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May 6 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 6, you are distinguished by your tact and charm. At times, you may feel like a born diplomat, which is a good thing, as you are always aware of the feelings and needs of others. Your social understanding goes well with your special charm. Although you prefer to keep your circle of friends relatively small, you’d be surprised how many people are drawn to your wit and sense of humor.

The elemental pair of your sign is the Earth, and of all the signs of the zodiac, only Taurus has a permanent relationship with the Earth. While others have their heads in the clouds, your connection to the Earth keeps you on edge and real. Moreover, it is your special elemental power that makes your personality as stable and powerful as an immovable boulder. Accepting your earthly sanity will play a key role in your future success, but you must make an effort not to become overly conservative. While there is nothing wrong with being careful, you risk missing out on a valuable and exciting experience.

Finding your ideal career is one of life’s toughest challenges, but luckily you have a passion that can lead to success in many areas. By accepting your practical and material desires, you could succeed in business, sales, real estate, promotion or commerce. On the contrary, your intellectual pursuits can lead you to higher education, philosophy or science, like Sigmund Freud, who was also born on May 6th. Your natural charm may appeal to audiences on stage or on screen.


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May 6

With two inner planets (closer to the Sun than the Earth) set in their planetary row, people born on May 6th tend to be much closer to the sunshine and the truth than the remainder of them. In many cases, they’ll be the voice of reason and someone to talk about the reality within the time of need. The link between earthly and the divine, grounding is that the most significant part of their personality and physical senses of touch that trigger an emotional basis for their entire existence.

The sum of this date’s numbers of 11 speaks of the requirement for liberation through emotional clarity, and it’ll connect these Taurus representatives to the story of 1 more of their squaring signs – the sign of Aquarius. It’s typical that as they learn to enjoy life in color and develop flexibility, they begin demanding their freedom leading them to a sense of belonging and residential at the top of the road.


The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 6th of a year preceding a leap year:

“Head Covered with a Rakish opera hat, Muffled Against the Cold, a person Braves a Storm.”

The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 6th of an intercalary year and two years following it:

“An Old Teacher Fails to Interest His Pupils in Traditional Knowledge”

Both of those symbols speak of resistance a person should face during this lifetime, and while we cannot see the link to Saturn in the symbolism of this date, it’s evident that those born now have several walls. They have warmth and emotional connection, ease their situation, and succeed only through joyful and easygoing attitude and wordplay. Although strength is required to urge out of any storm and won’t be lacking here, there’s how to settle on warmer and cozier places to inhabit and to avoid the struggle all at once.


The exaltation of the Moon in Taurus is best seen within the progress of the lives of those born on May 6th. In their look for satisfaction and ways to evoke what they have to be happy, they’re to search out the proper sense of belonging, family, and home. From time to time, they return to their roots as they develop, finding purpose in an exceeding place they were born in or in their primal family. Still, it’s a more frequent scenario for them to line free and form a replacement family by the image that’s imprinted in their Soul, making them feel the correct way after years of learning how they don’t want to feel.


May 6

Emotions are the foremost important thing in the lives of those born on May 6th. They’ll have a minimum of two essential love stories to inform and fall soft on very early in life. Parallel relationships don’t go well with the critical need of their Soul. Still, it’s something that several of them will try along the way, just because they appear for positive things in romances that don’t make them satisfied and find fulfillment through the addition of another person to the equation.

In most cases, they have someone to speak to and touch, very reliant on physical contact and sensuality behind the scenes. They have intimacy as their priority and won’t feel good if they brag or talk an excessive amount about their sex life. Once they begin a family, they have a tendency to stay faithful and dedicated to that for the remainder of their life. They will develop serious psychological issues if their partner leaves unexpectedly.


May 6th is born to excel in consulting and tactical approaches to relationships of people. They create great real-estates agents, salespeople, and politicians and infrequently choose career paths that distance them from healthy family life. They make excellent parents, develop their parenting methods and connect with children on many emotional levels. Crammed with compassion and a colorful approach to life, they inspire others to like. They may excel in all told professions that should beautify treatments and fashion, still as natural cosmetics, sewing, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

MAY 6TH birthday present

A present for someone born on May 6th should be colorful and make them feel alive, especially if they’re in a very demanding phase of life and sad about something they need to be lost. Choose natural materials, bright and floral motives, and works of art for his or her home that are drawn by children or with lots of rich details. They’re going to like something practical too, but as long as it doesn’t remind them of all the work, they need to try and do. Whatever you are doing, don’t choose anything dark, for whether or not they prefer it, likelihood is they’ll avoid it for it won’t make them feel good.


Loving, creative, good with children, they’re positive individuals with plenty of energy to measure life to the fullest. Humorous, smiling, and ground, they look for an area to belong to and connect easily to others.


Unaware of the larger picture, too focused on problems after becoming attentive to them, they will get obsessive and go into negative details for days. Sometimes superficial in the hunt for pleasure, but as long as their heart isn’t open for relating.

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