these are talented individuals with a strong-willed character, whose strength lies in their self-confidence, realism, and impartiality. But since the objectivity of those born on the eleventh of January is based on their individual principles, it often turns out to be rather doubtful. Although in the understanding of these people, any of their beliefs or statements is absolutely true and the only correct one.

In their excessive stubbornness and impenetrability, these people can go ahead, not noticing anything around and understanding only themselves. Having made any choice, they stop any attempts to convince them otherwise. And even in those matters in which the birthday people of the day are obviously incompetent, they show the same stubbornness in defending their innocence. They are not stopped not only by the anger and irritation of others, but even by the most compelling and well-reasoned arguments. The lack of flexibility, the ability to hear someone else’s opinion and compromise makes these people consider their beliefs to be the ultimate truth.

According to the horoscope, Capricorns who celebrate their birthday on January 11 are by nature kind, generous, attentive and open people. But their incredible and often unjustified stubbornness, combined with another not very pleasant quality - edification can finally harm their reputation, deeds and relationships with others.


Capricorns of this day prefer to build their professional activities alone in order to avoid unnecessary disagreements with colleagues, partners or superiors. As a rule, many of them become real professionals in their field and achieve high results. Their stubbornness and assertiveness in this case is of great benefit and allows you to confidently go towards your goal, overcoming all obstacles, easily coping with the intrigues and intrigues of ill-wishers, bypassing competitors and even associates.


SUN – SUN – (Pluto) – SUN

Strangely enough, these individuals have three Suns in their planetary line. This will give them a certain ease of self-recognition and put their Sun in Capricorn in focus, turning them to status and a career chase that brings solid results. They have a task to merge three different personalities into one meaningful whole, and this won’t be easily done if they aren’t fully aware of their opinions and core. They are supposed to think about the harmony of the group while at the same time nurturing everyone’s individuality. It is important here to go step by step, connecting two people to reach the point of balance needed for actual progress on a wider or even on a mundane level.


The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 11th of any year that isn’t a leap year:

“A Relay Race”

The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 11th of a leap year:

“A Hidden Choir is Singing During a Religious Service”

Taking turns in each relay race speaks of steps that need to be made, one by one, to reach the purpose through this date. But, on the other hand, a hidden choir speaks of the atmosphere and the sensation that each moment is magical and, in fact – true. Suppose you want it to be. Then, while others might not see the efforts of those born on the 11th of January, their excitement and self-sufficiency won’t need much approval.


Those born on January 11th are searching for their direction in life and have a purpose of finding meaning in all things. This isn’t an easy task at hand, for they often won’t get the help they need, as if it was their solitary goal to reach for everything they will teach and turn it into material gain. But, in time, it becomes clear that the structure of conflict and troubled ego make them excellent mediators, divorce lawyers or therapists, and those who help the two battling sides to get out of war. They have a lot of good to do, being different and yet always finding ways to fit into society through a warm, one on one approach.


Even though January 11th still belongs to the sign of Capricorn, those born on this day are full of surprises and find it easy to fall in love. They will stumble across platonic relationships through puberty and their twenties. Still, they find it difficult to settle for one partner, even though they can see it as natural to have long-term relationships with an obvious expiration date. With such a strong will and well-defined nature, they are searching for strong individuals who have something to say, but a weakness of any kind, or what they perceive as weakness, will drive them away from anyone they come close to.


For love and marriage, people born on such days are best suited:

January: 4, 5, 9, 16, 18, 25
February: 5, 14, 23
March: 2, 18, 23
April: 8, 9, 18, 20, 27
May: 14, 20, 21, 29
June: 1, 11 , 19, 25
July: 10, 19, 27
August: 2, 21, 23
September: 7, 13, 16, 18, 24
October: 19, 30, 31
November: 1, 7, 9, 10, 22, 27
December: 5, 10, 18, 30


January 11th, born seems to have a special task to connect all sorts of oppositions into one, shared solution. They aren’t limited to one-on-one interactions and relationships, and these are a simple starting point. Those born on January 11 need to find their place and change and balance the dynamic for entire groups of people and teams that need to get along. They will do well as teachers in any schooling system, including conflicted employees or troubled children. Capricorns can excel in team building, as HRs search for those who fit a group or an entire company and have a way of recognizing different personalities and putting them in a place that feels good for them and everyone around them.


