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May 12 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 12, you are well known for your disciplined and loyal nature. Sometimes your order and discipline is hard to match. There have been several instances where you didn’t complete the task you intended to complete. You take your personal life with the same seriousness, as you are very devoted to your loved ones. You will not hesitate to protect a family member or close friend, which explains why you are loved so much.

The paired element of Taurus is the Earth, and, in fact, you have the only fixed connection with the Earth of all the signs of the zodiac. More than any other earth zodiac sign, your relationship with the Earth makes you stubborn, stable, and strong. These qualities go well with the earthly prudence and practicality that define your being. Instead of having your head in the clouds, your elemental influence keeps you grounded. When you accept the positive influence of the Earth, you will stay on track to achieve realistic goals. The only downside to your elemental influence will be an overly cautious and conservative attitude.

You have many potential careers to choose from, so don’t be discouraged if you find it hard to pick one. Your compassion and social skills may be well suited for lecturing, teaching, counseling or counseling. In the same sense, your determination can lead you to a money-related career such as accounting, finance, business, or real estate. You may find that your charisma makes you an attractive performer, just like George Carlin, who was also born on May 12th.


SUN – MOON – (Pluto) – MERCURY

May 12

The Sun and the Moon reaching for Mercury symbolize the photographs of two different principles connected to search out the simplest way to speak. The interchangeable nature of the connection of fogeys will lead towards a smaller or a bigger imbalance in the lives of those born on May 12th. Counting on the roughness of action, reactions will be hard to regulate, and looking at the quantity of affection within the reaction, the Sun will calm down its fiery rays. Mercury is here to point out either side to each story and to show these Taurus individuals that regardless of their role, the relationships they build are changed whether or not they’re the sole one setting up the needed effort.


The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 12th in two years preceding a leap year: “A Finger Pointing to a Line in an Open Book” The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 12th in a very bissextile year and a year following it: “White Dove Flying Over Troubled Waters” A powerful message is seen in both of those Sabian symbols, the primary simply putting stress on the second, seen through tenderness needed to beat all obstacles. Troubled waters could also be less or more troubled, but the peace is hidden within the dove’s role, and therefore the fragile tenderness almost resembling the magic of emotion is there to lift one as high as necessary. These symbols mention that just one word can resolve a conflict if spoken from the guts, which the greater the sensitivity, the lighter the emotional storm happening beneath their feet.


To tell the story of emotions they were meant to share, those born on May 12th should embrace conflict and anger because they naturally are a part of their state of heart. If they shove negative emotions aside, they will have problems with their physiology and the materialization of things in life. They’re to remain grounded and firm in their belief that their awakened energy is nice for them, even when it’s clearing up anger issues from the past. Instinct and the true value of the animalistic nature they carry within are what moves them the foremost and provide them the energy to require initiative and live their true history.


May 12

Quenched between the Sun and Mercury, both rational and obvious in their manifestation, the Moon within the planetary row of people born on May 12th must fight for its rightful place. Their emotional world may be ignored and rationalized by their parents until they embrace the mechanisms to cope and begin doing the same things themselves. This may affect their ability to attach to a different creature in a very romantic bond, for they may communicate idealism and seek for what they already know, to get on the safe side and be seen as reasonable in their choices. In many cases, Taurus representatives born on this date stick with one partner for years, the one they meet after they are still young and their heart continues to be hospitable to let someone in. It’s important that they nurture their child within and remain flexible and as creative as possible throughout their lifetime. This can cause satisfaction with their romantic and emotional life within the future, as they find out how to attach through the best of feelings and make the atmosphere able to float over all possible storms and tsunamis.


Every Taurus representative born on May 12th is very endurable with things they love. Although it isn’t typical for a Taurus, this date brings a love for sports and may be dedicated to team members in any quiet sports club. With enough compassion and the ability to pay attention, they’ll be excellent hotline agents and work well in all told areas of experience that include an excessive number of individuals. They’ll lead and be spokesmen and agents for others but must keep an open heart and approach everyone with enough tenderness along the way, with healthy boundaries intact.


The right stone to help one to follow the desires of their heart is vesuvianite (idocrase). It helps accept all wishes that appear to be a manifestation of weakness and builds the love inside one’s Soul until they discover the breath of the Divine love they carry in their heart. It’s a stone that unites the guts chakra and the nerve plexus chakra so that the ego’s control may subside and let one’s true path become obvious and felt with their senses.


A present for someone born on May 12th should be balanced and tender in intent. They’re going to enjoy something traditional to indicate closeness and won’t mind a present that’s somewhat uninteresting for as long as they see the eye and energy put into it. To make them feel special, choose something for their home that shows they look after their well-being or awakens their quiet but creative child within. A family picture during a frame, a chandelier, or a lamp for his or her night table, they’ll enjoy anything to bring light into their life, literally or metaphorically.


Compassionate, childlike, easy to be with, they need the energy to endure through challenges and savor everyone they love. They’re the mediator, the connecting point in many conflicts, and people who know where to look for the center ground and the way to beat rough emotional challenges.


They get torn and too hasty for his or her grounded nature, often pushing their emotions aside to create the image of somebody reasonable and grownup. If they are going into too many extremes, they could deeply endanger their mental state.


  • In 1820, nurse was born, an Italian English nurse and social reformer, the founding father of modern nursing. Working for her Moon, she laid the inspiration for professional nursing in England, creating her nursing school – the primary one among the types within the world.
  •  In 1907, Katherine Hepburn was born, an honor-winning American actress known for her independent character. While she was still a baby, she accompanied her mother on several “Votes for Women” demonstrations and continued to her highly elevated feminine role within the world.


  • 1821 – Greeks fight their first major battle in their war for independence against the Turks.
  • 1881 – Tunisia becomes a French protectorate.
  • 1926 – the primary vessel flies over the North Pole, an Italian airship Norge.

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