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May 7 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 7, you have charm and tact. You have a quick mind that you use to show off your sense of humor and wit on social media. While you may prefer to have a small group of close friends, your charm makes you likable and attractive to most. Your charm goes hand in hand with your social understanding and diplomacy. Tact seems natural because you always know what to say.

The pair element of your sign is the Earth, and of all the signs of the zodiac, only Taurus has a constant connection with the Earth. Your special connection to the Earth gives your personality the enduring qualities of the very earth you walk on. While others may sometimes think that you are stubborn, this is just the result of your earthly prudence and practicality. Embracing the influence of the Earth can be one of your greatest strengths, but you must avoid the overly conservative mindset that plagues all earth signs.

Your drive and determination will lead you to success in just about any field, so choosing one might be your biggest challenge. Your prudence will do well in the world of business, commerce, real estate or marketing. Likewise, you can enjoy your voice as a writer or journalist, as is the case with Tim Russert, who was also born on May 7th. If you develop your artistic eye, you will be able to bring beauty into the world as an architect, graphic designer or artist.


(Pluto) – URANUS – (Pluto) – MERCURY

In this planetary row, Uranus and Mercury speak primarily of the stress of transition that a Taurus, who dismisses Uranus through the fall, must deal with. Both planets’ mighty intellectual powers and changes are meant to be united with the Sun, who wants to live a life free of earthquakes and lightning. This is a brain-to-higher-mind link that will grant them a talent for astrology, technology, and all things new, easy, and out of the ordinary. On the other hand, their inner tension produces the impression of a split personality, with one wanting to stay in a static rhythm of family life and the other always eager for experiments and adventure.

The Sun and the Moon are combined in the second process, resulting in an archetypal touch of the feminine and masculine within the need to blur into one. They will heal their hearts as they heal their parents’ tale.


May 7

Taurus members born on May 7th of the year preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“An Elderly Professor Fails to Engage His Students in Traditional Knowledge”

Taurus members born on May 7th of a leap year and two years later have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Battle of Swords and Torches” is a symbolic battle between “Swords” and “Torches.”

Both of these symbols depict a fight between Earth and Fire elements. The first is about a traditional tale meant to kindle young minds on fire, while the second talks through the elements. It’s intriguing to link this reality to their planetary row, as if their inner fire (the Sun in the Earth element) prevents them from attaining enlightenment. This is essentially a story about internal conflicts that prevent one from growing, even though information and a bright future are available to them.


People born on May 7th have a strong desire to learn, develop, extend, and travel long distances. They will never be satisfied with mediocrity and want something extraordinary to feel like they have accomplished what they were born to do. Missionaries, teachers, and those who will lead us to the answers we seek, they are looking for a unique ideology that will truthfully unify all things. Their mission in life is to become conscious of reality in all of its clarity and to see things as they are without their masks.


For those born on May 7th, the world of love that each Taurus seeks is placed slightly higher on the expectations scale. They are well aware of their rights and are determined to protect them at all costs while also looking for a friend and someone to create a strong base for the future. They have an uneasy emotional challenge in this lifetime because it is their imperative to remain accurate, distant enough from everyone else, and need to bond with their partner on such a delicate emotional level that keeping it in check is nearly impossible.

Their happiness should come first, and they shouldn’t stay in relationships that don’t make them feel loved for too long. Even though this feeling stems from their inner state, it is unwise to use this philosophical perspective to settle for something less than what makes them happy and makes them smile. Their relationships can end with a ‘bang’ one too many times until they understand where their point of breaking lies. To be as strong as a true Taurus and as free as their birth date, they need friends and someone to make them feel comfortable.


Individuals born on May 7th excel in any activity that necessitates a firm grounding of what comes from above. Their jobs could include writing, electricity, or some other task that requires them to use their brain. They are problem-solvers on a quest to support others, always eager to offer back to others, and open to learning opportunities. If they aren’t bored by their lessons, as one of their Sabian symbols predicts, they will do well in school.


May 7

Charoite is an excellent stone for people born on May 7th because it motivates them to help others. It will assist them in bringing Uranus’ messages down to our planet so that everyone can profit from them and improve their ability to manifest their dreams and anything they discover in their cognitive domain. It is mainly a crystal that motivates one to help others, but it is also a stone of change and transformation that provides security.


When selecting a birthday gift for those born on May 7th, it won’t be easy to decide which side of their personality you want to please. On the one hand, a typical gift will always make them smile and feed their ego, but on the other hand, they want to be genuinely shocked and moved. You may pay for their astrology session or carry a bouquet of red roses, a nice belt, or some jewelry. It’s a good idea to link the two, giving the conventional a sense of the unexpected or the glow of stability and seriousness of what seems to be out of the ordinary.


They can embrace the unlikely and welcome others who aren’t usually accepted in their social circles because they are innovative, distinctive, and stand out. There is no problem they cannot overcome practically and with determination because they are open-minded, knowledgeable, and eloquent.


They rarely care and see two sides to any story because they are burdened by their inner turmoil, stubborn, and acting out of spite. Nervous and depressed, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, they will keep changing small items to avoid major ones that have bruised their hearts.


  • Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer and one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, was born in 1840. He has been known to suffer from depression, caught in the middle of a relentless struggle between two musical currents and life events that oppose death.
  • Eva Perón, an Argentinian actress and the 25th First Lady of Argentina, was born in 1919 and is regarded as a powerful woman. She became the founder of the Female Peronist Party, primarily advocating for labor rights and women’s rights in Argentina.
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry, a Swedish singer who rose to success with his song “Save Tonight” and is also recognized as Neneh Cherry’s half-brother, was born in 1969. It’s worth noting that the album that made him famous was titled “Desireless,” which is an unlikely condition for any Taurus.


  • 558 – In Constantinople, the dome of the famous Hagia Sophia collapses, and it is ordered to be rebuilt.
  • 1832- The Treaty of London acknowledged Greece’s independence.
  • 1915 – Japan issues an ultimatum to China, which becomes known as the National Day of Humiliation.
  • 2007 – Near Jerusalem, the tomb of Herod the Great was found.

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