For those born on this day, work takes first place in life. They are interested in career growth. They spare no effort and energy to reach high-ranking positions. Constantly improve themselves and improve professional skills. They love praise and material rewards for the work done.

Such people are not afraid of routine work. They simultaneously cope with several complex tasks. They do not pay attention to pressure from their superiors and are not afraid of difficulties. Capricorns excel in leadership positions. Closely monitor the work of subordinates. They help them solve complex issues, encourage conscientious employees.

Born on January 11, the horoscope recommends not to engage in work that requires flexibility and risky decisions.



To understand that you can only change what you can. When you can’t change the situation, you need to have faith and learn to let go.

Weak sides

Deal with feelings of powerlessness to change anything.

Negative sides

Dominant, stubborn, superior

Restrained and cautious, these people waste valuable time trying to cope with their insecurities and unwillingness to change. They are suspicious by nature and pessimistic by choice. While others see the benefits of the situation, they are quick to highlight the risks and consequences. They can be quite dictatorial and domineering when they feel that their loved ones are moving away from their ideals.

Positive sides

Balanced, objective, fair

Tough but accommodating at the same time, these representatives know exactly what notes to play and when to play, and this allows them to do the right thing and make the right arrangements most of the time. They are constant in their temperament and charming, so they make cheerful companions. At the same time, they are helpful and honest with those who show them respect for their dignity, and this is no less priceless.


january 11

When searching for a suitable crystal for those born on the 11th of January, we must take the importance of the sign of Capricorn into consideration and everything their crown chakra is trying to reach for in the higher realms. Golden Healer Quartz seems to be a perfect choice, as it allows the golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the crown chakra and spread, clearing blockages and imbalances of all kinds.


In search of a birthday present for those born on January 11, we can always rely on creativity and the element of surprise. Joy will be brought to them even with the simplest of things, for as long as they shake their world a little and take them out of their routine. Everything from a magic wand to a captain’s hat will come in handy for as long as it speaks of their ability to rule and stay in control of the situation. This isn’t someone who wants to read a thousand pages long novel, but rather a short story of success, with an inspiring and groundbreaking ending.


Strong, creative, full of life, this isn’t a typical Capricorn but one who is a step closer to reaching the freedom of its succeeding sign of Aquarius. There are enough experience and knowledge in these individuals to take them a long way.


Standing out, unhappy about their place in the world, they can find where everyone belongs but themselves. Emotionally challenged, they need support to build the passive side of their personality and find peace.


  • Reduce the pace of your life, do not bring it to confusion, nervousness, constant anxiety and haste. Bring more organization and order to your activities.
  • Do not be too sure of your objectivity, the correctness and correctness of your own beliefs. Eradicate in yourself excessive stubbornness, impenetrability and edification. Be able to hear weighty and reasoned arguments of opponents. Cultivate flexibility and the ability to compromise.
  • Pacify your stubborn temper in relationships with loved ones and especially with your loved one. Be more flexible and accommodating.
  • Do not give too much in work or in the implementation of other life goals. Do not exhaust your physical and emotional strength. Try to rest more, relax and get rid of negativity.


  • In 1858, Harry Gordon Selfridge was born, a businessman who founded Selfridges. Thanks to his travels from London to Chicago, this man connected the two into one, investing in his department store to bring one country to the other.
  • In 1971, Mary J. Blige was born, an American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress, also known as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. She is credited with influencing the musical marriage of hip hop and R&B.
  • In 1972, Amanda Peet was born, an American actress and author. Born to parents who divorced, she has a task to merge their views of religion and life in herself, her father being Quaker and her mother Jewish.


  • 1569 – The lottery was first recorded in England.
  • 1571 – Freedom of religion is granted to the Austrian nobility.
  • 1787 – William Herschel (born on November 15th) discovers two moons of Uranus, Titania, and Oberon.
  • 1922 – Insulin is used in a human patient for the first time to treat diabetes.
  • 1936 – Amelia Earhart (born on July 24th) becomes the first person to fly alone from Hawaii to California.
  • 1972 – East Pakistan is renamed (by itself) Bangladesh.

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