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July 28 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

The personality of people born on July 28 is characterized by confidence, openness and independence. While others rely on the support of family and friends, they rarely rely on anyone other than themselves. They are charged by the outside world, they like to be the center of attention in the company. Others are receptive to their loving and warm nature, which makes it easy for them to accept how they naturally take the lead in situations.

The unbridled heat of fire - the twin element of those born on July 28 - can be reflected in many aspects of their personality. They take on new tasks and challenges with passion, will and enthusiasm. Their commitment to getting the job done is often unmatched. They may sometimes be guilty of fueling their own ego to the point of arrogance, but when this habit is curbed, the influence of fire becomes one of the greatest factors in their success.

The strong will and creativity of those born on July 28 make them a natural leader, and whatever profession they choose, they have every chance of achieving great success. They could easily arrange a political career. And if they choose to use their creativity in their endeavors, they too can succeed.

Planetary Row


The hurtful connection of Uranus and Mars with the sensitive Moon can genuinely be challenging and overwhelming on one’s heart. Every person born on July 28th has to find a balance between emotion and action along with the mission to discover a universal truth that will set them free from all restrictions and permit them painless spontaneity. Emotional wounds and bruises are a part of these individuals as the daring energy they carry hardly ever goes supported by their family; their light burns too bright for mediocrity to appreciate. As they grow old, they become familiar with their burning core. When used for creative efforts and the things they love, it can become an infinite torch of inspiration to guide the people around them.

When the Sun and the ringed planet of Uranus mix into their equation with life, it might make them feel restless and torn. However, it will also make them realize that the only way to express themselves would be to form the right tribe to feel a sense of belonging. Having received almost no support from their family, they look for it outside, which is why Leos, born on this date, typically have a large social circle that reminds them of their strengths and abilities.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Leos born on July 28th in every year except leap years:

“Rock formations tower over a deep canyon.”

The Sabian Symbol for Leos born on July 28th in a leap year:

“An old-fashioned, traditionalist is challenged by a ‘hippie.’”

The collision of opposites is at work here: a formation made of stones hangs loose in the air, and a modern figure stands opposing the old. This conflict of extremes can quickly push an individual born on this date into self-criticism and intolerance for people different from them. Sometimes they might try to use force to change another who might have opposing values, or in extreme cases, it may even escalate to ending their relationship with them. These individuals have to learn to leave certain people and things be and respect diversity in its full bloom to stumble upon a lesson that will last a lifetime. Consequently, after crossing the bridges of judgment, they will finally land in a relaxing place, which will help ease their flow in their rush towards a fulfilled existence.


The people born on July 28th strive for the clarity and balance of Mars though it is not an easy task. It requires remarkable strength of the body and the ability to remain reliant, grounded, and firm on their own two feet. Their mission in life is to become one with their energy source and use this deeply seeded fuel to achieve anything they wish for in life. Infinite options will be presented before them, but before embarking on their journey, they need to be firm regarding their choice. They require the right sort of motivation and a clean soul liberated from residual pain and hurt from intimate relationships of the past.

Love and Emotions

July 28th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

As if guided by a storm into the unknown, Leos, born on this date, tend to fall into relationships that make them cross the boundaries they set up, rushing in and forgetting to see where they are headed. Their fiery, passionate nature often disregards delicate emotions and their possible messages, making them seem rough on the outside while they are, in fact, extremely fragile and vulnerable. They need to be honest with themselves and their hearts to honestly tell what makes them feel good and makes them laugh, and only then can they paint a picture of what happiness means to them, which will help them finally discover true intimacy with themselves a partner.

Sexuality plays a big part in their expression of the Self, and they must see through any façade that their love interest sets up to form a pure connection between hearts. They look for a partner who can see them bare, naked, for who they indeed are. Every possible alternative will cause them immense pain, not because their partner intends to do so, but because they derive their expectations from a realm that is not human. It pushes them to fall in love with the idea of a relationship and simultaneously withdraws them from the actual effort that it takes to make relationships work.

Their Field of Excellence

These people perform exceptionally well in the field of sports, making significant physical accomplishments. Having learned to break their limits and barriers, they become great at anything that requires an unwavering focus and bold strides that only take them forward. Good with hands but always at risk to get cut; they can work well with a chisel and clay, archery, and any other activity that needs them to hold their breath to aim. Often they find their calling in a uniform, be it through police, military, or that of a doctor.

Healing Crystal

July 28th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

The crystal of Brochantite is suitable for Leos, born on July 28th, because it assists them in realizing what they should seek protection from in their life. Usually, their family and environment push them too far from their feelings as well. This is when the stone will clear out negativity and doubts and make room for them to nurture their inner softness instead of meeting someone else’s trivial expectations. Aligning their chakras and balancing out their need for action, their sexuality, and their energetic state in general, this healing crystal will pave their way towards inner peace.

The Perfect Gift

If one wishes to choose a birthday gift for these individuals, they must recognize their frailty first. Sometimes their outer attitude comes off as too strong, making you come to the wrong conclusions about their true personality and lead you to pick a gift that does not align with their authentic Self. So, acknowledge their sensitivity and choose something edgy yet gentle that sends them the message that you see them for who they are. Typically, they are attracted to artifacts in red tones, candles, lamps, and everything connected to light and open flame. Be cautious not to shower them in the sweetness of perfumes but with sharp and illuminating declarations of your relationship with them.

Positive Traits

Fiery, energetic, and incredibly focused, they take care of their physical strength and always want to protect their loved ones from any harm that might come their way.

Negative Traits

When frustration enhanced by their primal instincts blinds them, they become pushy, aggressive, and over-opinionated. Their biggest enemy is dissatisfaction, and an inner battle with it can cause them to become numb and incapable of pausing to see things through.

Famous Birthdays on July 28th

July 28th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1901 Freddie Fitzsimmons was born, nicknamed “Fat Freddie,” an American manager, pitcher, and coach in Major League Baseball. He was known for his expertise in the knuckle curve.
  • In 1945 Jim Davis was born, an American cartoonist and the writer of the comic strip Garfield. He managed to find a delicate balance of childish humor and creativity with Mars and the animal kingdom it represents.
  • In 1958 Terry Fox was born, a Canadian athlete and humanitarian. With one of his legs amputated, he ran east to west across Canada to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

Important Historical Events on July 28th

  • 1866: The first time that a young female artist received a commission from the US Government to sculpt a memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1896: Incorporation of the city of Miami in Florida.
  • 1915: Then we begin a 19-year-old occupation of Haiti.
  • 1917: A silent parade takes place in New York City to protest against the aggression shown towards African Americans.
  • 1996: Remains of a prehistoric person are found near Kennewick, Washington.
  • 2001: The first time the world observed the same swimmer win six gold medals in a single World Championship.

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