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May 8 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 8, your personality is defined by your charm and tact. You’ve always noticed that people are drawn to your unique brand of wit and charm. Your social understanding makes it easy for you to connect with other people, although you may prefer to keep a small, close-knit group of friends. Your charisma is combined with the gift of tact and diplomacy. You can probably think of many situations where you knew exactly what to say to keep the peace.

The paired element of your sign is Earth, and in fact, of all the 12 signs of the zodiac, only Taurus has a constant connection with the element. There are many people who have their head in the clouds, but you are not one of them. Your special connection to the Earth keeps you grounded and makes your expectations and goals practical. Moreover, it is your special relationship with the Earth that allows your personality to be as stubborn as unwavering courage. The influence of the Earth can be one of your greatest advantages if you avoid the overly cautious behavior that is common to all earth signs of the zodiac.

While choosing a career is one of life’s greatest challenges, take refuge in the fact that your natural abilities will provide you with many opportunities to explore. Your compassion and understanding could be put to good use in social reform or politics, which was the path of Harry S. Truman, who was also born on May 8th. On the other hand, your prudence and business may lead you to international trade, real estate, or banking.


(Pluto) – MARS – (Pluto) – MERCURY

May 8

Mars’ impossible task in Taurus can manifest on the physical plane in the form of injuries and burns, which a person born on this date is prone to. It is a challenging place in our calendar since this date has a numerical value that denotes action, while their natal Sun indicates passive evocation and tenderness. Movement is necessary for these people’s lives because it reconnects them with the planet and reminds them of what they need to do to move on, mainly when they become enslaved by things that belong in the past and have always been beyond their control.

It is where the real strength of all things feminine resides. Women born on this date can be “too liberal” and even militant in their outlook on life, with their primary goal of setting people free. On the other hand, men will seek out certain women to lead and encourage them and often marry unfit for their family’s moral and social norms. With their second planetary alignment, that of the Sun with Jupiter, the collection of beliefs must change. Ideas will establish reality with massive expansion until they discover where their truth resides.


Taurus members born on May 8th of the year preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

A Battle of Swords and Torches

Taurus members born on May 8th of a leap year and two years later have the following Sabian symbol:

A Woman Airing an Old Bag Through Her Room’s Open Window

At first glance, these two symbols seem to have very little in common, but a closer examination reveals that they both contain ancient and Saturn-related elements. The fact that all of the digits in this date add up to 4 is a clear indication of Saturn’s importance in the lives of those born at this time. It refers to both obsolete and valuable items and the past, which has left some implications that will be revealed over time. They represent a very vivid picture of karma’s flow.


The aim of those born on May 8th is to find acceptance in their hearts for any difficulty that may arise, recognizing that their lives are governed by far greater force than what others believe. They must seek God, whether outside or inside, and remember that everything has a meaning and a place in the grand scheme of things on Earth. Their tale is one of coming to terms with the relationship between action and consequence. While this will make them overly cautious, it will also allow them to forge a fantastic path through life toward their objectives.


May 8

Taurus members born on May 8th have an emotional universe that differs from what we would expect based on their Sun sign. It promises peace, affection, cuddling, and comfort in mutual emotions, while their planetary row suggests rage buried deep inside their hearts. True, they are passionate and emotional, but they are frequently ahead of their time, entering into relationships that may bruise them or make them feel insufficient or unloved in the end.

When people fall in love, they aim for seriousness, which leads them to choose long-term relationships, but it can also lead them to get trapped with the wrong people. Their heart will lead the way, with impulses that appear to spiral out of control, and their love life will become a strange mush before they figure out where their proper foundation lies. They must learn about the foundations that have been established in their emotional environment so that they can form quality and loving relationships freely and easily.


Ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating are among the sports that a person born on May 8th excels at because they require stamina, commitment, preparation, and creative expression through movement. They must keep moving to re-establish their momentum after all of their defeats. The written and spoken word and communication skills that enable them to heal disputes that obstruct progress and balance are typically among the talents that make up their heart.


Individuals born on May 8th will use hureaulite to awaken the strong bond to the Earth’s heart through their Sun sign and their connection to Mars. It is a stone that can aid in the resolution of sexual problems, instincts, fears, and any latent resentment that might have been passed down through the centuries. It’s a stone that should be used with caution only for short periods, as it can trigger an outburst of energy that’s difficult to manage, particularly if you’re tired of being held in one state for too long.


A kitchen utensil will be an excellent birthday present for anyone born on May 8th. Although they aren’t the type to spend their days in the kitchen, they will enjoy trying something new, mainly if it is sharp and helps them cut through the food they are about to cook. They’ll also want something red, something related to flames, and a gadget that will help them improve the passionate role they play in their surroundings, allowing them to take the path they’ve always wanted to take.


They know where they’re going and why they’re going. They’re passionate, polite, and straightforward. Their acts are often intense, and their movements are graceful and expressive of who they are.


They may become vindictive, sad, or badly bruised for their expectations if they are passive-aggressive and even deceptive. They hide behind their walls while they should be tearing them down, or they insist on tearing down others that should be left alone.


  • Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman, and activist was born in 1828 and was one of the founders of the Red Cross. It’s fascinating to consider his life goals, as he spent his childhood trying to support the poor and was forced to drop out of college due to poor grades, only to be awarded the Nobel Prize for what he made.
  • Harry S. Truman, an American politician and the 33rd President of the United States, was born in 1884. Mars’ position in politics can be seen in his founding of the Truman Doctrine and NATO and his use of nuclear weapons to end World War II.
  • Enrique Iglesias, a Spanish-American singer, and songwriter, known as the “King of Latin Pop,” was born in 1975. His father was kept in the dark about his early steps toward a successful musical career because he didn’t want him to direct his path.


  • 1541- Hernando de Soto arrived at the Mississippi River.
  • 1886 – John Pemberton (born July 8th) first sells a carbonated soda known as “Coca-Cola” as a patent drug.
  • 1912- The Paramount Pictures company was founded.
  • 1976- Six Flag Magic Mountain opened the first steel roller coaster with a vertical loop.
  • 1978- Reinhold Messner (born September 17th) and Peter Habeler (born July 22nd) were the first people to cross the summit of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.
  • 1980- WHO approves the elimination of smallpox.

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