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May 11 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 11, your personality is defined by your loyalty and patience. First of all, you are devotedly devoted to those who are dear to you. In the same sense, your home and personal life is probably your biggest concern. While your family and friends appreciate your loyalty, your gift of patience may be the most wonderful thing for them. Even in the most unpleasant situations, you find a way to remain calm and understanding.

Your sign’s partner is Earth, and of all 12 zodiac signs, Taurus has the only permanent relationship with Earth. Your special connection to the elements makes you as stubborn, resilient and powerful as the very ground you walk on. Moreover, it is your connection with the Earth that is responsible for your practicality and realism. While others have their heads in the clouds, your elemental strength keeps you grounded. The influence of the Earth will become one of your most valuable assets, but you must avoid overly cautious thinking that can afflict all earth signs.

With your discipline, there are a few things you can’t achieve, so your biggest difficulty may be narrowing down your career choices to just one. Your patience can make you a successful teacher, advisor, or facilitator. In the same sense, your focus can lead you to more academic pursuits such as science or research. If you take the time to develop your artistic talents, you can be successful as a painter or painter like Salvador Dali, who was also born on May 11th.


SUN – SUN – (Pluto) – MERCURY

In any planetary line, two Suns still fight for dominance, but the Sun of those born on May 11th is in the slow and steady sign of Taurus and will not change no matter how hard you press. You can see that these are two-horned animals on a narrow track, both brave and optimistic, and neither willing to stray an inch from their first path. Fortunately, Mercury is also a part of this unique bond between two people. It shows them that it is possible to interact and find two parallel paths they can both travel on without anyone getting hurt.


May 11


Taurus members born on May 11th in the two years preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“Wisps of Winglike Clouds Flowing Through the Sky”

Taurus members born on May 11th in a leap year and the year after are represented by the following Sabian symbol:

“An Open Book with a Finger Pointing to a Line”

Both of these Sabian symbols have a strong pull from the element of Air, as they reflect the roles of Mercury and its higher octave – Uranus. On this date, ideas will flow and serve as inspiration in the form of scattered rays of light in the sky. They will feel the pull of information, sharing, and specifics brought from other worlds into our Earthly domain, and there is no better sign to share the Air with the rest of the world than a grounded and protected Taurus.


The true intent of people born on May 11th is revealed through the liberation of mind, spirit, and fantastic development they will experience in this lifetime. They need to broaden their mind and social network and fill their lives with excitement and surprises. In the course of self-discovery, they will initially miss the point of unique identity, which will lead to some poor decisions, painful separations and divorces, and breakthroughs that will change their life forever. They seek the Universal mind, and once they find their breath of Air to fly on, they can never stand still again.


Emotions aren’t the first thing we notice in the lives of people born on May 11th, even though the sign of Taurus itself speaks of the earthly tale of physical love. Emotions, in general, will draw them, but they must remain free-spirited to avoid being sucked into a clinch in which none of the two people involved wants to back down. They may be unusual in their sexual interests and decisions and different from the rest of their surroundings, with no idea why or how.

They need their best friend to oppose and fall in love with and their beliefs to get out of the way rather than influencing them to do something less conventional than what feels good. Sharing can go a long way in their relationships, but without solid boundaries, they will fill the cup too quickly and break up much faster, which is uncharacteristic of their grounded and healthy nature, which requires them to slow down and remain dedicated for a lifetime. If they are under pressure from the system and believe they must stay with someone for clear, logical reasons, the frustration may become excruciating. To break free and float away on their cloud with someone extraordinary, they must throw off all social norms and become immune to other people’s opinions.


Every individual born on May 11th will succeed in solitary management positions and will be the leader with the right causes at heart. Respected and well-versed in economics and finance, their practical nature must allow their minds to sweep in and save the day in a pinch. If they enable surprises into their world and deviate from their first professional choices, their imagination will blossom, and they will choose some creative expression later in life. Many who have a less responsive approach to finance can also become gamblers, willing to risk anything to leap and hit new heights.


May 11

Green prehnite is an excellent stone for a person born on May 11th because it enhances their overall sense of security and makes them feel secure, knowing exactly what awaits them around the corner. It binds one to spiritual realms and higher levels of life, linking one’s heart to one’s will. Meditation with this crystal aids in the development of insight and a sense of belonging to something larger than what is apparent from our human perspective.


A gift for a Taurus born on May 11th may be branded and costly, not because they are materialistic, but because they enjoy feeling appreciated by tangible objects. If you have a realistic idea based on your understanding of their ways, it is always a better option, so let things get personal but approach their ego with caution. If you know they are interested in something unusual, be the one to help them become acquainted with it and choose a not obvious and familiar gift.


Individualistic, strong, enduring, positive, and ready to take the next step and develop healthy initiative based on their inner feelings and inspiration, they are the most decisive of all Taurus members and know what they want when they want it.


Stubborn, trapped between two inner personalities who don’t seem to have much to say to each other, tough in relationships with other influential people, and vain.


  • Chang and Eng Bunker, Thai American conjoined twins whose birthplace inspired the name “Siamese twins,” were born in 1811. In their case, the impressive tale of the conjoined Suns has a special message to tell, as they managed to live as normal a life as possible, marrying and having several children with their wives.
  • Salvador Dali, a Spanish artist known for his strange and surrealist work, was born in 1904. He was known for his odd, eccentric, and grandiose conduct, which irritated critics from all walks of life.
  • Jeffrey Donovan, an American actor best known for his roles in Burn Notice, Hitch, and Changeling, was born in 1968. Beginning in a poor household, with his mother raising him and his two siblings, he grew to fame and started doing charity work as soon as he could.


  • 868- The Diamond Sutra, the oldest known dated printed text, was printed.
  • 1927- The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was established.
  • 1995 – More than 170 countries expand the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty indefinitely and unconditionally.
  • 1997 – Garry Kasparov (born April 13th) is defeated by Deep Blue, a chess-playing supercomputer, marking the first time a computer beat a world champion chess player.

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