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January 3 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Those people who were born between December 22 and January 19, the zodiac sign that is associated with it is Capricorn, therefore a person who was born on January 3, his zodiac sign will be Capricorn .

It should be remembered that the astrological sign that represents people who were born on the 3rd day of the Gregorian calendar (3rd if the year of birth is a leap year) is always the same. In other words, all those born on the third day of the first month of the year are always Capricorn.

What personal characteristics are associated with the zodiac sign of those born on January 3?

Normally people who were born on January 3 being Capricorn tend to have an impetuous character, who tend to be ambitious, determined and quite careful. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are pessimistic, shy and spiteful.

The Capricorn zodiac sign is often associated with Saturday as its day of the week and dark gray, brown, black, and chestnut as its color. His star is Saturn and his related element is earth.

For people born on the third day of the first month of the year, their associated season is winter. This season does not have to be related to the season of the year associated with the day of birth, since January 3 is winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Therefore, if you were born on January 3, it is normal to share the aforementioned characteristics and to associate yourself in a very direct way with the different elements related to this zodiac sign.


These people are distinguished by the ability to empathize and feel other people’s emotions. An extraordinary sense of tact and intuition help them to remain serious in the right situations and show an innate sense of humor where appropriate. If these people take on a task, they will certainly bring it to the end. But if suddenly something does not go according to their plan, or the result of their work does not satisfy them, they lose their temper. Admitting defeat is not their style. They won’t sleep or eat until they get what they want.

All born of this number are authoritarian and do not tolerate disobedience. At the same time, they are able to learn from life situations and work on themselves. Among their main advantages are the following:

  • sociability;
  • ambition and diligence;
  • adherence to principles;
  • loyalty.

The disadvantages of the character of Capricorns are:

  • excessive arrogance;
  • arrogance
  • stubbornness.


January 3 Zodiac Destiny : Show others that the impossible can be possible.

Once people born on this day find that they can be committed to a cause without losing their personality, their personality is so strong that they have no problem influencing others and winning against the odds. Their destiny is to show others that the impossible is possible and that determination can bring wonderful results.

Planetary Row

(Pluto) – JUPITER – (Pluto) – SUN

The giants dancing around the universal truths of nature may symbolize a true philosopher, someone who stands tall in their beliefs and above the rest of their family. Even so, there is still something weighing these people down, the cold, hard reality, situations, and realities that turn into roadblocks, as if nothing in life was ever meant to be straightforward. This is a day of grand aspirations, expectations that can rarely be fulfilled unless one becomes a sorcerer or a voodoo artist who willfully and at all costs grabs for the future by magical means.

Sabian Symbol

Capricorns born on January 3rd have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Fire Worshipper Ponders the Ultimate Realities of Existence”

This is a clear picture representing someone who wants to put their passion to work, with a forceful vision that often collides with reality’s shield. The material world does not help their aspirations, and it will take a lot of hard work and determination for these powerful individuals to achieve their goals.


Accepting reality is difficult for anyone with this kind of vision, but that is precisely what this person was born to do. As if their hopes are set at impossibly high levels, they will be disappointed one too many times before discovering the truth that will, in reality, set them free. It is a material world challenge that offers many opportunities for financial success and physical gratification, but only if the structure of beliefs is sufficiently altered to enable the mind to broaden and the image of Self to move from a circle of possibilities to a single point. These people would feel unworthy and lose respect for themselves if they don’t have a purpose in life. Giving in to the Universe’s will and feeling love coming their way is the best option for them.

Love and Emotions

January 3

In such a solid inner chase for one’s Self, there is little space for emotional awareness. Individuals born on January 3rd sometimes spend much time alone, unable to start a relationship for various reasons. Their philosophy of life can lead them into relationships with people who don’t understand their ways or whom they can’t see clearly because their ego is blurring their vision. Their quest for the “other half” would be buried deep inside them, and their true intentions will only become apparent if this is their primary role in life – to be someone’s wife, partner, or lover.

In general, this person is on a personal quest for wisdom, direction, and self-respect, and these desires make them excellent partners if they find someone with similar ambitions. Even though it can sound cold and calculated, the best romantic relationships for those born on this date cultivate their life philosophy and love of nature, with common aspirations to guide them. There would be a lot of wasted energy on challenging bonds with a lot of felt emotion and tenderness, let alone on vulnerable partners looking for some symbiosis. Those born on January 3rd can come across as cold, distant, and even narcissistic at times, only willing to share their widths with those who have their own.

