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May 20 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 20, your patience and loyalty are some of your most defining qualities. While there are many people who get angry and frustrated quickly, you are not one of them. Even in the most seemingly difficult situations, you have an innate ability to remain calm and show understanding. While this quality is admirable in itself, the people closest to you most admire your devoted nature. Above all, you dedicate yourself to your loved ones and their well-being.

The paired element of your sign is Earth, and of all the signs of the zodiac, only Taurus has a fixed relationship with this element. Your special connection to the Earth allows your personality to be as stable and solid as the ground you walk on. While others may call you stubborn, this quality is only the result of your earthly prudence. You find no consolation in having your head in the clouds, instead you only work towards practical and realistic goals. Accepting your earthly influence will keep you on the path to success and material gain.

With your discipline and social awareness, there are many careers in which you could be successful. Your patience makes you a natural teacher, educator, counselor or adviser. If you want to pursue more material interests, you can excel in the competitive fields of business, finance, commerce, or marketing. With developed musical and artistic talents, you will be able to captivate the audience with your presence, just like Cher, who was also born on May 20th.

Planetary Row

Moon-Pluto – (Pluto) - Mercury

The relationship between the Moon and Pluto will always tell the tale of life and death, and with the involvement in their contact, it becomes quite a story to be told. This date is a bearer of many double standards, emotional attachments that are often attempted to be rationalized, infrequent topics of discussion, and other things that take up space in the mind of an individual born on May 20 that cannot be separated into logical wholes. On the other hand, their reason is comprehensive and profound, exposing them to a whole new world of untypical emotions in their surroundings. This allows them to understand feelings that they have not felt yet. With such varying entities in their planetary row, they are prone to manipulation and emotional blackmail. They also end up getting into commitments that could keep them stuck in a single place for too long and make them unadaptable to change that will nevertheless visit at some point.

Sabian Symbol

Sabian stands for true faith revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Taureans born on May 20 that is not a leap year:

“Two cobblers work at a table.”

The Sabian Symbol for Taureans born on May 20 of a leap year:

“A peacock is parading on the terrace of an ancient castle.”

Combining these symbols symbolizes a pose and the first thing one notices when they enter a particular situation. These individuals are intertwined by tradition and something ancient, which sets a solid foundation for all beautiful things one wishes to show the world. Although the parading of a peacock is driven by something as simple as his primal nature, the basis of his growth can be materialized into wealth and success and the ability of one to create and build a solid foundation. The positive turnout from these symbols shines through one’s self-esteem as they persevere in their field of choice and make lasting creations for all to admire and enjoy. However, the negative turnout would fuel someone else’s ego and lead to another person claiming their hard work to boost the other person’s position of power.


Freedom is the main objective in the lives of those born on May 20. However, it is not the most natural concept in the lives of most Taureans. They must understand that inconsistency and change do not always stand for frustration and stress. To liberate themselves from everything that ties them down, including family, friends, relationships, and jobs, they need to cut down on their material dependencies and the ideal image of success they hold on to only to please others around them. They must be free from the fear of letting go because of the clutches of time spare none.

Love and Emotions

May 20

Proper depth is found in the emotions of Taureans born on May 20, something which is highly difficult to come by in other people. This quality makes them unique but sometimes also highly lonely, as their attempts to explain the state of their heart could not be understood by those they hold close. The strings that keep them tied to their partner will be strong, and karma will play a huge role in their relationship. These individuals also tend to give in to dark or burdening bonds that are sometimes hard to tame or control. Driven by the gravity of love and physical pleasure, sexuality will be a huge factor in their romantic ventures as they grow older.

As these people learn to accept the depth of their heart and how it loves, they will begin the process of liberation from negative emotions and toxic family patterns that lead them into commitments that burden their souls. With Earth as their element, these individuals belong to nature, so they need to be in sync with its workings and the Universe to be able to create and manifest their love. It is essential that they also receive the love they give. Once they find their significant other, they will merge into one soul. With the kind of love they offer, they should never settle for someone unwilling to do the same.

Their Field of Excellence

A person born on this day is an excellent healer and highly reliable. They are the ones to turn to in a time of crisis. These individuals are sent to this planet to be the spokesmen and saviors, connecting the world that lies beyond our limitations of understanding to the world we perceive as reality. In a way, they could be considered magicians as they have special powers because they can use their minds far beyond the logical limits we know of. These powers usually shine in areas that require constant change and in-depth analysis and research. However, they tend to give their best in any job they are assigned to at all times.

Healing Crystal

May 20

When choosing a stone for those born on May 20 and towards the end of May, one must start with rainforest jasper. This crystal possesses unique energies that can connect its bearer to Mother Gaia, the Earth itself. It also helps the ones wearing it to heal themselves through their spiritual connection with the Universe. When this stone is used, strong guidance is felt, and it advises its bearer to spend more time in nature and surroundings that remind them of the importance of their body and physiology. Enhancing their bond with the planet will aid them to harbor strength and confidence to face any challenges that come their way.

Positive Traits

Loving, understanding, and deep emotional towards the ones they care for and admire. These people’s minds are always sharp and prepared to dive into questions and research that ignite the fire of curiosity in their hearts. With traits of dedication, charisma, and strength, they can achieve anything they put their mind to when they find a powerful grounding.

Negative Traits

Dark and manipulative, their lack of satisfaction could taint every area of their life. They are often stuck in their ways, unwilling to be free and let go of all emotions once felt that have already died but need a proper burial.

Famous Birthdays on May 20

May 20th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1799, Honore de Balzac was born, a French playwright and novelist who was considered one of the founders of realism in Europe. The interaction of Pluto with the Moon in his planetary row reflects that his mom sent him away as an infant to a wet nurse. In this way, she gave him up for an extended period of four years.
  • In 1918, Edward B. Lewis was born, an American geneticist and biologist whose profound approach to nature won him a Nobel Prize in 1995 and gave him the status as one of the founders of evolutionary developmental biology.
  • In 1946, Cher was born, an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She was the recipient of multiple awards as an artist and was frequently referred to as the Goddess of Pop. Her many plastic surgeries stand as a testament to Pluto’s inner conflict and the Moon in her planetary row.

Important Historical Events on May 20

  • 1498: Vasco de Gama (born on December 24, 1524), a Portuguese explorer, finds a sea route to India.
  • 1570: Abraham Ortelius (born on April 14, 1527), a cartographer, issues the first modern atlas.
  • 1609: The sonnets of William Shakespeare (born on April 26, 1564) are published for the first time in London, United Kingdom.
  • 1802: The Law of May 20, 1802, reinstates slavery in the French colonies.
  • 1902: Cuba gains independence from the United States.
  • 1964: The discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation is made.

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