06/01 Birthday - Zodiac Information

January 6 Zodiac

Date: January 6th

Color: Mint

In One Word: Freelove

Shape: Hexagon

Strength: Unique Creative Expression

Weakness: Stressed Out

Most Compatible With Pisces

When someone is born on January 6th, they need a natural understanding of partnerships while at the same time looking for freedom. They appear to be within the state of constant inner opposition to nurture their individuality, with the utmost respect for the remainder of the planet.


(Pluto) – VENUS – (Pluto) – SUN

Venus and, therefore, the Sun always do their fateful dance of creation and love and convey the globe of inspiration to those born on the 6th of January. Their existence is stuffed with color and burning emotions, and this isn’t something Capricorn has a straightforward time accepting. Venus is the hottest planet within the scheme and seems to soak up the foremost of the Sun’s heat. This can be exactly what defines the nature of such a Capricorn, guided by strong initiative, passion, and emotion, only to feel the push of affection. These individuals will absorb the texture of the instant over what they know and will always influence impulse and their senses instead of choosing a rational approach.


The Sabian symbol for Capricorns was born on January 6th of any year that isn’t a leap year: “School Grounds crammed with Boys and Girls in Gymnasium Suits. “In a Hospital, The Children’s Ward is crammed with Toys” These two symbols share the energy of youth, connecting high school creative time therewith of a vulnerable child comforted with material things within the time of need. It’s not a simple task to look so deep for the kid within, but it’s an understandable goal for those born on this date. Creativity has got to come from an honest, childish point of view, barefoot and free from all defenses built while growing up.


January 6th could be a day governed by much freer energies than a Capricorn normally has to house. People born nowadays are different from the remainder of their “clan,” always standing out and in constant exploration for their freedom. With more responsibility comes true liberation. They simply must line up this fact in their life, realizing that being guided by simple passion isn’t enough if convictions aren’t set straight, a powerful basis there, and karmic debts repaid. It would not be easy for them to heal the opposition they carry within, but love will follow them each day on their path.


A date like January 6th brings the promise of emotional roller coasters that won’t be contained or controlled irrespective of how hard the person might attempt to restrict the openness of heart towards others. Surprises will carry on coming, resulting in many changes within the emotional world, often pushing them in and out of several marriages or bringing on the pressure so strong that they want to divorce their life-long partner when already in their nineties. There’s no usual Capricorn security here, not unless a romance relies on honest and pure friendship first, only to become everything else later. The ego battle within the energy of this date will result in their inability to prioritize and set their specialization in themselves et al. inappropriate times. When their partner needs them, they will be preoccupied with their chase for profession or financial security and switch towards them once they are already gone. Still, life will give them many chances until they get their timing right, and that we will see that the long run always has new romantic surprises available for those born on this date.


People born on the 6th of January have an improbable creative force, hard to come back by many people. Yet, they’re going to show to figure well in art, talent search, and fashion, having a robust motivation to make a specific image through their career. Status is reached in unusual ways, and modern, eccentric things will guide their way towards success. They will be extremely successful as designers, architects, or if they choose any style of artistic expression that seeks modern solutions.


Tremolite is the perfect stone for those born on January 6th as a crystal to assist activate new pathways in their brain and find solutions to problems that someone is stuck with for certain years. It liberates one from their rigid or dogmatic views without checking religion, opening their views towards a replacement state of spirituality and life outside of their common realm of existence.


The best gift for people born on this date is a surprise itself. The joys of the instant and therefore the present they don’t expect at a particular time shows more affection in their world than any gift on a selected date ever might. What they get should be modern, artistic, and stuffed with emotion, and even better if given to them several days before their actual birthday. There’s something quick and unexpected to their nature, and therefore the most spontaneous reaction will come when surprised at an odd time. Masters of symbolism, they’re going to enjoy handwritten notes, maps leading them to treasure, and anything with a hidden desire to be discovered.


Creative individuals, before their time and awake to the requirements of contemporary society, are always social enough to make their social circle. Humanitarian and anxious about the wellbeing of others and therefore the world, they’ll find freedom in accepting their emotional nature.


In constant inner conflict, browsing a battle of their must be free with their need for security. There’s lots of stress to their existence, and as freedom prevails, they tend to forget real friends they made along the way.


  • 1946, Sid Barrett was born, a British musician, composer, singer-songwriter, and painter, called a founding father of the band Pink Floyd.
  • In 1955, Rowan Atkinson was born, an English actor, comedian, and screenwriter. Except for his achievements in comedy, this can be a person who managed to keep up the plane within the air and land it when his pilot fainted.


  • 1017 – Cnut the good, popularly invoked as a deluded monarch believing he has supernatural powers, is crowned King of England.
  • 1907 – Maria Montessori (born on August 31st) opens her first daycare center for kids of the class.
  •  1947 – Pan American Airlines offers a round-the-world ticket, becoming the primary commercial airline to try and do so.

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