The most suitable partner

For love and marriage, people born on such days are best suited:

January 15, 28, 29
February 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 28
March 1, 6, 7, 13, 15, 31
April 7, 16, 20
May 21, 24, 27
June 7, 23, 30
July 1, 4, 17, 21, 27, 31
August 4, 11, 12
September 15, 20, 28
October 1, 6, 17, 18, 24
November 8, 10, 11, 25, 27
December 3, 9, 11


People born on January 3rd are capable of unconditional love and are drawn to the security, comfort, and happiness that family life can bring. Their determination also applies to their relationship and they want it to work. They love the routine of family life and are extremely protective of loved ones, sometimes even overly so. The only danger is that they are vulnerable to flattery; if they don’t get admiration and respect from their loved ones, they may well try to find it elsewhere.

Lovers born on January 3 are reliable and romantic. They are attracted to energetic people who can be as dependable as they are. When they decide to do it, they do it for life. They are attracted to smart and trustworthy people who can offer the same degree of reliability as they do. You can win Capricorn’s heart by being an honest and responsive partner. This lonely native is focused on other aspects of life and is never in a hurry to make a commitment unless he/she feels it is the right thing to do.

They can surprise everyone around them with their passionate love if they meet someone who really piques their interest. Otherwise, they become aware of their attractiveness, and this leads them to a tempestuous love life. A creative person and a lover of freedom, once decided to settle down, will put all his attention to his family and they will probably have brilliant children. Some struggle, trial and error will govern parts of their love life, but it’s all worth it in the end. They are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

What They Excel in

A Capricorn born on January 3rd is one of the most durable signs in the zodiac. Those born on this date can stay focused on one vision, one goal, and pursue it with enthusiasm even when others have given up. This allows them to excel at work that requires patience, long hours, and perseverance that others can admire. They will excel in time-consuming studies such as medicine and law. Status is vital to them. We can see that many well-educated people are born on this date, people who are always learning, broadening their viewpoints, and never staying in one place for too long, despite their apparent quest for a stagnant position of peace.

Healing Crystal

January 3

Chalcopyrite is a beautiful stone for those born on January 3rd, owing to its strong connection to the sixth and seventh chakras. The overall influence of this date places limitations on one’s life that aren’t readily accepted, and this crystal helps find clarity on matters of faith, vision, and focus needed to set priorities straight, find what is lost, and give direction to those who have lost it.

January 3rd Birthday Gift

Return a small piece of your January 3rd born’s faith in possibilities to them if you want to surprise them in the best way possible. Purchase something they cannot afford, pay attention to their limitations, and assist them in overcoming them. If they can’t afford to travel, buy them an airplane ticket; if they don’t have time, organize it with people in their area; if they can’t prioritize themselves, buy them a massage or a day at a spa. They are always in need of rest and meditation, so anything that can help them relax is a good idea.

Positive Traits for January 3rd Born

Visionaries who have the strength to bring their ideas to life tend to stay focused for long periods, ready to overcome any obstacle in their path. When a mission guides them, they are persistent, incredibly realistic, and grounded.

Negative Traits for January 3rd Born

Stubborn, lost, set in their ways, and occasionally too firm in their beliefs. They can fight for unpopular opinions, putting their health at risk to prove a point.

Advice for Capricorns Born on January 3rd

What qualities should these people develop in themselves? First of all, they need to learn to value their personal interests, try not to infringe on them for the sake of the affairs of their company. One can choose a job with enough self-expression and creative freedom to allow their personality to leave marks on everything that makes up their lives.

Thus duty and personal interests will not infringe on each other. Also, do not forget about spirituality and the highest aspirations of the human soul. Work and personal life should not completely crowd out the spiritual. Don’t expect the same commitment from everyone that you show. Recognize and respect the difference in people.


  • Cicero, a Roman philosopher, lawyer, and politician, was born in 106 BC. He was a “cultured” man who could speak both Roman and Greek and was regarded as a gifted student at the time.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien, an English writer, poet, philologist, and university professor, was born in 1892. He is best known for his works The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.
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1870- The Brooklyn Bridge was built for the first time.

1925 – Benito Mussolini (born July 29th) announces that he was assuming dictatorial powers over Italy.

1947- The proceedings of the United States Congress were televised for the first time.

1957- The Hamilton Watch Company introduced the first electric watch.

1959- Alaska was admitted as the 49th state of the United States.

1962 – Pope John XXIII excommunicated Fidel Castro (born August 13th) (born on November 25th).

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